THE BEATLES RULE!!!!!!! | Reviewer: Claire | 7/20/09

I love The Beatles. They're the best band ever, no doubt about it. It sucks that they disbanded in 1970 and I was born in 1996, which was about 26 years after they disbanded. And it'sad that John Lennon and George Harrison died. REST IN PEACE, JOHN AND GEORGE. You're with the angels now, and I know how awesome you two were.
I am 12 years old, and I love The Beatles. My dad is the reason I like rock music. We both love The Beatles and other great bands. LONG LIVE THE BEATLES!!!!!!

Marking / 7 / 11 / 09 / Down in History | Reviewer: Sarah Jane MacDonald | 7/13/09

The Beatles are by far the greatest band Hnads down- their music still lives on forever and ever in our time.
I am 22 years old, and have grown up listening to oldies, and the new stuff, but by far these guys had goooood music that will go down in history forever.
I Was Priveledged to go to Halifax NS. this past weekend and attend Sie PAUL MCCARTNEY's Concert- and I cried, it was amazing! Every Age group attended. He laughed with us, as we cried with him!- what an amazing performer- if you get the Opportunity to see a show = GO, you will not be disappointed I promise you that! and you can be like me and say I SAW A BEATLE! <3
live and let die.

BEATLE FINATIC!!!! | Reviewer: Blaine Becker | 3/25/09

The Beatles are the best band in the world. There is no doubt about that!!! And John and George are never going to die. They will be in our hearts forever and ever. It would be the most amazing thing in the world if Paul and Ringo started a band again. Although it wouldn't be the same without John and George, it would still be insane if they started a band!!!!!!

i love u | Reviewer: sarah joujmn | 12/13/08

i was in your school at that time. i still remember you guys. i was a little invisible to you guys but you might remember me. my name is Mary-anne. but now i changed my name to tiffany. ohhh! how i miss your sense of humor john. and i always had a huge crush on you!

beatles | Reviewer: awesome | 11/23/08

Most of my friends including me think that the people looked a little bit emoish but they love listening to their songs especially 'Love Me Do.' If you think my review is interesting, send me an email at

Amazing Band | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/15/08

They are one amazing band. From 1960 - 1970, they were truely the best. From "Please Please Me" to "Abbey Road"/"Let it Be", they were an inspiration to many bands. Oasis is one, Ozzy Osbourne is one, etc. They are one band that will live forever in many peoples hearts. R.I.P John Lennon and George Harrison. Paul and Ringo, do your best and make more music till the end!

sweet music | Reviewer: Jesse | 10/14/08

I dont want to get into decifering the artists intentions behind this song or try to understand it more. I dont want to take this beautiful song and disect it and try to create an extra added bonus nor take away from the original purpose of this song. I want to enjoy it as it was intended as music for our listening pleasures 'Blackbird was a very cool simple song and the first time I heard it I enjoyed the simplicity of it and the way it was layed out. The beatles were probably the most talented and influential artists in the 20th century. With cool ass songs like Blackbird the beatles will continue to build a fan base for the next century and beyond.

I love The Betales with all My Heart | Reviewer: Sarah | 10/10/08

i love the beatles with all my heart
they are the greatest band in the whole world
and always will be!
the beatles band will never die out
my favorite beatles is no-one
cause i love all of them
they are GODs!
Right now i am listing to
"the ballad of john and yoko
and i dont have a favorite song
there all sooo good
now playing"something'

Rest in Paradise
John Lennon
George Harrison
well peace
and if you having noticed

Peace i love all you people
that luv the beatles

The Beatles - The No.1 In History | Reviewer: Josué A. (Aka Shauing in Youtube) | 8/31/08

There's no question about the beatles is the best band forever and forever of all the history, today, the rock i think is a little bad compared with the beatles; Lennon was the leader of the group so why Paul try to be the ''leader''? i think it would be better if paul it was the co-leader and lennon the leader in that final years, but anyway there's some songs very excellents, like Julia, Don't Let Me Down, Let It Be (Too bad that Lennon don't sing this song), Dig It (But the 8 minute rare version), Get Back, Birthday, Revolution * & Revolution 1, Good Night, Birthday, Back In The U.S.S.R., Come Together, Something, Maxwell's Silver Hammer, Oh! Darling, Octopus Garden, I Want You She's So Heavy...Well, almost all songs after 1967. My favorite album is Abbey Road, but my favorite song is A Day In The Life.
RIP John Lennon & George Harrison.
Paul & Ringo keep us entretain with your songs.

best band ever | Reviewer: rache | 7/31/08

my favorite band of all time. love every one of there songs. pure genious. sucks they broke up 25 years before i was born. if it wasnt for the beatles.....there probly wouldnt have never been any rock and roll and THAT would have been a bad thing.

RIP goerge and john

FUCK you mark david chapmen for taking john away from us

beatles | Reviewer: bench | 6/26/08

damn.. i nkew this guys from their anthology.. i remember watching it before i sleep for 2mnths.. their so good.. i really apreciate their songs.. there will be no beatles reunion as long as paul & ringgo remain alive.. when i die.. all i wish is to see your concert in heaven.. hahahaha!!long live the beatles!!

The best. | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/9/08

The best band to hit rock & roll. They inspired many and perspired to keep women on their toes and people laughing. John Lennon especially was a wonderful artist in his own right. As these men grew they only became more popular but of course even the best things have to end. It's sad to know that we have lost two great artists, John and George but we should be thankful that they were even here in the first place. Thankful that George picked up a guitar and Ringo left Rory and the Hurricanes. The Beatles were the best to ever have lived.

Amazing Grace (OUr vertion) | Reviewer: Silly | 5/3/08

Amazing grace how aweesome tgeh sound that saved a witch like pee
i once was pee but im now i am poop
was blind but now i can see!!

today i bought a box that smeeled like a fox, but actually smelled like pee that was sitting in a tree marinating for six l'ing months that it started to grow clumps and mumps but noow it tastes like she (how biught the tee!)

I love the beatles | Reviewer: Lauren | 4/17/08

i love the beatles i grew up were they grew up and my mom used to listen to there music 24/7 and i got used to the music and i now love themm with all my heart they are a very good band and i wish they were still around ! :)<3

My love for Classic Rock is Cause of Them! | Reviewer: Eddy | 4/3/08

To me, they are the best band ever. The Beatles got me into listening to music of 50s,60s,70s,and maybe the 80's. Because of them, I love classic rock! And I am just 14, 13 when I first listened to "I am the Walrus" and "Help!". They are the greatest band in the whole world and always will be.