Piggies | Reviewer: JFredJr | 3/28/13

You people are idiots. Plain and simple. It's a sociological statement, not a religious, or political one. Not one of you should be offering an opinion, if you don't understand the premise.

Us idiots are soooo grateful for a genius like you who knows everything.

In answer to Mustard's question of "Who is the Walrus?" | Reviewer: Terry J | 3/22/13

In answer to the Mustard's question of "who is the Walrus" the answer drumroll please...........Paul McCartney. That question is answered in the song Glass Onion off the white album. There's a line in that song is. "And here's another clue for you are, the walrus was Paul, looking through a glass onion.

Sure | Reviewer: Brad | 11/20/12

You people are idiots. Plain and simple. It's a sociological statement, not a religious, or political one. Not one of you should be offering an opinion, if you don't understand the premise.

Envy | Reviewer: Me | 7/26/12

Amazingly this song is exactly how many on the left feel today. Envious of those who have succeeded, without seeing the years of hard work b efore the successm, envious that some have more than others, without caring that each makes choices of their own and must then live with the consequences. Envious that some have more than the liberal deems they need, always willing to rob some to give to others, but never willing that those with less should make better choices, work harder, etc.
It is always presumed by the left that the wealthy have made their wealth from robbing the poor, never accepting the poor had nothing to steal and were always compensated in relation to their contribution

Rebuttal to previous reviews | Reviewer: Mustard | 12/5/11

First and for-most, this song is not a criticism of capitalism but rather a criticism of the establishment that G. Harrison was under - a partia-socialist society. This is truly a great song and the fact the someone parred it under the Kinks theme song is just a pure lack of knowledge of history and general knowledge (and pure stupidity!). The fact the Beatles were being raped of their "hard earned funds" by the partia-socialist regime of Great Britain is not an indictment of capitalism since they were not under a free society during their reign. Evident of this is by the defection of Lennon to New York and McCartney to Scotland. In their own words (for Gods sake, investigate it yourself and not what you are told!), they moved (from a Socialist based society) to stop the bleeding of there money to the government. The little piggies are the working man "proletariat" and the bigger piggies are the bourgeoisie. We all agree that no matter who takes advantage of you, that they need a good damn whacking, but their reference is not of an anti capitalist POI, but rather a positive POI. The Irony of this song is that the reference that Harrison references in his ditty ("You can see them out for dinner with their piggy wives, Clutching forks and knives to eat their bacon"), he refers to the fact that that those who do the oppressing will eventually consume themselves - the irony. For all you fair weathered Beatle fans, maybe you should take off your Beatle buttons, and spend some time looking into their words! Very simple. Oh by the way, I am now, one of those right wing conservative that would be approved by the fab 4. Their philosophy was of obtaining the truth, not to just to feel good. And an FYI - For all you know it all's - who is the Walrus - it ain't John - I know - do you? Let me know.

a timeless observation that's more apropos now than then | Reviewer: Luke Varm | 11/22/11

Loved the song , since boyhood. This is an astute, scathing(depending on the listener ) indictment of the class structure of capitalism. Not of capitalism itself. I think the 1st verse even alludes to the idea (early 20th century? ) that capitalism debases the lower classes , even further. It's important to remember the wonderful , sensitive , soul ,(G.H. ) that composed it . Great production , Harpsichord and fuddy duddy harmonies are PERFECT. Pig snorts, even better! Poor George, couldn't realize how more malicious sorts, could sieze upon his youthful and bilious critique. That's why The Kinks, are the better popsmiths, and pop politicos. (Stones barely touched it, except for Satisfaction , which was a Dylan cop) . Small Faces ditto. . So ya got Creedance on the stateside , and pre 1969 , I think that's it. Shangri La blows Piggies out the water, mate.

george harrison | Reviewer: bunny | 11/29/10

i feel SO sorry for george harrison. i heard that when he heard that his lyrics had helped inspire charles manson, he was horrified. he wouldnt even let the lyrics to 'piggies' be reprinted in the book 'heltes skelter' by vincent bugliosi and curt gentry.

Manson | Reviewer: DarbyCrash | 5/25/09

The Beatles believed in revolution and anti-establishment but they wanted a PEACEFUL revolution. I think Manson took this song a little to far and didn't take the lyrics to Revolution in to real consideration.

Wow | Reviewer: Ashleigh Desormeaux | 10/9/07

Wow and people wonder why Charles Manson got the impression to kill the rich when he heard this song...Very powerful lyrics