Much simpler | Reviewer: Ben | 1/12/09

Norwegian wood = knowing she would.

First: correction 'had' should be 'wanted' in the first line.
The song is about a time he teased a girl who wanted to have him. She asked him to sit "anywhere" but there wasn't a chair. So obviously she wanted him to sit on the bed. He instead, being coy, sat on the floor. They talked until 2 and then she asked to sleep with him by saying "time for bed". She laughed when she said she had to work tomorrow because she couldn't believe she was going to sacrifice more sleep so she could have the author. But her plans are foiled when he decides he shouldn't (maybe he's in another relationship) so he goes to sleep in the tub. In the morning, she's gone so he lights up a blunt and smugly thinks to himself: isn't it good, knowing she would

My Meaning | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/6/09

I think the writer was invited by a girl to her apartment, which he knew wud happen. She ask him to sit any where. There was no chair so he sat on a rug. The drank and talk til 2am and the girl wanted to go to bed. So They both went to bed. The girl wakes up in da midle of her sleep because of disturbance like snoring by the guy. He denies it and slept in the bath tub. When he woke up, the girl was gone. Probably for work. The guy was feeling cold after spending the night in a tub. He the light a fire in the fire place feeling happy that the girl turned out to be an easy girl as he thought.

Knowing she would | Reviewer: ra | 12/30/08

Replace Norwegian wood for "Knowing she would". The record company thought 'knowing she would' was too suggestive, and wouldn't allow it, so Lennon wittingly replaced it for Norwegian wood. This is what my music prof taught us and it makes a lot more sense then lennon putting a girl's house on fire cause she wasn't having it.

I belive there are flaws here | Reviewer: Michael | 12/17/08

the first part is not "I once had...she once had..."
I belive its "I wanted...she wanted..." and there is a mix up in the third verse...its "I sat on a rug, Biding my time, drinking her wine".
and the sleep in the bath part, is an expression of you shouldn't sleep in your bed cause then she'll know were you are if she wants revenge

First things's a Lennon song | Reviewer: Michael | 12/17/08

The song is written by Lennon about an afair that he had behind his wifes back at the time.
it's quite simply a love song very made abstract sothat he wouldent get caught by his wife, he admitted this in a late interview....

Beatles history | Reviewer: Ljensen | 12/6/08

Norwegin wood was actualy pine siding that the british government introduced because it was cheaper then what people were using before. So paul went home with this girl because he thought he was going to get some but she ended up just being a tease, and told him that he had to sleep in the bath tub. So when she was gone to work the next day he set her house on fire. Hence "And when I awoke, I was alone, this bird had flown. So I lit a fire, isn't it good, norwegian wood." The the real story.

My oh My, how sick! | Reviewer: jovialgeorge | 12/4/08

I am endlessly amazed by people's ability to distort and pervert. It's a beautiful song. What all the crap about boners and arson? Cripes, they probably think that "let it be" is about incest and crack.

by the way | Reviewer: dave | 11/26/08

by the way the thing i think is so beautiful about the song is that its completely sinister yet sounds so innocent and beautiful. it shows that people are capable of so many different emotions and that they are all within an experience away. its ironic, tragic and comical.

my meaning | Reviewer: dave | 11/25/08

i think its the burned down the house meaning personally.

the song starts by saying she is in control of the relationship not him. then he says she invites him over, they drink but he is nervous (biding his time). then she says 'sorry youre not getting any' she goes bed and laughs about it. she doesnt even let him share the bed. so in the morning when he wakes up, she is gone and he realizes that he's never gonna get her so he burns down her house in a jealous devilish act of revenge- lighting up the thing she bragged about- her good norwegian wood.

thats just how i see it.

Song Meaning | Reviewer: krome | 11/19/08

I once had a girl, or should I say, she once had me...She showed me her room, isn't it good, norwegian wood? (sounds to me like they did consumate the night, replace norwegian wood with "i knew she would")
I sat on a rug, drinking her wine, biting my time, We talked until two and then she said, "It's time for bed" (it's time for bed, i figured they talked till 2 and then finally went "to bed")

She told me she worked in the morning and started to laugh.I told her I didn't and crawled off to sleep in the bath (after they consumated it, (at this point both were high and drunk hence the laughing) she went to bed and he went to sleep in the bath (being he's drunk and high)

And when I awoke, I was alone, this bird had flown. So I lit a fire, isn't it good, norwegian wood. (he woke up and she was gone so he fired one up, wasn't she good, he knew she would be. again replace Norwegian wood with I knew she would)..........that's my interpretation of the song

The Meaning | Reviewer: Amy | 11/18/08

The lyrics of the song sketch an encounter between the singer and an unnamed girl. They drink wine in her room and talk into the night. However, at 2 A.M. the unnamed girl ceases their flirtation, which the speaker may have been hoping to end in consummation, declaring "it's time for bed", leaving him to crawl off to "sleep in the bath" alone.

"Norwegian Wood" refers to the cheap pinewood that often finished the interiors of working class British flats. The last verse states that the singer lights a fire, the implication being that the singer in fact sets fire to the girl's flat, presumably as revenge for not sleeping with the singer.

McCartney himself states the final line of the song indicates that the singer burned the home of the girl.

I Knew She Would | Reviewer: Dallas | 10/24/08

A rumor is the actual lyric for Norwegian Wood is "I knew she would." As some only else said, the record company thought it was to taboo for that time. So Lennon thought of Norwegian Wood which sounds similar to "I Knew She Would."

This is what I've heard, not sure how true though. You can decide that one.

real reason | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/16/08

this song is about a girl who he likes, but they had to chage the lyrics because the record company thought they where too taboo for the time, and the first thing he thought of was norwegian wood, it had nothing to do with boners

NW: the real interpretation | Reviewer: duardito | 10/9/08

So... the girl was clearly scandinavian, he was very excited by her (norwegian wood) and thought he could score some. It didn't happen, so, upon waking up, he did the right thing, and released all tension (i.e. eased his "norwegian wood(y)", which he'd sprung again in the morning).

You're welcome.


NW: the real interpretation | Reviewer: duardito | 10/9/08

The girl was clearly scandinvian, he was very excited by her (norwegian wood) and thought he could score some. It didn't happen, so, upon waking up, he did the right thing, and released all tension (i.e. eased his "norwegian wood(y)", which he'd sprung again in the morning).

You're welcome.