Compare and Contrast Paper | Reviewer: The Beatles vs. Queen | 9/1/12

At my school were not aloud to use wiki. So I used this extremely short biography to help me out. It give me some facts about The Beatles but I found better websites and facts on Queen. So I have to used other website to help me out, and I'm more then likely going home to look up The Beatles on wiki anyways. But it helped me on my first 3 paragraphs so thanks anyways!!

Greatest band ever? | Reviewer: flaminroids | 8/14/12

So we're making the argument that The Beatles are the greatest ever by comparing them to lil Wayne? Okay, what about Queen? How about The Rolling Stones? There are several bands/groups that can make that claim and there is no way of determining which one is correct without being too subjective. Try not to sound like idiots when making such bold statements.

Josh P**** | Reviewer: juliana | 7/5/12

Ummm I think you're the one smoking something in a pipe! The Beatles were the best band in the history of bands! Lil Wayne has nothing on them.John Lennnon,Paul McCartney, George Harrison,and Ringo Starr were some of the nicest people you could ever meet anywhere.Not to mention that they are all really hot. They had so much talent and potential. And all the obsticles that they over came. Like John and Paul losing their mothers when they were young. And not to mention all the people that just sit around and say idiotic things about them on the internet. And Paul and Ringo are still making music. I garuntee you that the majority of the people critisizing them could be stuck in a room by themselves without distractions for years and never write anything half as good as help or let it be or hey jude or eleanor rigby!

When I'm Sixty-Four | Reviewer: Helmut (Germany) | 4/23/12

I turned 64 today and I'm still remember the faboulous past Time, where this nice and smooth song was one of the Top-10 in the charts worldwide. Thank you Paul for all the Songs you wrote for us generation. God bless you!

true heros | Reviewer: nastag | 2/29/12

they are true heroes, heroes that will always live in our hearts. with out them we wouldn't have rock 'n' roll or most other good music we have now and the world would be boring. once when i was listening to their music a guy came up to me and said that the Beatles suck and that no one likes them im not the type to usually talk bak so i thought it in my head this is wat i thought "u idiot ur type of music wouldnt exist without them u probably hate them cuz thier old and u probably havent heard a single song of thiers"

the best rock band ever | Reviewer: aleyda moran | 1/3/12

i love the beatles my favorite song is revolution,lucy in the sky of dimonds,love me do,and it wasnt yokos falt i whish i went to one of there concerts the beatls are the best i whis they were still alife i lisent to there music all the time byeeeee

rock on!! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/4/11

The Beatles are probably about the greatest band in the complete history of rock n roll. I do agree though, that if you're in a situation like that you really should just get out of it, because if you don't you won't be able to enjoy life. P.S. The Beatles could totally slaughter lil' wayne!!!!!!!

Nothing to beat The Beatles!!!!!! | Reviewer: LoveCarpenters&Beatles!!!!!! | 11/24/11

The Beatles are the best band in history, no one will ever near the amount of talent the Beatles had.With this talent came hard work and this makes a winning combination...All their songs are connected to my life atleast...but probably to everyone elses as well, so no one can beat the Beatles.

Ergh! | Reviewer: Lucy | 11/14/11

@Josh Penis. Okay, first of all, your last name is extremely fitting, because you are a dick of note. The Beatles were an incredible band whose music actually meant something. The Beatles broke up forty years ago and people still listen to their music today, whereas Lil Wayne? I'd give him two years MAXIMUM before everybody completely forgets about him (which won't be much of a tragedy). And "Lil Wayne could slotter them in a rap battle"? One, half of The Beatles are dead, so that is PHYSICALLY IMPOSSIBLE. Two, do you really think The Beatles would challenge Lil Wayne to a rap battle? Rap was unheard of in their day (what a beautiful time in human history). Listen to some proper music, Josh Dick. It'll do you good.

chode=beatles. | Reviewer: Josh Penis | 11/3/11

The beatles are the worst band in the history of bands. they sound like 4 year old girls. lil wayne could slotter them in a rap battle! Who ever disagrees is a sweaty ball sack with a chode dangling over it.put that in ur pipe and smoke it!!!!!!!!!!!

biggest fan | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/30/11

the beatles are the best band ever my favorite song is Elinor rigby i know that song by heart i even know how to play it on my guitar long live the best band ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxooxoxoxoxoxoxo!!!!

With love, The Beatles | Reviewer: SaxaphonicBeauty | 10/30/11

I was first really introduced to The Beatles when my dad sent me The Beatles Rock Band. I was curious; I had heard so much about them. I started singing some songs (which is what I'm best at) and I was amazed. Months passed, and I played it every day. When my birthday came around, my mom had bought me their first movie, "A Hard Day's Night", to show me their quirky, weird sense of humour. I love that movie so much. They were so funny and real. Time passed, I had temporarily lost interest, until she got another movie, "Help!". My love was rekindled, and this time I had taken a liking to one Beatle in specific, George Harrison. He was known as the quiet one, which was fitting for me, since I'm very quiet and shy. I had become fascinated with George (and still am to this day) and his music.

I read these reviews from vapid, airhead fangirls, saying "oh i luv them soooo much! i wish they never broke up!" And I just have to think "Why?" The Beatles were great on the outside, but on the inside, for the band members, it was horrible." Imagine having a love of music, and performing music that nobody can hear because they're screaming so loud. There's a setting on my rock band called "Realism mode". I thought "Hey, the more realistic, the better". Except when I picked a song I knew by heart, "Eight Days A Week", and tried to sing it, I realised that what the meant by "realism" was that they realistically adjusted the crowd volume to the point where I couldn't think, let alone sing the lyrics. Imagine going through that at every concert. It's no wonder they stopped touring. After Epstein died, tensions within the band made it a living hell. As George once said, "My first big break was getting into the Beatles, my second one was getting out." So it baffles me how people claim to "luv" them so much, yet wish they stayed in a horrible situation. They found happiness and love outside of The Beatles.

So there's my opinion on The Beatles, beginning, end, and aftershock. Some of you may disagree, some may think I'm insane. But my love for their musical talent and their love for each other remains vigilant as we approach the anniversary of George Harrison's death. The Beatles weren't so much a band as they were an idea. An idea that still live on in our hearts even after the group parted ways and as they pass away. If you truly love something(whether it's a band or a single person), you have to let it go someday, to make them happy.

Life will never be the same again | Reviewer: Satya | 10/8/11

The Beatles entered your heart and brought in happiness, they entered your mind and rejuvenated the soul, they entered into your bodies in flesh and blood from the fashion labels to the fashion statements, they were episcopal in their attitudes, in that they popularized their ideals just like the church would popularize their ideologies, they proselytized the lifestyles and Beatlemania raged like the looming clouds of instant happiness. They infiltrated our social fabric and life would never be the same again.Born in 1955, I was in the 4th standard of the scholastic and the roadside street-talk would be Beatles hair, Beatles boots and no word could be spelled backwards or misspelled unless we talked about the Beatles.They were a gigantic monolith, a civilization in themselves and became a sarcophagus to the despair and the doomsday which the WW II & the later years had brought to the populace through niggardly life styles & fundamental needs.Their music soul-searched for love and happiness for the adults, the rudimentary needs of this RHYTHMIC HEART,their music was philosophical food for the adolescent years which knew no fatigue.Beatles will always occupy my mind,my heart and my reverberating soul. In the death of John & George,every sub-atomic part of my brain has contorted with the manna & the mellifluous convulsing into a deep & diaphragmatic wound from which I shall not recover. To mitigate this loss I have educated my two bright sparks on Beatlemania....their initial blooding into popular music and lilting melodies began with the sweet sparkling sound of the glorious BEATLES. It may now be compelling to find who inspired the Beatles, who inspired the Beatlemania, who was responsible for their separation from their brief sojourn into synergy....their whole was much, much greater than the sum of their parts.In my life I lived (I am still living)there would have never been anyone who has touched my heart more than the Beatles. BEATLES WAS FOR BASICS, BEATLES WERE FOR BRANDING AND NOW BEATLES ARE FOR BUSINESS AND THERE WOULD BE NO SINGLE BUSINESS TYCOON OR MAGNATE WHO WOULD HAVE HIS/HER INITIAL skirmish with the most beautiful and the most boisterous beings called the BEATLES. I think life will never be the same again. There will be no more music, and wonderful thoughts in sweet fragrance or meadows. Their music lilted, their music lifted and GOD help me their music was the ultimate sweeteners .

Beatles, forever !!!! | Reviewer: Raul Garcia | 9/9/11

No matter how long time is, The Beatles always will be the best four guys band "ACROSS THE UNIVERSE" and they always will have the bests #1 songs in the world. My sons like to listen to the beatles everyday, everyweek, and every year. Happiness is a "GUN". BYE


A new world | Reviewer: Paul W | 8/18/11

The Beatles made a huge difference in the music world. Not only did they produce great music, they changed our culture. I am glad to have seen them come to America and step off the plane the first time. Long live the fab four!