my all time favorite | Reviewer: jim newlyn | 8/18/09

Regardless of it's history, this is by far my favourite Beatles tune - and the sequence in the 'Yellow Submarine' film is not bad either ;) Spent the last 15 years as a deep-house DJ trying to capture the feeling of this tune.... I'll let you know if I ever succeed.

Take that Alan Klein! | Reviewer: Nixon | 3/12/09

Based on what I've read, George had one more song to write to fulfill his contract with Northern Songs, their publishing company that by this point had come under the control of Alan Klein. They were at odds with Klein so George set out to write the worst song he could think up..."it doesn't really it's only a Northern song". Klein eventually got him back by purchasing the rights to He's So Fine and suing George.

two fingers to lennon and mcartney | Reviewer: chelsea dagger | 8/31/08

This song is as Harrison has explained referring both to the band's often-disrespected hometown of Liverpool (in northwest England), and to the Northern Songs publishing company.Northern Songs was Lennon and McCartney's publishing company, for who Harrison was, at the time,basically a writer-for-hire. The song is sometimes interpreted as a sarcastic jibe at Lennon and McCartney, mocking the overtly psychedelic lyrics and musical style they employed in many songs during this time and as a reaction to the dismissive attitude bandmates Lennon and McCartney held of Harrison's songwriting contributions.

Overlooked Progadelic Gem by George (RIP 11 29 01) | Reviewer: Snidley Whiplash | 11/29/07

Although Lennon and McCartney are rightly assured their top place in the rock composition hiearchy, ol' George was a quite able foil, as this priceless, intelligent gem from the "Magical Mystery Tour" soundtrack attests. Bravo, George! your work will definately continue to brighten our lives!