Dystopia or Utopia? | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/30/10

this song is all about how this man doesnt have a care in the world, but why should he? some may disagree, but i beleive he is living in a Utopia not a dystopia because he seems to like the way things are going, even though it is going down.

It's About... | Reviewer: Another Reviewer | 8/9/10

This song isn't, as some may have suggested, about making a change in the world. In fact, it's about making a change in YOURSELF. It's talking about how you need to go and experience real life before there's nothing left for you except your own "Nowhere Land".

Fooling around in Liverpool as soon as i was 50. | Reviewer: Mauricio | 5/4/10

at the age of 50 i was fooling around in liverpool with friends. We drunk a lot of beer and went to cavern to spent a night together. i live in sao paulo and it was great. All the time they had asked me "are u having good time" Ah how i missed those moments. when i was back to london to go back Brazil i could read a big message at Bayswater underground station. DONT BE A NOWHERE MAN. As long as i live I will love this song.

My thoughts | Reviewer: Björgvin | 4/29/10

Ankur: i review it as sarcasm, those lines you mentioned, take your time and all that because he´s been singing about negative things about this nowhere man, "he´s as blind as he can be" and such. I think it´s a call for a change, that people should start to get off their asses and make a difference but that´s just my two cents :) Great lyrics!

Get a life | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/30/10

It reminds me of a period i went through , smoking hash and living into a fake world , the nowhere world ,Making the nowhere plans , hehe ... Actually this " nowherity " exists into everybody in different forms , try to shrink your nowherity as much as you can guys , Live the life as it is , have Real plans just to feel ur existence in life

got it wrong !! | Reviewer: ankur | 3/28/10

read a few of ur reviews and it seems many of u mistake this one for a song that intends to change the world or sumthin... what i think is that the song's part of the hippie culture that was abt reluctancy and being cool abt evrything ... yeah everything ... so "nowhere man no hurry ... take ur time dont worry ... leave it all till somebody else lends u a hand ..." says all of it :)

A thought | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/12/09

I just watched imagine that and heard this song. It feels like a calling to make change, in our personal lives and in the world. Nowhere land is the land of status quo of consuming blissfully ignorant of those who are starving everwhere. Nowhere man needs to help.

being incapable | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/13/09

The song to me tlks about the incapacity of us all to take our life in our own hands and making peronal plans instead of "plans for nobody". He is a "real" nowhere man. He is a real man who simply does not know where he belongs. He does not even know himself and his potential! I believe this is a strong invite to everybody totake life in our own hands: making plans and living them all, stand up and create something instead of sitting there and being "nobody". A very deep and wise song!

nowhere existence | Reviewer: izzy | 11/3/09

The words are presumptuous, IMO. I understood what he was really saying was that we do not know what is going to happen, that life is futile, and man/woman can do whatever the hell they want because we do not know if God exists, so we can be good or bad..whatever works. We can exist without having a conscience, because no matter how far we seem to advance, we are still in darkness. We know nothing of why we exist

Jinty | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/29/09

Have always loved this song. Little did I know back in the sixties that it would mean so much to me later in life. I have a son who is Autistic and the
words remind me so much of him He's a real Nowhere Man sitting in his Nowhere Land (own little world) isn't he a bit like you and me. We all have a touch of it in us.

anonymous | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/21/09

I was 13 when the Beatles exploded; one of my uncles, who was a pseudo-intellectual pompous ass, said to me when I was playing "Revolver" on the stereo (in 1966!) "This stuff will be forgotten in 30 years." My father astonished me by replying, "You are wrong -- this will be around forever -- their music has the vitality of Gilbert and Sullivan or Richard Rogers."
How right he was! When the movie came out two friends and I saw it and I was wounded deeply when one of them said Jeremy reminded him of me! :) As with all their songs, brilliant infectious melody and compassionate lyrics make for a universal message that all can understand and empathise with.

the four greatest from liverpool | Reviewer: moises cardoso | 6/16/09

it needleess to say and talk about their fame all over the world but,i would like appoint something about them: their songs,music,and above all their musical heritage will never die. i will listen to them till the last day of my life .i take them in my blood,my thoughts , my daily life.¿what more can i say ?

Luv it | Reviewer: Rocky | 6/14/09

I just saw imagine that, the movie and they sung this song. So of coarse me being like one of the biggest beatke fans of my age I was on the verge of tears because this song is the meaning of life because we all fell alone in our nowhere lands.

Excelent song | Reviewer: Nowhere Man | 5/16/09

One of my favourites from the Beatles, really love it. It's so simple and interesting as well,for me it doesn't represent the majority of people who's just ignorant and retard, it represents someone whos just different and doesn't care about shit.
My 2 cents.

inspirational song | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/14/09

this songs reminds me of my younger days with friends,all of us no work yet,just bidding our time in our troop's house drinking beers and dreaming for the future.we will sing this song and laugh to ourselves as we were really nowhere,but in our minds and hearts we don't want to be nowhere man the Beatles are discussing about in this song.The Beatles had somehow drived us to make our lives better,and this song will remain to be the songs of our youth.great song..thanks for the music..Beatles forever..myra of philippines