metaphor | Reviewer: Scott | 5/12/07

perhaps if bath was not a metaphor for her, then it would certainly explain the last line.
"so, i lit a fire"
If 'the bird had flown' and he was unsuccessful the night before (obviously, he sat on the rug when there was a bed and then slept in the bath), 'lighting a fire' would seem a most likely scenario. Guys will get me on this one. =P

interpretation | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/10/07

I believe in fact it could be about the loss of his virginity. "I told her I didn't and crawled off to sleep in the bath"....could this "bath" not be a metaphor for her?

good | Reviewer: frankie-dee | 4/11/07

i love this song so much but theres 1 problem its bout lennon loosin his verginerty.
so y did he fall asleep in the bath..?
but apart frm that it is class ma best best friend is lennons idle and he sings it 2 me all the time i think im love with it write bk thanks

Norwegian Wood | Reviewer: Hong | 11/13/06

I want to receive the word of that song. Thanks!