I Can't Believe... | Reviewer: Jude | 4/6/13

I can't believe that people nowadays prefer One Direction to The Beatles, mainly because they have never heard The Beatles. Spread the message and tell these people to listen to Penny Lane. Like me, this song will change them for the rest of their lives.

I went through Penny Lane almost every day in the 70s | Reviewer: Paul | 2/22/13

I'm an ex scouser and went to school in the centre (Liverpool Institute, Paul and George's old school), getting a bus every day to and from home in the suburbs. The bus went through Penny Lane and I can still visualise it now when I hear this song. I especially remember the shelter in the roundabout - never saw a nurse (pretty or otherwise) selling flowers though :)

Like many I left Liverpool in the eighties when the place was dying on its feet. Still feel nostalgic about the place though even though it's years since I've been there.

Another great song put together with the help of George Martin. | Reviewer: wills of luton | 5/17/12

I was born 1967,and have listened to music from age 5,from elvis to pink floyd lots of other rock and soul through the 70s,80s,90s and up to present day,I was getting bored with music so I tried listing to music from 1960s, 1950s,40s,30s,20s and classical.april this year I down loaded every album the Beatles had ever made,I cant believe all these years, I kept skipping past their music.Now I understand why so many people rate The Beatles...Im totaly hooked with their music,and THEN noticed in the local paper a band playing at ST Albans England.THEY call themselves Imagine..The Beatles..well what a show.they dress like them, talked like them and played live.This is the best live music gig Ive ever been to in my life.The Beatles still rock may 12 2012...

... | Reviewer: liberoamore | 4/14/12

why are you so angry with glovecundis?? jaja the man/woman just did a joke.In other words, he described "the beatles", what they were and what they meant in an ironic or lets say funny way!!! anyway I donĀ“t thing they are better than the rolling stones because in my opinion each band is unique I really love them both!!! so as john ( from the beattles ha ha ) said: give peace a chance!! and do not argue please!!!! all my loving for you!!! bye, chao, adios!!!:)

The Beatles | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/16/12

Four, extremely talented people in the right place at the right time in history creating music that will probably always stand the test of time. They can be placed up there with Irving Berlin, George Gershwin and Cole Porter. It is ridiculous to compare them to anybody else, all music affects different people in different ways (words and lyrics that is). I cannot say that they invented the genre of rock music, but they were a part of a group of talent that did.

Lastly, you need to look at the history and sociology of the times, I don't mean the 60's but the post war WW2 years to really start to understand why the Beatles could do what they did.

4 mates | Reviewer: Florida Bow Hunter | 12/27/11

Here 4 guys came together to produce some of the greatest music ever made. Where they the best well thats up to you to decide. There music had deep emotional guides and channels that run you through deep thought if you can think out-side the box. If you strictly look at the music, its very catchy and the beat throws you into loving it. Again, 4 guys throwing there love into what they loved. They made a MARK in music that (most) bands will never reach. The album sales alone speak for themselves. In the meaning of music, the Beatles sang it, played it, wrote it, and exspressed it like no other bands of there time. Many bands tried to duplicate them, but the shoes to big to fill. The closest band to them would be Led Zepplin and Elvis. If we keep this as true musicians and the music they developed. I would say these two along with the Beatles changed MUSIC. If you are a musician you will understand me, but most will not understand un-less you know. My mother saw the Beatles in Jacksonville Florida, and she said it was just incredable to see. They had to shut downtown completely down. Just 4 guys giving us, some of the best music you will ever listen too.

We have to enjoy them while we have them | Reviewer: Anonimous | 11/23/11

we have to enjoy the last of the 60's music, its fading away and the new.... umm bad, disrespectful music is coming in... reggae, rap rock... People that will be born in... lets say, 2020 will never hear these songs, by then, bad music will have kicked classics (the beatles, rolling stones, elvis) and classical music (beethoven, mozart, vivaldi) out, it will be pure daddy yankee

To any turd willing to express the "opinion" of rolling stones vs. beatles with the aim of the stones being better | Reviewer: SLy Dog | 11/5/11

The Beatles STILL beat out the Stones to this day. The only Stones offerring worth mentioning in the presence of the shittiest Beatles album (Yellow Submarine) is Exile on Main Street. That makes the Stones one-album wonders. The Beatles had many more great albums that the remainning members are STILL buying houses off of their royalties.

The Beatles enlightened the world music | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/4/11

I have a theory that when The Beatles came, the whole world music had an impact such as there where a lot of doors that were open and any composer could go there to play. You can see a kind of jump in the quality of music after the 60's when compared to the 50's or the 40's. Beatles music is something so advanced, so out of our time that even nowadays we can experience the remainings of this boom, this explosion that pushed up the world music's quality. You see, the 60's bands were awesome, the 70's bands were the best (as the "Beatles Effect" was something brand new and still full of secrets). Though, we can see this effect vanishing, fading in the following decades. In the 80's, there were still amazing bands such as U2, Metallica, Iron Maiden and such, but they were nothing compared to Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, Black Sabbath and other 70's bands. In the 90's there where still a lot of great bands (Nirvana, Pearl Jam, Alanis Morrissette, Radiohead, Oasis), but worse than the 80's. I gues the Beatles Effect, like a explosion that starts to settle down, had its last spark in the 2000's, when we barely could see genial bands such as Coldplay and, beside few great bands, there were a whole lot of mediocre ones... now, in the 2010's... I just can't see anything good... I guess it's a step below, just like we got to level 0 again... when every music sounds like a copy of the copy of the copy and nothing looks new... "The Beatles Effect" is finally done.

Some people | Reviewer: OneBeatlesFan | 7/19/11

Dude, it's spelled "Beatles" get the name right.. And of course there was music in the 1400s, music has been around since man could bang sticks together because it's a part of us. And another thing, saying the Beatles are better than other bands is not an opinion, they are the single greatest band in the history of music.

I love this song | Reviewer: BB | 5/18/11

I dislike the beetles as a band but their music tells a story. I love this song. Our year 6 choir leaders couldn't have chosen a better song to choreograph! This song tells a story just like all other Beetles songs. I'm not going to critisise anyone but really you should look at the beetles as a collection of art rather than the band themselves.

It's silly to say the beetles are better than rolling stones or visa versa, because it's an opinion! I am gonig to leave this comment hopnig there will be no more annoying comments critisising others for disliking the beetles or thinking another band is better or any rubbish! Sure I'm just a ten year old! But that doesn't mean don't I hate silly comments. So IT'S AN OPINION! Just appriciate the music there is now and the fact that other music is great too. We are truly lucky to have music even around! In the 1400's music didn't yet exist yet! I think!


Umm.. I'm speechless.. | Reviewer: Bronagh | 4/6/11

I wish I was born in the 50s! All the best music was made in the 60s! With the likes of Jimi Hendrix and The Beatles leading the way.

When I was 8, I admit I thought Penny Lane was about a girl. But now I'm older, I know what the songs about :)

Well . . . The Beatles are yet to be trumped . . . ! | Reviewer: GrievousAngel | 3/18/11

Penny Lane is one of many absolutely great songs written and performed by The Beatles. IMHO, no other has come close to challenging their status both in terms of writing songs and the originality & creative genus that makes up The Beatles sound. I guess it was a lucky combination of talents that comes seldom in musical history, but who knows it may happen again sooner than later.


Have a Beatle day | Reviewer: Lanie | 3/12/11

Penny Lane - this song plays like a film in my imagination. The Beatles cause the clouds in my mind to part and I'm able to see the creative ideas forming in my soul, this from God, however the Beatles are some kind of filter or template, something in the water. The Beatles are Big Medicine for me and a generation. Hoping it spreads to the next generations and across the Universe.

message in lyrics | Reviewer: paddy | 2/26/11

I am age 64 and was born and bred in liverpool, it amuses me, knowing the local coloquialisms for instance penny lane, a four of fish and finger pie used to mean if you went out with a girl your friends would ask you how far you got and finger pie meant almost first base ie heavy petting