michelle | Reviewer: rose | 12/16/07

I love this song.
the beatles were always great at using words to make you associate them with memories and the sound puts you in a trance. I know the beatles are "oldies" but even a 14 year old girl can understand what they were saying
the ebatles heard a french songwriter playing his music and it inspired paul to write one, they used only french-sounding words until they could find a rhyming translation for the song. they had to use michelle..it rhymes the best.

love it | Reviewer: michelle of course | 11/22/07

my science teacher mrs. hudson used to sing this as loud as she could when i walked in the room it was so funny lol. BEATLES ROCK!!!!!!!

Lovely | Reviewer: Katie | 11/21/07

Absolutely just a sweet, beautiful song.
My little sister is named Michelle, and this is the only way I can get her to listen to the Beatles... that and 'Hello, Goodbye'.

Michelle | Reviewer: Michèle | 11/17/07

My name is Michele and my dad used to sing that song to me when I was younger. Bring back so many memories

7/2 reviewer | Reviewer: Ringo | 10/28/07

realli - lyk - dis? whats wrong with you, are you retarded? ooops let me spell it so you understand retahdid

Michelle & Michel | Reviewer: Michel | 10/20/07

A very beautiful song. Michelle is by no means a man's name, Michel is, like the former hockey player Michel Petit.

names | Reviewer: michele | 10/7/07

i was named after this beatle song, and the song should be named Michele which is the real way you spell the name in french. I LOVE THIS SONG though and soooo happy my parents named me after a song from the greatest group ever!!!

FYI | Reviewer: Michelle | 9/25/07

The French is just them repeating "These are words that go together well, together well". And Michelle is French, but it's not French for Michael, it's the feminine version of the name.


michelle | Reviewer: Daniella | 9/4/07

Michelle is French for Michael, The Beatles didn't know that when they wrote the song. Still, Rubber Soul is a great album, one of their best.

Michelle | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/8/07

My name is Michelle. I really like this song. Michelle is a French name, and I like how they (The Beatles) incorporated the French language in with the song.

ballads lasts 4ever | Reviewer: idioticmime | 8/4/07

Sont les mots qui vont très bien ensemble

means these r words dat go 2gether well..

d'uh..its just da french translation of da 1st verse

yes please sir | Reviewer: my name aint none of yo business chil'd | 7/29/07

oh my i ADORE the beatles and this is 1 of my fav songs<3
my 'rents had the beatles on my whole life so i know virtually all the songs lyrics and im well quite young ;)

I like this song | Reviewer: Ahnna-Leisha | 7/17/07

I like Queen D=
but i came here because AZLyrics wont let me get beatles lyrics right now
I wanted to see what the french was =D
I love the Beatles <33 more than any other 13 year old! =D

Michelle | Reviewer: Amy | 7/5/07

This is a great song, one of my favorites by the Beatles, on one of their best albums, Rubber Soul. If anyone was wondering about the French used in the song, the meaning is: The words are which go very well together,
Very well together.

....... | Reviewer: michelle | 7/2/07

im sorry i realli lyk dis song but i was jus wondering wat da other bit said....Sont les mots qui vont très bien ensemble,
Très bien ensemble.....im actually doin this for a school report so if someone could help me?!?!