............. | Reviewer: Julian | 2/17/11

Julius I'm not much older than you (16) and have the same feeling, I'd like to be in the 60's or 80's, the music was different, totally amazing, true music. In Spain we were under a dictatorship, but the music, the football, the cars, the people... I feel like I would be better there.

Awesome song ^^ | Reviewer: Julius C | 1/24/11

I love this song, it truly is awesome. I'm only 14 and I wish I could've been born earlier to really get to appreciate The Beatles. They are too amazing and iconic to even be put into words. And Penny Lane is just... Beautiful <3

I AGREE | Reviewer: CitiField | 11/17/10

I agree with Scout Finch; whether it's a joke or not, it's not a smart one. Who has never heard of The Beatles? Really. They are the largest band in pop/rock history, and always will be (and they are WAY better than the Rolling Stones!)

Some good points | Reviewer: Skattmanxxx | 11/6/10

I agree with a lot of what Greg & some others said about the Beatles they were one of the biggest bands in history, and they did help to change the music scene in a big way,but to say without them there would be no hip hop is a rubbish statement to make,without the original blues there would be no hip hop. Penny Lane I think is a brilliant song, I love the simplicity of it and it stays in your head even kids today sing it,like I said some good points but dont get carried away.

John, you don't know the Beatles | Reviewer: Greg | 9/27/10

There is a reason that those with Beatle-mania will not accept criticism of the Beatles. They weren't just "an OK band," they were the turning point in music - the most important transition from original rock and jazz to what we listen to today. Without the Beatles, we wouldn't even have hip-hop. Each of their albums incorporated something new, something interesting and fresh. Just a basic Wikipedia article or two will reveal to you the impact of the Beatles on Western pop culture.

And John, if you just think they sound "okay," you obviously haven't had a very exciting life. There is so much more to their lyrics than their face value. The Beatles connect to the human condition more than any other band I've listened to. You probably won't even read this, and if you do I doubt you'll even take these words for more than face value. You won't look into the matter - you'll just react.

It's OK. | Reviewer: John | 8/3/10

The Beatles have a cult following of zealots who see any criticism of their beloved band of deities an attack on all that is holy and true. The band were successful, and were adept at emulating the American sound to appeal to the audiences of the time. Well done them. But this song is nothing special for me, and that goes for most Beatles songs. They're OK. The End.

Needy, not funny! | Reviewer: saxifrage | 2/12/10

Glovecundis Applethorpe TRIED to be funny, but failed. He/she has no idea of the subtlety of good humor, or the wackiness of slap-stick, or the wit of puns. It was not funny; it was pathetic and needy!

You didn't really get it, did you? | Reviewer: Billybudd | 1/27/10

@Some People Are Really Retarded an Scout Finch
You're pretty easy to fool, hm? Knowing that from the age 10 years or so on people just can't escape to get to know the beatles, can't you imagine that
Glovendicus Applethorpe made a joke out of it.

And @ Glovendicus Applethorpe: It was a funny one.

Troll defined | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/2/10

From Widipedia:

In Internet slang, a troll is someone who posts inflammatory, extraneous, or off-topic messages in an online community, such as an online discussion forum, chat room or blog, with the primary intent of provoking other users into an emotional response or of otherwise disrupting normal on-topic discussion.

I actually don understand how the person who posted bedore me could be so retarded!! | Reviewer: Some People are Really Retarded | 12/20/09

How can the person who psted before me not know that the beatles were one of the biggest bands in history!! ( and are a lot bigger than the rolling stones). I found it hilarious when he/she described them as "young upstart musicians" How can he not know tht this epic song was released in the sixties!!

correction | Reviewer: Scout Finch | 12/20/09

Dear Glovecundis Applethorpe,

I don't know if you live under a rock or anything but The Beatles were famous in the 60s and two of their members have already died. I guess you're just 40 years late.

Wow | Reviewer: Glovecundis Applethorpe | 10/23/09

Just happened upon this band about a week ago.Never had heard of them before but I have a very open mind and I'm always willing to give some young upstart new musicians a chance.I listened to this album they put out called"Magical Mystery Tour" and I am predicting right here and now that these guys will become famous.I am usually pretty good at telling which bands will enjoy great success and I am telling you fine people to get ahold of this CD because in 10 or 20 years from now you will be hearing more great things from these young fellows and they could become even better than the Rolling Stones!!!

Yes... it's good music! | Reviewer: Annie | 9/15/09

I go to a music camp every year from year 2,
and this year we sung Penny Lane.
I'm one of the few who knows it well,
but everyone's enjoying it and at the concert
I think it'll go really fantastic!

~ Annie, Year 5

McCARTNEY'S FINEST MOMENT? | Reviewer: TERRY | 7/26/09

This song is streets ahead of 'Yesterday', and possibly McCartney's finest moment, evocative,melodic,simple but deceptively clever...what more can you say but to say that the 'B' side, so different, but as equally brilliant was set in in a similar suburban landscape..what other band apart from the BEATLES could come up with an idea like that?

Really? | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/23/09

@ wierd1, pretty sure nearly all the music on the radio has something 'crude' involved in the lyrics. Hip hop/rap usually always has something to do with sex, women, or drugs in there, and they definitely are not banned.