je les adore. | Reviewer: virginie | 4/1/08

moi je les aime tous, toutes leurs chanson son plus que meilleur. Il n'y aura aucun n'autre groupe meilleur que eux. SO THEY ARE THE BEST MUSIC GROUP, alors ils sont le meilleur groupe de musique au monde qui aurra existé de toujours TOUKOURS XD bref. j'Aadore cette tune là autant que les autres. jcrois bien que je pourrais ecrire un roman sur eux :O essayons: alors.. non peut-être pas :)

>TCHOW I'm the plus hot beatles's fan :)

Beatles<3 | Reviewer: TeeCee | 3/22/08

I wish I was alive when the beatles where around. I don't have a lot of their albums, Only the white album and like two others. But they will always be the greatest band ever. I love "We Can Work It Out"

The Breatles | Reviewer: Jack Mothballs | 2/26/08

I love The Breatles. My favourite band member is Ringo Harrison!!! My fave song is ObLaDi ObLaDa :))) Life goes on!! RAH!!!
It saved me from offing myself in the bathroom with candles all around :(

RIP George Lennon and John Starr

Oh god

Thanks to my history teacher <3 | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/25/08

I never really listened to the Beatles until my History teacher started playing them in the classroom when we were doing our work. Now I love them! For our fall concert, my school choir sang the Beatles all night night EVER!!!

. | Reviewer: kelsey. | 2/2/08

your shitty heavy metal wouldn't exist if it weren't for the beatles, who laid down the foundation of rock. maybe if you could pull your head out of your ungrateful ass, you could open your ears and listen. you should be happy to do a homework assignment on the beatles, there's a lot you could write about.
grow up.

In My Life | Reviewer: Danny 22 | 1/23/08

Without a doubt the most inspirational band of our time, the Beatles have become very special to me and others like me. These four men changed not only the world of music, but also the world itself. Their message has made it across four decades into a new generation, that is a sign of true genuis status,I am greatful for the Beatles.

My Beatles experience. | Reviewer: Barrie Gregory | 1/22/08

The Beatles are by a long way the greatest band ever.
I saw them several times during the period that they were shaking the World.
Not only did they break the mould, they took the sterile rubbish that posed as popular music at that time and threw it in the rubbish bin.
Through their music they really did change the World and more than any other band before or since issued songs utterly different from anything they had done before.
They generated a level of excitement and expectation never matched before or since and they could do their stuff live.

AHHH | Reviewer: lucyyy | 1/18/08 amazing to me how much people think im a loser becuase Im so obsessed with the beatles. I ABSOLUTELY LOVE JOHN LENNON, PAUL MCCARTNEY, RINGO STARR, AND GEORGE HARRISON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! How could anyone not?????????? I would give anything to meet them now but unfortunately (for me at least not really for my "friends") the fab four is now split up and left with a terific two... :( even if they don't sing together>>I have a suggestion for anyone who loves the british invasion!! Check out "The Who" but trust me they are no where near as good as THE BEATLES are and never will be but they have some pretty good songs!! <3 (lucy) 12

i love the beatles♥ | Reviewer: Melissa | 1/16/08

Hey, I'm 13 and my dads in a band. he plays old rock and roll. so natuarally i like oldies. my first boyfriend was obssesd with the beatles so i did too. ever since, its all i talk about. i have every album, poster, shirt, anything the beatles. they are the best and without them there would be no rock and roll.

timeless | Reviewer: Stevo | 12/10/07

These 4 artists are 10 years older than myself. Their evolution mapped my own. Back in Oct '62 there was no radio play of Love Me Do. In March '64, their first 2 albums sold out and I was lucky to buy both at that time. They bridged many gaps. They appealed to both sexes. In 63-64 there were solo male singing stars that only appealed to girls as a closed market. Beatles changed all that. This is a great short essay, here, thank you.

Beatles Rock | Reviewer: Michelle | 12/9/07

Iam only 12, (rock on other 11 year old michelle!) but I also love the Beatles! :) They are so true and really have a point in their songs. Any one know what hotel they where not let in beacause they were "hippies"? If you know, just post it thanks. Rock on and happy holidays! :)

Simply the greatest. | Reviewer: Hofner Bass | 12/4/07

The greatest rock group ever. Perhaps they were not the greatest talents individually, but together they were, and are still, pure genius. I thank God for the Beatles every time I hear their songs.

Back then | Reviewer: Mike | 12/3/07

Good music? They made some of the greatest songs of all time. Sure they may not sound like great music to a person with heavy metall tastes but they have mad greta music. Back then they didn't have much heavy music and these guys were the greatest thing, back then. Music eveolves, it is just sad that anyone actually can hate The Beatles. One other thing, their music was insperational and they always had a different style. It was almost never the same.

my home werk | Reviewer: charlotte | 11/28/07

it all started wen i hade to findeou about the beatels for home work, NOW I ABSALUTLY HATE THEM. littel freekes, have thay ever heard of good music? well i perfer hevy metel.

hi im nina logi... | Reviewer: nina | 11/23/07

i am learning about the beatles the are fantastic i love learning about it they were tenagers when my dad was about 3. uk 23/11/07