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Performed by The Beatles

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Aspercer syndrome | Reviewer: Renee | 9/23/11

This song, for me, represents my brother who has aspercer syndrome. All most all the lyrics apply to him and represent him. He lives in his own little world most the time, even though he is a genious, he just does his computer games and that is about it for his life.

No Where Man Lyrics | Reviewer: Will | 7/19/11

This song was brought to my opinion by my father who, to me, mysteriously thumbed up this Beatles song (amongst others). To this day I do not know why he liked this song. My father died in 2009, (strange to express one's father's demise in dates). Maybe my mom can shed a light on the matter.

Nowhere Man | Reviewer: Joe Clark | 4/15/11

I always thought that this song was not about a person per`se but about people who just conformed, this was a common critique during the 50's & 60's.

Maybe it's just me, but whenever I listen to this song, I think of Richard Nixon.

Paul | Reviewer: Jess | 4/12/11

This song is actually written (mostly) about Paul. There is a fairly well-known quote wherein Paul admits that John told him that this song was written about him, because Paul assumed that John had written about it himself. Of course there are influences from other areas but overall the song is about Paul and the way he was during this time period.

MSM | Reviewer: sifi | 3/29/11

Stubborn | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/15/11
"Basically he's saying that everyone just listens to what they believe in and just says what people tell him to " cough fox news cough cough". It's true why do you think it's like impossible to change someone's opinion."

Cough MainStreamMedia Cough Cough! The ones that gave us and still support the real Nowhere man Obama.

"Basically he's saying that everyone just listens to what they believe in and just says what people tell him to"

Stubborn | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/15/11

Basically he's saying that everyone just listens to what they believe in and just says what people tell him to " cough fox news cough cough". It's true why do you think it's like impossible to change someone's opinion.

John Lennon | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/15/11

I feel that it was a biography about John in his younger years before he became part of the Beatles. If you were to watch the movie Nowhere Boy, you would notice plenty of similarities between the film and the lyrics to the song. It has been said that many of the songs are experiences in life that the writer had received. This could have been one for John.

Existential depression | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/27/11

In my opinion this song is typically about existential depression. I don't agree with those who say "it's about losers who believe the adverts, watch TV all day long and take their opinions from the Sun". It's just about having lost a sense of transcendence, having nothing to believe in and thus feeling completely lost in the world without any purpose or opinion, not because you don't care, just because everything seems equal and you don't trust any real, concrete value anymore to build a hierarchy on. Actually people who to fall into existential depression tend to think too much.

Gobsmacked | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/24/11

i have heard this song many times but didnt understand the lyrics .. having seen and heard them in full .. i understand this is a very deep and meaningfull song. and the lyrics account for a majority of people alive today. i know it has real meaning as it brought tears to my eyes..

True Convictions | Reviewer: Roberto | 12/4/10

The lyrics in this song are awesome. Sadly, there are too many men and women today without true convictions. Without convictions, you have no commitments, values or motivations. Convictions determine our behavior, as well as motivate us to act in undoubtful ways.

Nowhere Man | Reviewer: PTMR | 12/1/10

I disagree with the reviewer who says Nowhere man is not really about anything. The point is, there's a bit of the eponymous song character in each of us, "isn't he a bit like you and me" is difficult to refute. Moreover, Lennon's song is a terrific accompaniment to Kafka's The Metamorphosis and Beckett's Waiting for Godot, as well as many other works of literature in which characters sit around dreaming big plans but ultimately doing nothing to better their lives. The string runs all the way from Miniver Cheevey through Napoleon Dynamite's Uncle Rico. We all know the sort of character who blames some person or aspect of their past for their present situation and thinks things could be much better, if...

James | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/28/10

The song has no "deep" meaning, I think John just needed to come up with a song, like you and I needing to go to work and produce something, only he was under contract. In John's words, "The song came out in one gulp." It's meaning is facially evident.

Dystopia or Utopia? | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/30/10

this song is all about how this man doesnt have a care in the world, but why should he? some may disagree, but i beleive he is living in a Utopia not a dystopia because he seems to like the way things are going, even though it is going down.

It's About... | Reviewer: Another Reviewer | 8/9/10

This song isn't, as some may have suggested, about making a change in the world. In fact, it's about making a change in YOURSELF. It's talking about how you need to go and experience real life before there's nothing left for you except your own "Nowhere Land".

Fooling around in Liverpool as soon as i was 50. | Reviewer: Mauricio | 5/4/10

at the age of 50 i was fooling around in liverpool with friends. We drunk a lot of beer and went to cavern to spent a night together. i live in sao paulo and it was great. All the time they had asked me "are u having good time" Ah how i missed those moments. when i was back to london to go back Brazil i could read a big message at Bayswater underground station. DONT BE A NOWHERE MAN. As long as i live I will love this song.

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