y not? | Reviewer: lalala_me | 4/2/07

Ok, i agree, i *heart* the beatles. ok i many listen to rap/pop but i have to admit that the beatles are the best and no on will forget them. i mean, the people that dont know who they are, their are stupid. but theres the problem, many people in america are stupid...

-teen_with_a BrAiN

Paul McCartney | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/19/07

Paul McCartney is the best of The Beatles. The Beatles are more than just a memory because him. Oh my god Paul, your music will always live in my heart.

The beatles | Reviewer: Daisy | 2/21/07

i think the beatles r the best band ever they rock i cant beileve what happend 2 John Lennon he really didn't deserve it he was the best one in the beatles

Theyr Influence On Me | Reviewer: Lance Larson | 2/11/07

The Beatles are the ones that have influenced me to like the old classic rock rythym(i dont think i spelled that right)and now i listen to classic rock as a part of my everyday life all those guys a a part of me now =]

THE BEATLES and there fans !!! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/24/07

I've been a BEATLES fan ever since i saw them on the Ed. Sullivan Show ( 1964 )when i was 10 years old.I have all there albums and singles and still play them often.It's good to see that alot of young people are digging THE BEATLES !! Once you hear there music you are hooked for live!.Long live THE BEATLES and all there fans !!!

THE Greatest band ever | Reviewer: daniel | 12/16/06

The Beatles are an inspiration to all rock bands because of the messages they sent in thier songs.If anyone reads this i want you to know the years john,paul,george,and ringo were born and why john and george died.

John lennon 1940-1980 shot 5 times by Mark Chapman
Paul MCcartney 1942 alive
George Harrison 1943-2001 throat and lung cancer
Ringo Starr 1940 alive

My life and The Beatles | Reviewer: Frank Alvarez | 12/7/06

Their music with each album all throughout my life remind me of every stage of my life as a teenager and young adult.Each album was different and each song was special.The greatest lyrics and remarkably innovating music of all times which I never get tired of listening...Love is all you
need and love inspired The Beatles and their music.

They rock our socks off (continueous) | Reviewer: Megan from Australia | 1/5/06

me and my friend Julia love the beatles and i can only say one more thing... there are a few people from the young generation today who love the beatles... and my friend and i are happy to be one of the few who are Beatle lovers!

Long live the music of the beatles!!!

Signed Megan and Julia,
15 year old beatle lovers, and proud of it!!!

They rock our socks off | Reviewer: Megan From Australia | 1/5/06

The beatles... wat else can you say about that?! everyone knew them and everyone still knows them. even thought they broke up decades ago and 2 of the members of the band died, they still live in our hearts today and don't you ever forget them. they made history. music history!!!

The Reason We Have Music Today | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/3/05

The reason why we even have music today, is because of the Beatles, Elvis, and Led Zeppelin. They have influenced so many of the current bands that are making a start, except the rappers cause God knows what influenced them, rap is horrible. But there will never be another Beatles, they were the turn of the century. There simply is or will be no greater band.

BEST BAND EVER | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/8/05

in my opinion, The Beatles were and still are forever more the greatest band ever created...i mean seriously....what's not to love!!!??? :)

argentine opinion | Reviewer: victoria | 9/24/05

There are no words to describe what the beatles were, are and will be forever....there wouldn´t be music without the beatles...and you all know it! No group will ever be as amazing as the beatles...

??? | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/18/05

my cousin and i both enjoy the beatles as well as other rock bands. i think because of the beatles and led zep, i've completely stopped listening to pop music and crap rap.

The Gods of pop music | Reviewer: Peter Schmitz | 6/24/05

Those four lads from Liverpool are the Gods of pop music, it's as simple as that. No need to say any more.

Beatles were a break-through.... | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/16/05

Indeed. However, much time has gone by, and some stupid people aren't even sure who the Beatles are... Many of my friends just stare blankly if I hum a single tune!
No one appreciates good music anymore.
And you can be sure it means something if it's coming from a younger generation.


Pre-teen with an Opinion