A Classic Beatles Song | Reviewer: JP | 12/13/12

When material was being compiled for the Beatles Anthology, two partially completed Lennon compositions were discovered - "Free As A Bird" and "Real Love". Paul McCartney took the former, George Harrison the latter to create "new" Beatles music. McCartney turned "Free As A Bird" into a maudlin mess and inserted his own egotistic bridge. Harrison lovingly enhanced and crafted "Real Love" into one of the best Beatles songs,while never attempting to overshadow Lennon's initial work.

parumamonication | Reviewer: Mónica del Carmen Rodriguez Aguiar | 6/3/12

Wonderful song, wonderful work!Paul,George and Ringo are and ever will be genious with their music,only brilliant people as The Restant Beatles who worked with all their best intention and finally they could do so magnific production. I think that this song is really a top of their work, in this moment maibe a delicate farewell to John, to George...even to us! to live for to love to a real love it´s to live as they recomend us... thank for the opportunity.. Thank you My Beatles for all your songs and great musical moment!! I am Teacher of English thanks to you!!!

Great music lives forever | Reviewer: Craig V | 1/30/12

When The Beatles reunited for the Anthology sessions in 1994, I waited with high hopes. I wasn't disappointed as the 2 tracks from the sessions (this one & Free As A Bird) are shining examples that the Fab Four will always be relevant in music, no matter how many years pass. Here's hoping we one day see a completed version of Now & Then, which they also worked on at the time, but abandoned.

Good song | Reviewer: Happy | 1/11/12

I've grown up listening to this song, and i really like it. I'm 14, and I do like many radio songs, but it is always nice to come back to the nice calming songs by John Lennon and the Beatles.

The Beatles | Reviewer: anna | 9/12/10

i'm 14 and i barely like any music they play on the radio today i love the Beatles they were and still are the best band ever. if every singer today got together they still wouldn't be as awsome as the Beatles.

amazing | Reviewer: kiki | 7/14/10

It took me once to fall in love with this song. Amazing how the remaining 3 Beatles could come together without John and turn this song into Magic. The Beatles are such an influential band and most bands now cant make it...like iconic bands. My mom put me on Beatle music when i was 6 and im 17 today and im way more of a bigger fan. The Beatles will never die...their message of Love & Peace shall live on as well as their music.

Half the band might be dead. But they are still better than The Jonas Brothers, Big Time Rush, and other bands who think they are talented.

GARBAGE ON RADIO TODAY!! | Reviewer: Jamie | 3/28/10

I love this song soooo much (im only 12) I think that the garbage people are playing on the radio, (Lady Gaga, Lil Wayne, Ke$ha, Miley Cyrus, Selena Gomez, Justin Bieber, etc.) are ruining it! Sure they have a hit single, but nothing can match The Beatles! So what if half are gone (may they rest in peace) they still made history WAYYYYY better than anyone else (BTW BIG TIME RUSH COPIES OFF THE BEATLES, IN THEIR THEME SONG THEY R RUNNING JUST LIKE IN A HARD DAYS NIGHT OPENING CREDITS!!!!) too many people are trying to be better than them, but thats impossible

So moving | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/22/10

This song has simple lyrics, a ssimple melody and was adapted so beautifully by the remaining three Beatles in the 1990's.
As with a lot of John's songs the meaning is open to the listener but it is still a good song for a break-up, make-up or the start of something new.
The Beatles were bigger than anything that had gone before and their influence is still heard today, says a lot about four lads from Liverpool. John you are still missed thirty years on, George rest in peace wherever you are today. Paul and Ringo keep rocking until you are too old to pick up your instruments we have loved you for 50 years and still remember you with affection and introduce our children (and grandchildren) to the wonders of electronic sounds, backwards tapes, voices being distorted and the wonderful back catalogue that is yours alone...

lennon at his best | Reviewer: dan mc partland | 11/21/07

john lennon always wanted to be the rock 'n' roller,the bad and tough guy of the group.but as every fan knows he wrote some of the greatest love songs from the beatles!!!this song where he says in the beginning of the recording that here's another piece of @#$% and then records real love,just shows you how wonderful a song writer he was.just think of some of his songs if i fell,now where man,girl,norwegian wood,in my life this is lennon and if anybody doubts this i have just one thing to say "DOUBLE FANTASY"!!!!!!!!!!!!LENNON AT HIS BEST AND ALL LOVE SONGS.GREAT COVER OF REAL LOVE

Terrific | Reviewer: Dale of Brisbane | 5/31/07

For the Beatles fans of old wanting just one last dig from the Beatles they got it in grand form with this song. From the haunting piano and the simple lyrics, this song was Beatles through and through. It only goes to show that the Beatles were only half way through their tank when they split. Which is the saddest thing thats ever happened in music. Never again! Im just a young fan and were 5 when this song was released. It was my favourite song in my childhood.

Real Love | Reviewer: Louise | 4/29/07

Musical dexterity in its finest form.
Words so simple yet so full of meaning alongside guitars that strike a chord with your heart only make masterpieces.
John Lennon, I salute you.

What 25 years? | Reviewer: Danny De La Paz | 3/24/07

The very last recording made by The Beatles to date, REAL LOVE is a lovely gem. Written by John in the seventies but not recorded until after his passing, this track was dressed up in all it's Beatle-y garb by the remaining three at the time (95/96). Simple yet wonderful on the ear, RL has all the necessary ingredients to satisfy any true Beatles fan except perhaps a bridge written by Paul like in FREE AS A BIRD. In this case, the song was written already completed, leaving only vocals and instrumentals to be fleshed out. Paul, George and Ringo perform brilliantly as though the 25 or so years since their last recording session had never happened.

wow | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/15/05

John Lennon was on to something... this is a great song for makeups, breakups, and new relationships!!
made in 1995, with tapes recorded by Lennon in 1970s!! The rest of beatles sang along.. one other song like it... Free as a Bird!