amazing... | Reviewer: classic forever | 2/16/09

Agreed. One of the greatest songs with its simple words and melody - its just amazing.

also whoever abbreviated the beatles as TB - lets not do that again as the usual word for TB is tuberculosis. thanks.

sex and the beatles... | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/5/09

I think having intercorse is fine while listening to the beatles. Not my personal choice, but I mean, have you really listened? They are completely inspired and motivated by love. And if your a beatles fan thats somethin you can't deny. The beatles songs should make you wanna love your girl or guy that very second.

Intercourse? | Reviewer: Lauren | 9/27/08

Haha, intercourse huh? You go ahead and have your intercourse to "Oh Darling". Don't get the wrong idea; I LOVE the Beatles, but this is NOT the kind of music that you're going to have any worthwhile sex to. The thrusts would be wayyyy too slow to be having any fun. :)

duh. | Reviewer: Sam. :) | 8/13/08

So anyone who's having sex to the beatles is disrespectful. The beatles are ment for your full attention. Who actually pays attention to music while sex? Not me dude. ):<
But I do agree, this is an amazing song. By the beatles, and by dana fuchs&martin luther macoy. :)
Without the beatles, there would be no life.

oh! darling... | Reviewer: Jenni | 1/14/08

How so simple lyrics can sound so good when Beatles are performing the song.
It may have simple lyrics, but it's still great.
Long Live TB!

lovelovelove | Reviewer: alyssa | 9/21/07

one of my favorite songs by them. unlike some of their songs, this actually makes sense :] its to the point & theres not much to the lyrics, but the beauty of the song shines when actually played.

One of the best..... | Reviewer: Skeezy Jackpot | 6/5/07

one of the best songs ive heard while having intercourse