Past Masters indeed. | Reviewer: Slade | 9/11/13

I am a Beatles fan at heart. I've always loved them and always will. Paperback Writer is my favorite song ever! The Beatles were amazing. If anyone doesn't care for the Beatles, they obviously have never heard them.

Inspiration and music | Reviewer: Joy | 7/31/13

The music of the Beatles is inspired and comes from beyond the mind. If you seek truth, google truth contest and read the Present. It's all truth you can check with your own rational mind.

I finally am a paperback writer! | Reviewer: Alan Seeger | 2/13/13

I was seven years old when this song first came out. Just like everybody else, I wanted to be a rock star, but I also wanted to be a paperback writer. Now, more than four decades later, my first book, PINBALL, is out in paperback.

Now I can get back to trying to become a rock star.

Origin of Paperback Writer | Reviewer: Gareth Powell | 10/21/12

Some background. John Lennon and the rest of the Beatles were very friendly with a writer called Royston Ellis. He now lives in Sri Lanka. For the Publishing Company I was running in 1961 he wrote The Big Beat Scene. The Beatles saw it, liked it and wrote Paperback Writer which I still think is fabulous.

BEATLES= BEST BAND EVER! | Reviewer: A. Taylor | 4/23/12

(paul is not dead!)

Paperback Writer | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/19/11

Ah, the Beatles, will you ever grow old?

Obiviously not, considering that I was born 31 years after this was released. (1966, right?) It's still not out of the ordianry to see people randomly singing these masterpieces out loud, even those of my age, a testimony to their amazing work.

As the person below me said (although somehwhat less clearly), they are and were true musical geniuses whos music will hopefully grace many more generations to come.

i love them! | Reviewer: monica | 4/1/11

i love this song!really when people hear i LOVE them they see me like a weirdo(im 12)but i dont care,youve got to hide your love away anyways!hahaha a man named lear how creative,the 4 of them were and are geniouses,even john and george

Paperback Writer | Reviewer: MJMariani | 11/28/10

This is a masterpiece. When I was in the 8th grade, this song went to #1. Paperback Writer was a companion during a profoundly formative era of my life. Dear sir or madam?Would I take a look?
I love the Beatles, but I can't these lyrics out of my mind 46 years later.
The ly

Worst (or Best?) Query Letter of All Time | Reviewer: DublinWhistler | 6/23/10

Not only an excellent song melodically, but as a writer I have to say it hits close to home! It's what every amateur writer really wants to send to an editor (or agent) but also happens to be the true nightmare of all editors/agents.

More than once I have been sorely tempted to start my (eventual) novel query letter with these lyrics. Of course, it'd probably get me rejected out of hand, but it'd be worth a laugh!

music | Reviewer: | 6/17/10

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Just stating a fact | Reviewer: adela jaini | 6/5/10

To state a fact: the line "it could make a million for you overnight." is true.Writers earn millions from writing books if their works are
popular.They earn even more if their books are made into movies.

Great song from a great band. Beatles forever!!!

for my dim sis | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/30/10

I allways did not want to accept the Beatles when I was younger... / attempt to look forward -back through time - before (your own) a
birthday and you might percieve a slight peice
of my intellect... /+ Yes, I like the Beatles.. The Beatles were introduced many years before I was born (like many musicians).. The Beatles songs inspired many new music artists to create.. no favorites except I like Paperback Writer because of the "genius penmanship".. unlike some of "today's artists" -which are lacking... Every generation should listen to all the Beatles albums.. The song lyrics arn't quite displayed properly on the page(s) of this "OS" for many songs that I have searched on different albums.. not sure why..? 4 starsalltogetherrating

amazing | Reviewer: zed is dead | 9/4/09

It's not simply the music the beatles wrote that's amazing, after your ears have feasted on the music, you listen to or read the lyrics and get a magnificant dessert. They were/are the most prolific songwriters, perhaps of all time and their music is timeless. Kids today are still enthralled with their music. And the influence of their generation is still found in today's music. Awesome...

hate? | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/26/09

Nobody can hate the Beatles, seriously. You can dislike their music (which is too bad for the people who do), but that's personal taste.

I think they have good, great and less good songs. I really like this one, but it's not like "I AM LIKE CRYING OVER HERE'. Firstly, PW is not that kind of song, and second; why would you yell in a comment on the lyrics of a song. I won't be e-mailing you (although this was posted over a year ago), and no music should be in EVERY home. 'T smells a bit like communism.

But I do love the Beatles for their own music, AND for showing the better pop, rock and electronic music artists the way. Greatest band of all time imo.

Heard song but never really listened | Reviewer: Kilroy | 9/26/08

I grew up with the Beatles, and heard every song numerous times. I was listening to an ecclectic radio station yesterday and heard this song, and I realized it's been a couple of decades at least since I'd heard "Paperback Writer".

But, even though I was familiar with the tune, I realized after reading the lyrics I never really listened to this song. This is just another example of how Beatles' songs stand the test of time, and remain relevant (even in jest) to generation after generation. Afterall, who DOESN'T want to be a paperback writer?