The Beatles | Reviewer: Kayla | 7/28/10

I love the Beatles so much, I have almost everything of theirs'. Every one of their songs is unique, they calm you down and influence you.
Some stupid people call their songs crap, but it's really good music. I have loads of their music, and their records, they always are relaxing. THey are sssooo relaxing sometimes I turn on my raido, put in their CD, or record, and turn it way down, and it puts me to sleep. I LOVE THEM. Even though I'm 10, I know every word to every song of The Beatles. I wish I could've met them, but they are long gone. :( :( :( :( :(

The Beatlesā™„ | Reviewer: Jade | 7/17/10

The beatles are an amazing band. They inspired so many people, including me. They amaze me. I can listen to their songs all damn day <3. John is my fave. & of course paul, ringo & george are too. They are my fave. band always and forever <3

The Beatles | Reviewer: ScouseGirly | 4/20/10

the beatles are a very big part of my life as my great uncle is friends with mr paul mccartney and i have always loved them! i have just done an assignment on them and got a distinction as a grade :) am sooo made up haha... is right laa

THE BEATLES ARE THE BEST!!!! | Reviewer: Phoenix | 4/7/10

I'm having a project in school called the expert project. I got to pick a topic so i chose the Beatles. I'm going to perform 4 songs for my presentation. those songs are come together, here comes the sun, i want to hold your hand and let it be. Me and my band are really nervous so wish us luck people! thank you.

I LOVE THE BEATLES!!!!!!!! | Reviewer: beatles lover | 3/11/10

T beatles are my FAVORITE band of all times and i would do so much for them!i have John Lennen peaple for peace poster and yellow sumerine!! poster i don't have a favorite beatles song there all to good to me!!!

Long time | Reviewer: Anne | 3/8/10

I can't even remember a time when I haven't obsessed about the Beatles. When I was a BABY my dad (being a hippie as he is) sang me Beatles lullabies! My room is plastered in Beatles posters. My dog's name is Ringo. Dare I say... I AM A HUGE FAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I Love The Beatles!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! | Reviewer: Rosa | 2/20/10

I love the beatles!!!!! I will always love them they're songs r the best!!! I love them all!! when my mom was younger then me they were playing and my mom loved them i stated hearing they're music around the house and I fell in live with it also I always read they're biography because I love reading it

The Beatles Greatness. | Reviewer: Katie | 2/17/10

I am doing a project over The Beatles in my English class and i have learned so much about them, which made me appreciate them so much more then i already did. The Beatles influinced many people with thier songs, like me for example. You can never ever feel blue listening to a song from The Bealtes<3.

beatles | Reviewer: calvin | 2/16/10

i love the beatles i didnt really even kno them then i herd some songs an i couldnt stop listening to them an ringo an john r my favorit but i stikll love the other guys wish i was born in there time

=) | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/30/10

The Beatles influence everyone; whether they admit it or not, it's true. Even as young as I am, I have loved the Beatles ever since, hmm, maybe second grade. I'm now doing a report on them for my English class. I hope it'll get more people in my grade as hooked as I am.
Thank you, Beatles, for changing history.
-A devoted Beatles fan

All We Need Is Love | Reviewer: Angel | 1/22/10

I was born in Cuba 1962 as you know Fidel Castro didn't want to us to listen to that beautiful music in fact(at that time of his stupid revoluwhatever,meaning(prohibitic everything)Now if you listen to that song I mean revolution, pay close attention to that one,they make you to picture to those false comunis...goverment or any gov... that want to us to believe on them.The Beatles was an outstanding band(a diamond never been seing before)totally diferent,you flying to another galaxy ones you listen to their music,in a better way musically speaking,We can't stop or refuse to listen to that band(meaning hide from the comunis... goverment)now I'm on the other side of the fence n I've been watching n listen to all those videos hey people WHAT A BAND hey Paul n Ringo WHAT A BAND,WHAT A BAND yes they were an inspiration not only for the music,just the way they were wear their clothes,the picture for the album everything I believe so I'm sorry if someone r not agree w/me anyway WHAT A BAND,RIP Jonh n George but I know they r w/us.For me LET IT BET n as always ALL WE NEED IS LOVE guys you'r in my heart for ever ANGEL.'10

I LOVE BEATLES! | Reviewer: Major Beatle Fan! | 12/29/09

I love the beetles. It is too bad they decided they could not do it anymore. my favorite moment of the beatles is at the end of helter skelter ringo said "i got blisters on my fingers!" Oh and by the way if Paul ever happens to read this i shall let him know he is my favorite and i have tried to draw him endless times and i can not git his eyes right! lol I love you paul! and of course rest in peace john and george

Reflection | Reviewer: Cody | 10/16/09

Even so early as sixteen, we can all decide what is right and wrong. the beatles are just as right as happiness. there will never be any doubt that what they preached was just as influential as any healing man ever could be. no medic can heal the heart as they can. years after their burial will still honor their music. we use it in comercials, we make movies, we but them. they will never truly die so long as one of their recordings exists. there is no call to forget them. they changed us all and for that, i am gratefull. we aren't a hateful people simply because we were given their lyrics of hope.
i start out my everyday with their words and try to feel teir happiness.

ravenpic | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/11/09

I thank my sister Cathy for buying all the GREAT beatle albums when I was her kid brother. She played them early in the morning before getting ready for school. A Girrrrlll. Life is very short and there's no time for fussing and fighting...Were they ever aware at a young age. This is uncanny. These guys had it all together. Too bad John and George are gone. A Beatle reunion in 2010 would generate enough to pay the national debt to China.

Remarkable | Reviewer: Cindi Woodard | 9/4/09

The Beatles, John, Paul, George and Ringo could not have existed without each other. I grew up listening to their music and enjoying every new release, even saw them at RFK Stadium in Washington, DC. Their music was unique in style and representation and will not ever be revisited in the magitude it was displayed. Thank you for giving us your treasure, John, Paul, George and Ringo. Love ya.