The idiot who thinks Paul was the best Beatle. | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/8/07

John was always the best Beatle, Paul was an important part to The Beatles, yes.But if Paul is your favorite Beatle, your an idiot.

=) love the beatles | Reviewer: an argentinian | 6/5/07

hi there, i'm 16 and i listen to their music since i was 7 i think, it's amazing how a band can change the history of music, our cultures and lifestyles. when i listen them, i revolute myself, they are incredible. i think their greatest song is 'love(is all you need)', if you are not in love, well, listen it and feel deep inside your heart.

AMAZING | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/2/07

The Beatles are AMAZING...the best band ever. I'm 15 years old and not many people I know are fans of the beatles, but everyone knows who they are when they see me in me Beatles t shirt! They will always be the most famous and well known band ever! Their songs are wonderful. Catchy but still have great lyrics. John. Paul. George. All three are amazing. I think Ringo is talentless; he can't sing and even a moron could play his drum beats, but he became rich and famous regardless! Props to him! R.I.P. John and George. The beatles will ALWAYS rock my world (and many other people's) and be remembered! And I have to add-- Paul was totally gorgeous!

Long Live The Beatles | Reviewer: Dawn | 5/29/07

No Matter What People Say About The Beatles To Put Them Down, They Were, Are, And Always Will Be The Greatest Band Ever In Existance! Their Classics With The Catchy Lyrics And Sticking Tunes Will Always Be Known Worldwide Forever More! As A Most Recent Beatles Fan, I Can Say That I Fell In Love With The Beatles Music As Soon As I First Heard The First Lyric. I Am For The Rest Of My Life, And All Of My Kins' Lives To Come Will Be A Beatles Fan Through Thick And Thin. As Will Be My Kin After Me.

LONG LIVE THE BEATLES! John, Paul, George, & Ringo. We'll Always Love You And You'll Be In Our Hearts For All Time.

LifeLong Beatles Fan, Dawn Clark 13

THE BEATLES SUCK | Reviewer: Tight ass | 5/20/07

Bloody get a haircut those freaks are so not cool i have to do an essay about the dung beetles

I love The Beatles | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/19/07

Their music is so much better than most of the "music" circulating around the world today. there may be some retards who don't know who The Beatles are, but those who love them and worship them will pass their songs down to our kids and our kids' kids.

Beatles will always be # 1! | Reviewer: Darryl Ogren | 5/21/07

Many people do not realize that not only were the Beatles the most popular band ever,but they changed many other things in culture.They changed the way we thought,politics, fashion just to name a few.The Beatles not only revolutionized music but they were the pulse of many people's heartbeat.

What´s left to say about´em? | Reviewer: zebrao | 5/17/07

They´re the greatest! All songs after 1963 became from their inspiration, up ´till now!!
I was 1 one year old when they broke up but my folks always have listened to their records. I still have a single with She Loves You, original, from 1962.
Who doesn´t sing one of his songs once in a while?
Beatles Forever !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

They were The best group.......that is a fact | Reviewer: Sergio Vidal | 5/18/07

I'm from Bolivian and I have 23 years old....I love Beatles' music.. There are few youngers that love their music and i proud could say that i one of those.....Their music will live forever and I'm going to learn to my childrens wich was the influenced that beatles' music have had in the history........Thanks God to bring us their music!!... how i wish that someday could exist any group like them... but that is imposible 'cause they will be unique!!!

A band for the ages, and for the rest of time | Reviewer: Joe | 5/17/07

The Beatles certainly were a band that could create music of any style, serious, silly, love songs, hate songs, breakup, falling in love... it doesn't matter what kind of song they made, it was going to work because they truly understood the way to create a song and how to make the harmonies work with it too. Lennon and McCartney are the best song writing duo ever in the business. The catalog speaks for itself!

i <3 the beatles | Reviewer: marie | 5/13/07

how can there be anything better? no, really, they truly are the best of the best.
there can never be another fab 4. the Beatles were the greatest band in existence and shall live forever in the hearts of many, having attained immortality through their music.
though we Beatles fans may seem far and few between, there are many more of us than it appears. Beatlemaniacs unite!
So, a toast to the most amazing group in history: to the Beatles!
Marie-a 14 yar old Beatlemaniac

Best Band Ever | Reviewer: Reagan | 5/11/07

wat wud u say about them, they change the world by thier own music and style..Dream comes true to meet them...

fantastic! | Reviewer: viviVICIOUS<3 | 5/8/07

well, there isn't much to say about the beatles. you can never really put into words thee influence they have had upon the music world. they are simply ace. music would be nothing without them. cheers!

as u can read | Reviewer: zach | 5/2/07

the beatles and bob dylan were truley an insperation to me and opened the doors to many difrent artists and they changed the way i looked at things and changed my style of music
the beatles were definatley on my top favorite
choice of music

I Play Their Music Daily | Reviewer: WyLRock™ | 5/2/07

They had the look, the sound, the musicianship, the originality, the imagination, the personalities, the producer, engineer and THE MUSIC. The stars may never again come together the way they did for those four magical young men. Ever.