Well | Reviewer: Nomatter | 7/25/08

Well to the review below me I must ask, what if the original writer enjoyed the way it was sung on American Idol? I don't get to watch it that much but I do think it was a well presented song. No need for the hostility!

tsk | Reviewer: yep | 7/3/08

Seriously, quit talking about how that idiot on American Idol sang it. It's a Paul McCartney and John Lennon song, NOT some idiot from American Idol's song. I refuse to watch that stupid show, which by the way ruins many songs which ACTUAL artists wrote and composed. For example, Mr. Tambourine Man. Fuck American Idol.

Jason Castro | Reviewer: Vaishi | 5/24/08

I first heard this paticular song when Jason Castro sang it. Wow!I got so tempted too download that performance. But I couldn't. So I decided I would get the lyrics. And I did. So I started singing it. I really love it!!!!!

ahhh... | Reviewer: dava | 4/11/08

American Idol is the most retarded popularity contest ever. It saddens me that American Idol would rape the Beatles songs like this...poor Beatles...well poor Beatles except for McCartney...who wrote this and is now kind of a sell out. What happened to the time when they all did LSD? He probably wrote this around then. :)

WooOo | Reviewer: American Idle :p | 4/5/08

I'm also one of you who heard this on American Idol for the first time :p
and btw,this dude who put up the lyrics spelled it "bell" which is utterly and completely incorrect.It should be "ma belle" as many has mentioned before me,hope someone wont be lazy like me and actually send the correction.. awesome song[otherwise i would'nt be reading the lyrics :p]

Jason Castro | Reviewer: rosto14 | 4/3/08

The first time I heard this song was on American Idol when Jason sang it, and I immediately fell in love with the song! Now I sing the lyrics randomly, and my mom was surprised when I pronounced the French words good, because I'm better at speaking Spanish. I love this song. The ups and downs of the chords make this song very intoxicating.

i LOVE iT ! | Reviewer: Michelle | 3/31/08

My name is Michelle...i was named after this wonderful song, and very happy about it! i love this song, i love the music, the rhythme, and the lyrics. i love the beatles, even if im a 90's kid... im going to have a baby and if its a girl, i will gladly name her Michelle!

Jason Castro | Reviewer: Aaron | 3/24/08

It was until I heard Jason Castro singing Michelle when I really started liking it. I think it is a very romantic song and I guess everyone will enjoy it even more after listening on American Idol.

love this song!! | Reviewer: deborah | 3/21/08

i like this song. the lyrics are so sweet. however since i study French i think 'my belle' should be 'ma belle' which means 'my beautiful'. yeah... it should fit. no offense to the person who put the lyrics up, it is appreciated. actually i never really listened to the Beatles but after watching American Idol i think they rock. (:

C'est belle | Reviewer: Emily | 3/21/08

This song is so beautiful and is my favorite Beatles song ever. I was thrilled when my favorite guy contestant on American Idol sang it (Jason Castro). I was so excited and he did an awesome job.
I take French, so I understood the words, which mean "Are the words that go very well together" Yeah, and they spelled "belle" wrong here. But still, it's a very beautiful song and I love hearing it.

I love this song for 3 reasons | Reviewer: Abby | 3/18/08

I am in love with the Beatles and I just heard Jason Castro sing this on A.I. Those are the two reasons why I love this song. I love this song also because I am studying french and I can sing this to my friends because well that's what we do. Anyone who dosen't like the Beatles or this song well should respect the really good musicians. GO BEATLES!

Beautiful. | Reviewer: Sarah | 2/18/08

This song implements simplicity as a key element, trying to get a clear message across to a French girl named Michelle. I think it's absolutely beautiful listening to the artistry of Michelle. Not overly complex, as are most Beatles songs, but very pretty.

Great song | Reviewer: hello goodbye | 1/24/08

This is such a nice song!!! I want to name my doughter michelle thanks to this song! I love it! Although it is not bell, but belle from beautiful in french, though

Facu | Reviewer: M. Laura | 1/10/08

I can get my 3 month old bay to calm down and sleep with this beautiful song. No sooner he hears this son - no other but this one- than he stops crying. It's magic

Michelle :) love it | Reviewer: :) | 12/27/07

i love this songg so beautiful i love the beatles i wish alive during their time i mean music now in days is so GAY no meaning in music so for all the haterss shut the f*** up and go listen to your ugly rap crap