its very simple | Reviewer: john | 6/28/07

john lennon isnt a poet he is a very good songwriter, usually what he writes is what he means there isnt any hidden is what he says it is.she was being sarcastic when she said that she had work " time to go to bed".the bath is not a metaphor."bird" is english slang for girl!!!!

HAHAHA u sadistic loonies!! | Reviewer: HAHAHHAHA | 6/25/07

This song was written when John Lennon was having an affair and he did not want his wife Cynthis to know about it when she heard the song. So he wrote about his experiences but kinda put a smokescreen over it. The first line: "I once had a girl, or should I say, she once had me" means that Lennon felt that his wife Cynthia had tricked him into marring him. Thus, Lennon is talking about meeting this girl whose flat was decorated w/ Norwegian Wood (which is cheap pine) and he stays up all night with her talking and drinking her wine. when he wants to...ya' know....she tells him that she can't b/c she has to work in the morning and he tells her that he doesn' he is then sent or elects to sleep in the bath. When he wakes up and realizes that "this bird had flown" (bird is british slang for an unknown girl) he is mad b/c he didnt sleep w/ her so he sets fire to her appartment and concludes with the snide remark: "Norwegian Wood...Isn't it good?" look it up on wikipedia you ninnys...."losing his virginity....are you kidding?? trying to make it more complicated than it is. PS- read the lyrics and then take a deep breath and think.

they never had sex. | Reviewer: elliott | 6/23/07

"had" does not necessarily mean "had sex with".
when john says he had a girl, he means "i was with this girl, and she totally wanted me."
when he says that she, in fact, had him, he means "i would've done anything to get in this girl's pants, but as you'll find out, she did me wrong and i never thought she would have."

one of my buddies' interpretation was that the girl was a lesbian and john didn't know it at first.
i don't think it really fits, but hey, he could be right.

Different Norwegian Wood | Reviewer: sonia | 6/20/07

I think you can find a brand new sense when reading Norwegian Wood written by Murakami. It's good to combine this stuffs.

Alternate Interpretations | Reviewer: Chuck | 6/20/07

Lennon was a master of double entendre where a simple literal explanation could hold off the critics while painting much edgier stories. Many of the phrases in Norwegian Wood are rich with sexual connotation about having a girl…or she having him. The act of drinking wine can be though of by some as drinking in all of the sexual pleasures of a relationship…after all it was her wine to be enjoyed. The sensual experience of the scent of pine may link the whole experience together. Wood has also been commonly used as a metaphor for an erection…so when she invites him ‘in’ and comments that its ‘good Norwegian wood’ we may pick up a more satisfied instead of empty relationship. Similarly, at the end of the song when he finds himself alone the next morning he may have awakened with ‘a woody’ and sweet memories of the prior night. Lighting a fire is also a common metaphor for sexual excitement (come on baby light my fire). Thus it is possible that he enjoyed the memories of the night with some morning masturbation as opposed to committing arson. I can’t say this is what was intended with the song, but so many songs carry this kind of double message that I can’t help but believe this is part of the artistic genius that made so much great music.

The real lyrics | Reviewer: Brenio | 6/15/07

Norwegian Wood is just a rhyming slang for " I Knew She Would" as Lennon Was unable to publish the original lyrics with " I knew she Would " so he changed them to Norwegian Wood. If You sing the song with the original lyrics it makes alot more sense

about the song | Reviewer: francesco | 6/11/07

it talks about a flirt that lennon have had with a journalist during his first marriage....all happened in swiss and maybe the habitat remember lenno norwegian wood

Norwegian Wood | Reviewer: portemente | 6/7/07

Ha, Mikhail..calm thyself.
The song itself a complete beauty, like all of the Beatles compositions. I dont know, I get a sense of irony, I am unsure if he slept with her or not. His tale to tell, I suppose. Take it or leave it..ha, its been left.

My god... | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/6/07

Don't you realize "norwegian wood" is a metaphor for drugs?? Jeez man...........

re: Norwegian Wood | Reviewer: Jason | 6/6/07

Norwegian Wood refers to the cheap pine you would see in a lot of British flats in those days (as McCartney himself put it, "Cheap Pine" isn't much of a title, is it?)

and it is about a girl not sleeping with this guy, so he burns down her apartment.

Review about Norwegian Wood | Reviewer: Mikhail | 6/4/07

you all are pervs!!!!! why do you think of lennon loosing his virginity you have serious problems it was on 60`s to see a rock band singin lyrics about that in that time was almos ilegal and i say almost!!!

Norwegian wood lyrics | Reviewer: Le Phuong | 6/3/07

I'm a Vietnamese and reading Norwegian wood. Can any one share with me the feeling when reading this book.

Norwegian Wood a hidden gem | Reviewer: Jimmy | 6/3/07

I once had a girl, or should I say, she once had me.... in other words he had her ... but had means take on or con the girl "had him"

Also Norwegian wood ???? why the question mark? the wood an erection maybe??

It was time for bed.. they did it It was in the morning that she says she has to work..... then he not having to work bathed.

Then the dream ends..... "And when I awoke!!!" and he lights a fire not the house to warm himslef in the real morning that has now dawned.

This ROCKS! | Reviewer: Antoinette | 5/30/07

John Lennon is a very good musician and this song proves it.This is also really good because it's one of his first full story songs.This is about a boy who goes to a girls house,he wants to (you know) and she dosen't want to so she lets him go sleep on his own then when he wakes up she's gone he's mad so he burns her house.IT'S COMMON SENSE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!JUST LISTEN TO THE LYRICS!!!Anyway great song!

what it means | Reviewer: benk240 | 5/14/07

the song is about a girl who he met and she told him to come into her house and when he did she commented on the fact that it was norwegian wood (which is good). She gets him thinking she wants him after they've been up all night and talking. She tells him, it's time to go to bed, and he's thinking this is it. Then, she says she has to work, and laughs (this means she said it sarcastically, in reality they both knew it was a lie and now they see she's a tease. He admits that he doesn't have to, meaning he wanted her, and then goes to sleep alone. When he wakes up she's gone and he's pissed. So he burns down her house made of norwegian wood (isn't it good;)