Do not overthink it. | Reviewer: Robbi Lee Robinson | 11/19/13

I have thought many,many times that there was a meaning behind every Beatles song. I was wrong!! I love the boys so much but it comes down to the fact that when writing a song there are words that just go together.The lyrics to this song and many others are what you make of them in your head. But, what a brilliant melody!!!!!! I will admit that I came here looking for a answer to Mean Mr. Mustard. Any comments or your meaning to this song plaease e-mail me at

Very Wrong Lyrics | Reviewer: Sara | 9/16/11

Sorry but this is very wrong. Paul McCartney and John Lennon have said this in more than one place, so you can't argue with it. the words are TEN-BOB NOTE, which was the smallest paper currency in 1960's U.K. The song originated from a newspaper story about a miserly man who was said to have hidden his money in his rectum.

"I'd read somewhere in the paper about this mean guy who hid his five-pound notes, not up his nose but somewhere else. No, it had nothing to do with cocaine."
John Lennon
Playboy, 1980
you can also ask Tony Bramwell, who is a personal friend of mine, at

Best BAnd Everrr | Reviewer: Ciara | 6/13/09

Lovee This album I have it tatooed on my fooot =)
Love the Beatles sooo much
I absolutely love every song on this album. Its wonderful how their music changed through the years cuz they could experiment and do whatever they wanted, not having to worry about performing live.
I love how the songs roll together .
These men are the loves of my life

More Pete & Stu | Reviewer: Lola | 7/13/08

Also Stu totally depressed John, who was close to him...Stu got to be on the cover of Sergant Pepper's Loney Hearts Club Band album. He's a tiny black-and-white head.
Also Pete was, according to the book 'Yeah Yeah Yeah', one of the cooler drummers where the Beatles lived, and they recruited him. He had the 'look', I believe! =D
Great song, Mean Mr. Mustard, and how it goes with Polythene Pam..that's cool...

RE: Pete Best / Stu Sutcliffe | Reviewer: Paul | 5/16/07

Pete Best was the original Beatles drummer and eventually would be their "stage" drummer, while another drummer would be their "recording" drummer. both eventually replaced by Ringo.

Stu...from what i recall from the book "The Love You Make", he was an acoustic guitar player and the Beatles needed a bass player. so they convinced Stu to spend most of his money to purchase a bass guitar. he was ok but was interested in Art more and was eventually engaged to Astrid and left.

reply | Reviewer: Jessica | 5/1/07

Yea, they are three different songs... but they do sound like one song... Yea and Pete Best and Stu Sutcliffe!! If anyone knows who those two are....

love it | Reviewer: ross | 2/14/07

fuckin best song on the album tell me somefin mean mr mustard polythene pam she came in through the bathroom window same song wht u reacon ps i love u john paul ringo and who could 4get george xxxxxxxxxxxxx