My song | Reviewer: Michelle | 5/18/14

Just played this song for my autistic 4 year old granddaughter who is learning to say my name. I remember being teased with Michelle, ma belle, in school, but I always said, "who wrote a song about you" & don't you know you are calling me a beauty?" That shut them up.
Thank you Beatles.

Sandra Rita Dogali White | Reviewer: Michelle | 1/18/14

My mother was a full blooded Italian beautiful women but she love the french language and spoke in fluently to us when we were children along with many other languages. She named me Michelle Antoinette for the love of the french language and as far as I can remember anytime I was scared or frighten or just because the sun was shinning she sung this song to me completely in french. As I got older I didn't care for this song as most people just made fun at my name with it but now that I lost my beloved mother to brain cancer I just realized how much this song means to me. She did sing it one last time before she passed and when I am feeling down and wish she was here to make things better or just simply missing her I just play this song and my tears turn into a smile.

My surname | Reviewer: Renee Michiel | 1/8/14

My last name is Michiel (Belgium spelling) which is pronounced Meeshell. My dad used to sing this song to my sisters and I all the time. He died from a car wreck when I was 11. I named my first daughter Michiel 27 yes ago. I still sing this song to her.

This was not written for anyone, in particular! | Reviewer: Kat | 12/1/13

For those of you who think this Song was written for a Stewardess, named Michelle, who supposedly died trying to protect the Beatles, unfortunately you're wrong! That's just a Legend. This Song wasn't written for anyone, in particular!

When Paul was writing the Song, he asked Jan Vaughan, a French teacher and the wife of his old friend Ivan Vaughan, to come up with a French name and a phrase that rhymed with it. Vaughan came up with "Michelle, ma belle", and a few days later McCartney asked for a translation of "these are words that go together well" — sont des mots qui vont très bien ensemble." That's how the Song came to be! Not 'cause of some Stewardess!

In Memory of my lovely Daughter, Michelle....... | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/6/13

My daughter Michelle, died 3 month's ago, she always said, the Beatles wrote this song for HER.. and now I feel she will be listening for the Tune... We love the words and remember the Time SO well...I would love to have a few of the words on her memorial stone................

Daddy's little girl | Reviewer: Michell | 4/22/13

This song holds so many wonderful memories of my daddy singing to name is spelled very different from other Michelle's...that's because I was supposed to have been a boy named Michael...and my dad wanted me to be different. Thanks you...Your little girl!

Love this song/ i know the meaning of french words | Reviewer: shelsea | 3/21/13

I love this song ans always will. I knid of know french so i know what these lyrics mean-Sont des mots qui vont très bien ensemble,Très bien ensemble.-it means these are words that go together well, together well. As these lyrics are said before that, if you dont know french and yopu put everything together then you'll also know.

A father's love for the beatles and i'm the daughter he never met | Reviewer: Michele My Belle | 9/30/12

My dad died 4 months before I was born. My name is Sandy Michele. This was the only way my dad could tell me he loved me because i wasn't born yet. My mom never spoke about my dad. His death was traumatic and she was alone. I never pressed her to speak of him and now she has passed also. I've never known what the french words meant or the reason the song was written. But now i do. thank you.

Beatles cannot be criticized | Reviewer: Dauren | 7/4/12

Cannot agree the song is monotonous and boring, it's sad and touching as the story behind it. You know it was dedicated to Michelle, charmin French flight attendant at their flight to the States, who tragically died in crowd of Beatles fans in the airport right upon arrival. It's the least and the best what Sir Paul could do in her memory.

this is about the Beatles in the Back to Loverpool | Reviewer: ZakaryAllen Durdle | 1/23/11

Hi and i feel in the Beatles lover and ill can do munch of the songstracks and that Ablumcovered and you know about this and they are the geat about some of our things and thats oky for now too Bet for now the Beatles are rock star and i cant keep that long too

sunday monkey won't play piano some, play piano some | Reviewer: joe | 12/28/10

good to have the lyrics. i was just explaining to a pal that the only way i recall the french lyrics here is to phonemicize them, as follows...
"Michelle my bell sunday munky wont play piano some play piano some" while softening it up as if novacaine is streaming into my tung & cheek.

hop | Reviewer: Scipion l'africain | 11/6/10

The french sentence is right.
in french poetry, there are something call 'liscence poétique' which allow the writer to play with the common form of the language even if it actually give the sentence a weird form. In poetry, there is no syntax obligations and the writer can do whatever he want as long as he respect the rythm, and the meaning of the text.

in 'sont des mots qui vont...' the subject is implied from the previous verse. There no need to repeat the subject by using "ce".

Anyway, a french writer would write these words the same way as paul did, because the sentence is right.

This is a lil bit hard to understand for soomeone who's not in habit with french language for years, french is full of little subtetlies like every latin based language .

My Daughter | Reviewer: Paulina | 10/17/10

When I first heard this song, I knew,that I would name my daughter, Michelle. So when I was married, I told my husband right away my wish, and it came true. My little Michelle is the most beautiful little girl in the world. I sing this song to her and she tries to sing along. Soon she will be joined by a little boy named Jude. This is bascily saying that, if you write a song as beautiul as this one, you could name a child, in your own way.

Monotonous? | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/6/10

Wow. I've never heard somebody call this song monotonous! Mono=one, tonous=tone, pitch. Meaning 'stays on one pitch'. This song is basically the opposite of monotonous. It has a winding melody, and changes key a couple times. Pop songs these days are simple as hell compared to this!

Juste moi | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/28/10

I always thought that Paul is singing
"Ce sont des mots qui vont très bien ensemble". And it always sounded like someone who can't speak French is singing a French line. But maybe this was the intention of the song. A non-francophone singing words to a Frenchwoman.

However I always found this song monotonous and boring. But the song is simple to sing, simple to remember, and simple to play on an instrument, even for a beginner, just like Yesterday and Yellow Submarine.