Chatting n' Correcting | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/6/10

Well, I just wanna say they got the lyrics wrong it's not My Belle it's Ma Belle which means My beauty in French. And the french words are "These are words that go together well." Yeah I know same line, but in French. It will be fun to say these at school because about 90% of my school kids first language is Spanish. but no French. Me being Irish-Canadian. In Canada they speak French.

my song | Reviewer: Michelle | 7/26/10

Im not french nor do i speak it but my mom named me after her friend that passed away the day before i was born. My mom used to sing this song to me all the time, we never knew what the french lyrics meant but now i know so i will be sure to tell her :) this song means alot to me it always makes me cry :') i love it:)

to the anonymous one who don't understand french ;) | Reviewer: French girl | 3/31/10

The french lyrics are not really complicated, actually he's repeating (but in french) "these are words that go together well". Maybe he sings in french so that she could understand her song.
The french lyrics are a bit weird actually a french singer wouldn't have write them this way, but the meaning is easy to get.

Last thing : there's a mistake in the lyrics, it's not "my belle" but "ma belle" it's more logical, and (i think) that's what he sings, "ma" means "my" anyway (but when you say ma, you're talking about a girl, or a feminin thing).

to Beatles | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/30/10

The French lyrics mean these are words that go together well. The verb etre is used correctly since it's third person plural. It's refering to words so sont is the correct form. J'etudie de Francais aussi. I'm only in my first semester though.

BEATLES | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/28/10

What do the french lyrics mean. im taking french in school but i only know a little. i think the wrong form of the verb etre is used but im not french so i dont know. any info would be great, thanks.

Vanessa | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/22/10

my friend Mishele (not spelled the traditional way "Michelle") passed away July 20, 2005. At her funeral this song was also played. It was such a fitting song, for such a beautiful person. The song moved everyone that day. This song really means a lot to me, and it's nice to hear that it has meaning to so many people as well.

Souroy | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/3/10

Im sorry, i will make my comment in French because i'm not very good in English, this is just a few explanations for Chris.

Chris en français on peut écrire une phrase telle que "Sont des mots qui vont très bien ensemble," car on sous entend qu'il s'agit des mots précédents ("Michelle, my belle.") dont il est sujet.
Pour "Michelle, my belle." il doit s'agir d'une simple figure de style pour la chanson.

De plus le refrain a été écrit avec l'aide de Jane Vaughan qui était professeur de français.

My Ma | Reviewer: Chris | 2/24/10

Although the French is gramatically incorrect because it was written with out a subject pronoun before the word Sont (should be Ces sont) the obvious mistake is that it should be ma belle and not my belle. That was make by someone who wrote it down incorrectly.

Some Mistakes | Reviewer: Sgt. Pepper | 1/4/10

Ringo Starr does not sing this song, it is in fact sung by Paul McCartney...if you perhaps listen to the song again, you will recognize Paul's voice. It's much too high to be Ringo's. In addition, the Spanish lyrics are French. But this really is such a beautiful song.

correct spelling of name in Europe | Reviewer: Michele | 11/25/09

I was named Michele by my Mother, after my uncle Michael, bu by the European version. When I took French and learned the male version is Michel and the female is Michele, I realized my Mother was correct as always. This song to me is the most beautiful song that I have ever heard, not because of the name but because there is so much feeling and emotions infused throughout the song.

RE: not sure | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/17/09


1) Ringo Starr played the drums, he didn't sing on this song.

2) The Spanish lyrics are actually French.

3) The translation? Well you don't have to go too far with that... it's in the song.

not sure | Reviewer: kelvin | 11/13/09

yes this song is a beautiful song but i think ringo starr actually song this song.i`m not sure what the spanish words mean though maybe somebody could tell me. if they are spanish or what? not sure

Michelle, my belle. | Reviewer: Stephanie | 10/12/09

My sister died on Wednesday 7th oct 2009. Aged 25. Im not sure if my parents named her after this song but we played it in the church as we took the coffin out, and to her final resting place. This song just means alot. Michelle, my belle.
I love you Mic - your sis.

To Michelle | Reviewer: kaka | 10/8/09

My cousin Michelle died yesterday (aged 40) and she was named after the song by the Beatles. I have just come across this site to look for inspiration and have learned so much I can put in my words for her funeral. It is so nice to know others were named after such a beautiful song. She was never given a middle name because her parents felt the name expressed enough. Thank you everyone.

Michelle is beautiful | Reviewer: Soul-N | 9/15/09

I 'm French and I speak English a little ,so I can understand all the song. And it 's a beautiful song !! Beatles for ever !!!!
Je suis Française et je parle un peu Anglais ,donc je peut comprendre toute la chanson. Et elle est super belle !! Beatles for ever !!!