Rainman | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/4/13

A great and often overlooked song!We cover it and people often ask "that was a Beatles song?" Paul is walking that bass and this may be Ringo's best work. One of my favorites from the guys that have a long list of great tunes!

Bassist Paul | Reviewer: Sahansdal | 6/18/13

I am the Stig: Listen to the bass part on "Happy just to dance with you", or just about any Beatle's song. I listened about five times and still couldn't remember how it went. Paul is amazing.

rain live by the Smithereens | Reviewer: todd | 11/2/12

About 20 years ago the Smithereens were playing an outdoor venue in Toledo, Ohio. It was started raining after their set started, after a couple songs the played this song and the crowd loved it we were all getting drenched and cheering. Just before the song ended so did the rain then the sun broke through the clouds. The crowd went crazy. It was a magic moment I'll never forget.

Pure awesome | Reviewer: I am the Stig | 4/16/12

My parents are beatles freaks. All I am going to say about my age is that I am under fourteen. Anyway, I am one of the onlk kids at school who listens to "Old music" and I am frequently riduculed. I like all sorts of sixties bands and songs, but this one , while in my opinion one of the most underated songs EVER, it is nontheless one of the best. Also as I belive somebody else pionted out, it is the first song to feature a backward vocal and have a truly "trippy" sound. The Beatles are one of my favorite bands and this is one of my favorite songs. Hence the title PURE AWESOME!

Drum vs. Bass | Reviewer: I am the Stig | 4/16/12

I would like to address a review by somebody else on here. In that review the person said that they thought that a John Bonham could have done better on that song, But really Ringo was trying to keep up with that incredible bass part, and provide a frame for it. I think that if John Bonham had played on that song the drum part would have been to heavy and covered up that wonderful bass part. But dont take my word for it.

Eight-year-old Moptop | Reviewer: Young Pike | 7/31/09

I was eight when this came out and my parents bought me all the Beatles' singles as soon as they were released. I clearly remember taking my copy of Paperback Writer/Rain into school one Friday afternoon and my teacher asked me if I had an older brother or sister whose record it was. She was gobsmacked when I told her it was mine, because all the other kids in my class were into Pinky & Perky.

The Beginning of Rave | Reviewer: Paul | 1/7/09

I first heard this tune during the second summer of love that happened in the late 80s during the beginnings of the Rave parties ..... A bar called the Raglan used to play great music and this and Paperback writer were often played.... A great tune which was probably in the collections of lots of UK bands of the time....
Great times

yes!!! | Reviewer: andy | 12/23/08

my favorite beatles song besides I'm Only Sleeping, my band does a cover of this and I use a backwards guitar effect when playing, I'm 23 and all the people my age don't know the tune at all, everyone needs to hear this song. 1st song ever with backwards vocals! This and revolver chenaged the way I looked at music when I was younger.

Bringing them back (accoustically) | Reviewer: Accoustic Preservation Project | 7/26/07

My husband and I cover this tune when we play music. You should see the smiles and looks of astonishment when the crowd realizes the last time they've heard this song........ Loud applause always follows.... thanks for the opportunity to get a few more Beatles songs on paper to cover a larger selection...

Totally killer song | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/16/07

Wow, what a song. The only way this recording could be better would be if John Bonham had played Ringo's parts. Great drum ideas, performance not as tight or heavy as I would like.

Most Underrated Beatles Song Ever | Reviewer: Robert | 3/3/07

RAIN has perfectly trippy lyrics that foretold the coming acid revolution combined with proto-metal guitar and solid drumming. John's slightly distant sounding voice just makes this trip all too real sounding in my headphones late at night. First use of backwards lyrics by a popular group also adds to the mind-altered effect. Relegated to a B-Side of "Paperback Writer," RAIN seemed to have been overlooked by mainstream listeners. Very few bands have made a cover of this hidden Beatles' classic despite being perfect for a remake by a modern rock group. I'd advise digging this gem out of your Beatles collection, turn it on, tune it in and drop whatever drug of choice you may prefer. (A Coca-Cola on ice works well for me.) You won't be disappointed!