i love playing this cheerful song | Reviewer: nour | 12/15/09

this song is of paramount significance ....it depicts a relationship and a life cycle ...a walk of life...it makes me think of a simple happy life ....i just love to sing it and play it on my guitar ..everyone enjoys it

daddys song | Reviewer: alyssa | 11/11/09

Alright from the time I can remember my daddy sang is to sleeo every night and this was my favorite song for him to sing to me . He passed away this Julyof cancer and I had his 2 nd grand son in September . We named him after his grand daddy and I had to get to know this song so I can sing it to the baby !! I honestly forgot some of the words but I found this site really helpful !! Thanks !!

yo | Reviewer: monika | 3/26/08

i absolutely love this song with all my heart. i listen to it for enjoyment and for a reminder that "LIFE GOES ON BRAH!" because in all reality, it really does!

this song helps me through my bad days and it makes me smile, dance, and sing. i love it :]

the beatles are my inspiration and always will be! i love them all <3

Love | Reviewer: Ringo Star Lover | 2/24/08

If you love this song, then you will love all their other stuff. Honestly, I think there is nothing better than the Beatles! KEEP ROCKING PAUL AND RINGO!!!!!!
RIP John Lennon, you are an inspiration. I love you. RIP George Harrison, You were a great person. I know the sun is still coming when I think of you.

TRUE meaning | Reviewer: Prince Rudy | 12/26/07

The light-hearted lyrics tell and retell the story of a couple named Desmond and Molly; the simple, upbeat lyrics are often punctuated by laughter, shouts, and sounds that accompany the lyrics in the background. The second time that the story is retold, the names are switched around in certain places. McCartney described the switch as a slip of the tongue; he decided to keep it in because none of the other Beatles wanted to run through the song again. Also, the first time the line "lets the children lend a hand" is sung, it is possible to hear two Beatles in the background saying "arm" and then "leg" instead of "hand". The second time it is sung, you can hear "foot". Longtime Beatles associate Pete Shotton, who was present at the session, confirmed Paul's statement that the switch-up was accidental in his memoir The Beatles, Lennon and Me.

The song was a conscious homage to the emerging reggae movement (lyrical reference: "life goes on, brah"), possibly related to the growing Jamaican population in Britain, although it is heavily blended with honky tonk. Aside from the syncopated beat, the song also employed metre schemes and devices not used in the Beatles' previous works and demonstrated the group's highly experimental nature at the time of its recording.

The unique piano introduction to the song was a happy accident created by John Lennon. As recounted by Richard Lush, on the fourth night of recording the song Lennon came to the studio under the influence and proceeded to "smash the keys with an almighty amount of volume, twice the speed of how the'd done it before." In the end, this was the version that was used on the final recording.

The character of Desmond is a reference to ska and reggae legend Desmond Dekker.[

Nigerian musician/singer Jimmy Scott later claimed that the phrase "Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da" was originally his; Scott sued McCartney for compensation for using the phrase in the lyrics and as the title of the song. According to McCartney, "Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da" merely was a common saying of the Yoruba tribe, and Scott had simply taught the saying to McCartney. It reportedly means "Life goes on", words which are also heard in the song. The case was settled out of court.

This song was part of the list of songs deemed inappropriate by Clear Channel following the September 11, 2001 attacks, presumably because of the "life goes on" part.

.........Prince Rudy

relax | Reviewer: danny | 12/4/07

just ignore the meaning and listen to the words take them in and enjoy the song that is why they wrote the music so people would enjoy it yeah it has hidden meaning so what if u rather find out that meaning instead of enjoying it then go right ahead im not gonna stop u

Oh Bliedh | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/29/07

Joyous, Cherful, and Happy
is the translation for Bliedh I find it fitting to the song.
and quite smart on the part of the Beatles to say.....
Ob-la-Da rather then the latter.

About the Gender Switch | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/17/07

Everybody should know that it has no real meaning. Paul just messed up the names of Desmond and Molly in the last verse and the others didn't want to do another take, so they just left it.

Reality | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/11/07

After many years of molly busting his balls he finally caved in, thus "He does his pretty face" he turned gay. Face it people. People change, he's a tranny now....

Future? | Reviewer: Gabe | 11/1/07

I think at the end when the gender reverse is put into play it may have some references to the switch in roles as the bread bringer, stay at home dad kinda thing? That or they just did too many pills to stay awake to record, either or I love their music, and love this song.

Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/28/07

i heard that on street when i'am way back home after school.since then, i've gained confidense & learned to sing just because of that great song.
what a mystery behind..

I've just seen a face I can't forget the time or place where we just met.... | Reviewer: Lucie In The Sky With Diamonds | 10/27/07

Look, the song doesn't have to make sense to you. All it really is about these two lovers and their lives... It's really not all that hard to figure out... Or maybe they were high... they did that a lot..
Farewell my friends, this is the end, adieu, adieu, adieu.

FYI | Reviewer: I AM NOT TELLING YOU MY NAME!!! | 10/29/07

This song wasn't written by The Beatles. It was written when there were many conflicts in the group, and they didn't collaborate on their songs anymore. Ob-La-Di Ob-La-Da was written by Paul McCartney only .

P.S. I'm ten years old.

Ob-la-di Ob-la-da, life goes on.... | Reviewer: Julia | 10/22/07

It surprises me that people CAN'T understand this song. It makes perfect sense, when one takes a little bit of time to actually listen to the lyrics and the meaning behind them.

Its the perfect love song, I can't believe that anyone would insult The Beatles so.

Gawd. | Reviewer: Shanti Hall | 10/12/07

you people trying to make sence out of a song THE BEATLES wrote!!some people need lives. lawl. people have been trying to make sence of it for YEARS and if you think you can more power to ya. but it's NOT going to happen. sorry. Please go do something usefull with your life. ok? ;;>____>