Terry Wardle is a fucking idiot.... | Reviewer: John Barry | 7/30/13

Obviously you're a fucking idiot and a troll who doesn't have the slightest clue on what he's talking about, if you don't like the Beatles then why are you commenting on their albums then loser? To say they're overrated obviously indicates that you're just too naïve and narrow-minded without giving a plausible reason why they're so called ''overrated'' and you've probably never listened to one of their albums then in general. The Beatles are one of the greatest bands ever and they made a huge impact on popular music and if you can't see that, then I don't what will buddy. P.S. Go fuck yourself. XD

lets get real | Reviewer: Terry Wardle | 2/11/13

The most overrated band/ pop act of all time. The Beatles have become so renowned on the back of splitting early and John Lennons death. Sorry but the Beatles were a average band and like others like The Beach Boys would have become a parody of themselves. For proof just look at Paul Mcartney

Debut album | Reviewer: Alan Maile | 6/12/12

I got this for my birthday in 1963 and never tire of listening to it. If you prefer to listen to rubbish about an octopus's garden or maxwell's silver hammer then buy Abbey Road instead. NO DON'T

please please me = awesome | Reviewer: jim | 7/23/07

amazing! its not as good as their laterstuffsuch as revolver and sgt peppers or rubber soul and abbey road but its a hell of a good album especially being their 1st. the beatles are by far the greatest band ever! everyone is influenced by them and everybody knows who they are. great album