Oh, Wow, Man! | Reviewer: Moby Johnson | 2/9/09

This is a song about seeing the losers all around you for what they are and you aren't and strive not to be! On the Whole, I'd rather listen to the music! What a turn around with the lyrics! What a great production value for the recording! I am thoroughly pleased with the vocal harmonies! And, I might add, it reminds me of a wonderful, mystical, quizzical time in my own life -- junior high! (Not a put-down!)

I'm Hungry | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/1/08

It is an endless hunger that I want to do more, to be more than I am. I want to fulfill my potential. But it is not happening and I am becoming depressed. There have been flashes of brilliance in my life and work, but not for quite a while now. I fear I am becoming a nowhere man.

Pleasure's waves and sadness's drops | Reviewer: Tailor George | 10/26/08

The first reaction was ''oh another great song of Beatles'' The next feeling was an endless hate for ''the nowhere man'' because I saw myself there and I know the admission

great song | Reviewer: mayang | 7/17/08

this is such a great song esp for all the youth to hear...it's a life changing song if we just think it more seriously,we can all relate to this song and if we don;t do something beter in our lives then we will reallybe a nowhere man. great song by the greatest band.i luv the beatles

The nothing/nobody song | Reviewer: Gordon | 1/9/08

We all know someone who is a Nowhere Man. He is a security guard, or shop worker, or labourer. He doesn't know who the Prime Minister of Canada or Britain is, he thinks Clinton is still President of the US and he takes his opinions from the Sun newspaper. His idea of entertainment is Big Brother, or Britney Spears, as he likes admiring halfwits with limited talent. He believes what TV advertisements tell him.

When Lennon and McCartney wrote this song, apart from the fact that it is a beautifully constructed number with subtle chord changes, harmonies and twangy guitar sounds, they were taking a dig at the people of their home town and the background they came from - the typical scouse who is only interested in who wins the Liverpool/Everton match, which brand of trainers to nick from the local Woolworths and thinks of job status as becoming a supervisor at MacDonalds.

If you think that YOUR life is going nowhere fast, listen carefully to this song and start changing before YOU become the Nowhere Man

beatles fan 4 life | Reviewer: Eric Shaw | 11/29/07

the beatles ARE the best band ever!
there songs are simple and kechy..i mean how can u beat paper back writer or across the univers!
rite now im just trying to find out wen "the mamas and the papas" did there version of nowhere man..it stinks that these awsome bands arnt popular any more...the 60s theme is comeing back soon, every one is geting tierd of war and i believ people are starting to take the envirnment sereusly..the new generation of youth will remake the great songs by "Donovan" "jefferson airplane" the "Byrds" "the mamas and the papas" and of corse "the Beatles"!!

"why cant we give peace a chance"-John Lennon

A Hat | Reviewer: Goerge Bush | 11/13/07

A hat is something that people wear on there head.In most casses a hat is worn to protect yourself from the suns uv rays of light from burning you.

P.s Nowhere man is a good song.

sad | Reviewer: margie | 10/25/07

I like the song but I can't love it because its a sad song of depression. I guess theres lots of ways to perceive this song I see it in me and I can see it in everyone thats what makes this a hit because they can see it in themselves as well.

*(onnie* (onformer | Reviewer: connie conformer | 10/20/07

poor poor jeremy, hilary, mr boob, ph.d. if this confuses you, you need to watch yellow saubmerine

band | Reviewer: andy | 9/12/07

We're going to sing that song in our band. We all admire THE BEATLES and their way of putting songs together and singing them... I love especially their choice of different chords- nearly every song sounds different and they did a lot of experimenting with sounds and instruments! For me they are the greatest group ever!!

james insulina | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/24/07

the beatles were, are and they will be the greatest group in the history of mankind...MUERE CAUSITA

That is a song! | Reviewer: Terry | 5/28/07

That's waht made the Beatles who they were: lyrics that went beyond anything in pop music. Of course, their accents helped in tht US, and the staged screaming created media hype, but they really did write and sing good music. They were the first group I ever heard of who wrote all their own music. That rocked!

Beautiful | Reviewer: Allison | 5/6/07

I have always loved the beatles!!:-) They are the best. I love this song.

NICE!!! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/26/07

i realy enjoyed of this beautiful song and its lyric
it realy near to our lives!!!

I really like the no were man song | Reviewer: Harshil | 6/14/06

Hey! I really like the song its very nice & cool i Just love it we are learning to sing the song in music in my school in the U.K!!!!

BYe! from=HaRsHiL