The Beatles | Reviewer: Kitty | 8/5/13

I am reading the top to reviews trying not to scream. I am english but does that make me stupid, no!! At least I can write properly. The Beatles were four amazing peopleamd this song is a perfect example of an amazing song. So whoever is saying that The Beatles were stupid can shut up!!

intercourse to "oh darling" | Reviewer: 2pumpchump | 2/5/13

thatz great but what do we do now im all dun an still got abt 2 minnutz left of the song I uzeta like this song but hate it now cuz now shez just starin at me like wow that dint last to long fkn beetlez dint they make any shorter songz like maybe 30 secunz? text thoze fkrz n tell em shorter song get on it yo im wateing y everbody think there all that itz stupid there enlish so defanatly gay you no its true an not to smart ether ha ha

Innercourse to tha muzik? | Reviewer: Junior High | 2/11/13

wel not to sure abt all n her like tv wite noise better fa nockin boots..anyhow tha beetlez is like oldern my ol granpa, hes 31, there like 100 or not even amrican r they? so there gay, ovbiously...but I gess we could try the music innercoarse thing put it on n give me abt a minit........

:) | Reviewer: beatles4life | 9/27/12

I always thought this song was in the early days of the Beatles,but it was actually in the very last few albums they ever made. Brilliant song,very powerful. BEATLES ALL THE WAY. I love Paul,Nuff said.

About the music | Reviewer: jefecochise | 10/26/11

It is wonderful; one a those stick in your head quirky tunes that stays with you for days, bringing out the rock star in all of us, I love its changing tempo, and sliding scale which begs prsonality input from any vocalist. Of course I love the beatles as well as many other groups from the 50 s to prsent day, but few groups can say that they have impacted either culture or the music scene like the beatles. ROCK ON

Good guitar song | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/13/11

I also fell completely in love with this song the first time I heard it. I'm relatively new to guitar, and this is the third Beatles song I learned, and it's great because it works just fine on acoustic AND electric. You guys know how it is these days, there isn't much new music playable on acoustic aside from Taylor Swift, and no offense to her fans, but I'm not much of a Romeo and Juliet sort of person. Anyways, most of the Beatles songs are great on any guitar type, and this one is one of the most fun to play and sing.

Drip-Dry's review (hangin' out with the sheets) | Reviewer: john yoxtheimer | 12/20/10

I love this song. Paul kicks it out on this song. The Beatles were awesome for their versitility and ability to go wherever the era took them with a style and sense of fun, enlightenment, and love. All of the things that were current among the people and situations at the time pour out of their music.
Thank you for contributing to the soundtrack to my life!!! -Johnathan Y.-

the power of music | Reviewer: Rob Bruce | 12/14/10

All songs whether it's "Oh!Darling", or "Twist and Shout", or whatever your favourite song is have a different meaning to each individual listener. When your at a Hockey game or other sporting event and you stand and sing "Oh Canada" with 19,000 fellow countrymen and women you can feel the powerful emotion eminating from those voices, because you are showing your pride for your Country.
Music(whatever genre you listen to)can bring out powerful emotions in the listener. The Beatles gave us so many great songs, and this was just one of them.

Oh, believe me, darlin' | Reviewer: Jess | 10/26/10

I adore this song. I love it to pieces.

The only way I could associate it with sex is when Paul's voice gets all wild, but that's just a personal thing. ;)

It's not about sex, come on. It's about loving someone so much that you don't want them to leave. Hence, "oh, darling, if you leave me, I'll never make it alone".

Gorgeous song.

amazing song loved by incompetent people! | Reviewer: victoria | 9/23/10

This song has nothing to do with sex. He's telling his darling to not leave him and how he will do everything to make her happy. And talking about thrusts? you're ridiculous! you can have slow sex with that beat. The lyrics in general have nothing to do with sex. If you listen to this song for pleasure rather then theory then you're an embarrassment to call a fan of the Beatles.

halo | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/8/10

.... ya'll bunch of idiots i swear. its a beautiful song but there are other great works. sure you can listen to it when having sex but come on... when i listen to this song it reminds me alot about the past... that and me playing certin violent games with this song stuck in my head.... so i am not much from the point to but. if you like the beatles. listen. if you dont. go listen to what you like.... unless its that freaking prissy kissy boy beiber... i think thats how you spell it.

bahaha. | Reviewer: Maddison | 3/2/10

Intercourse :P
Funneh ishh manee, well, all i have to say, is i fell in love with this song, immediately when i heard the first word. Oh. Haaaaa, i know righttt? But this song is on my top 5 favorites, imuh sing it when i go try our for amrerican idol babbyy <3 ;D

<3 | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/27/09

I do love The Beatles with a ridiculous passion, but it'd be awesome if some of you would do your research and remember that Paul and John were heavily inspired by Buddy Holly and other acts in their early years. The Beatles weren't born original ;)

What matters is music | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/21/09

I hope that everybody understands that sex is not relevant to this song. I mean, who gets turned on by this song huh??? Probably somebody who gets turned on by watching at water pipes o_O



a very unique beatles song | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/10/09

when i think about the beatles, the first thing that comes to mind is harmony. i'd go so far to say that they based a lot of their later material on their vocal harmonies, and venture further to say that they pretty much taught me what three part harmony was.

with oh! darling, you get this classic-rock groove; solo vocals, great solo guitar, consistent bass line – here's a pop-rock audition piece if you ever needed one. you'd be surprised how far you can take this song both a cappella and in more electro-oriented covers.

in fact, a friend of mine thought he'd audition for USA's american idol with this song... best of luck, i suppose. it's challenging a cappella for audition purposes unless you have a really great sense of pitch... mkay, straying off subject – sorry. lol

what a great song. agreeing with reviewer "sam. :)": without the beatles, there would be no life.