Fantastic | Reviewer: Haley | 10/20/07

This song is inspiring!It makes you want to get up and dance and sing and be happy!every single one of the Beatles beautiful songs do!Penny Lane is one that especially makes me LOVE the Beatles even more!

Penny Lane is In Our Ears and In Our Hearts | Reviewer: Dave | 9/6/07

What can I tell you about this song but that any way you can listen to it, do it. Because Penny Lane (and most all of the Beatles music) is simply embraceable. This one has all of that British verve that we cherish here on the other side of the Atlantic. Kinda makes you happy for hearing it. Penny Lane has been in my heart for 30+ years. So, by all means, enjoy it.

Penny Lane is In My Ears and In My Eyes | Reviewer: Dave | 9/6/07

Well, you know, Penny Lane is one of those positive, up tempo numbers that makes you want to walk straighter, taller, with more gusto in life. When you listen to it (especially the British version), there is so much verve and spirit that it's sort of impossible to be down for long. It makes you want to "twist and shout" and go to the music store and buy all the Beatles music you can. It makes you want to form your own band, tap your feet, and perform in concert. It puts a smile on your face that never goes away. So, oh yes, I'm a Beatles fan forever, for over 30 years now.

forever | Reviewer: natasha | 8/24/07

i want to hear it for the rest of my life, i named my daughter penny-layne, it will always be something special to the both of us

awesome | Reviewer: Ryan | 8/20/07

I love this song, really.
I've just heard the acapella group The Swingle Singers do a cover of this too. Pretty awesome arrangement. Listen to it if you chance upon it.

Amazing | Reviewer: Helen | 7/5/07

The Beatles are the greatest band in the entire history of music, Penny Lane is one in dozens and dozens of brilliant songs that this band put out over the years.

RIP George and John - you will always be legends!

g8! | Reviewer: Rachael | 6/14/07

so uplifting, i could listen to beatles all day!!!!!!!!!!!!

I LOVE THE BEATLES | Reviewer: David | 5/7/07

My neighbor Mr.Anthony, was the one to introduce me to this stuff. Like The Moody Blues, The Doobie Bros, Jefferson Air-plane, Johnny Rivers, Three Dog Night, and then finally, The Beatles, I have been a Beatle fan since 2005.