Great Song | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/24/07

This is a great song from the Abbey Road record. I do think it is weird how he is able to kill the judge and how he sounds like a kid when the song goes "BAck in school again..." that section.

Awsome songg. | Reviewer: Awsome. | 11/10/07

Yah. to the person Who said this song is bad and about brutay murdering people. Seriosly get a life man. Songs TODAY are all about killin , and making money. and "tapping that hoe" The beatles were legends.

Well yeah; it's not just how did he get the hammer... | Reviewer: Grizzlie Antagonist | 10/26/07

It's not just a question of how he got the hammer to kill the judge, but how did he get in POSITION to kill the judge?

Shouldn't he have been standing in the dock physically removed from the judge?

By the way, Maxwell Edison is clearly not a "child", at least not chronologically, if he is majoring in medicine and his supposed date is studying "pataphysical science", whatever that is.

Quite Ridiculous | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/23/07

I find this sound quite odd, if not disturbing. Its a song about a child going around killing people brutally with a hammer.

Paul's laugh | Reviewer: Todd | 8/30/07

At the part were Paul sings the line "Writing 50 time..." you can hear laugh while singing. This is due to John mooning him at this point in the recording by pressing his butt up to the glass.

I could see this happening on L&O | Reviewer: Ross | 8/28/07

This is a great song, one of my faves, and sounds to me like an episode of Law & Order. Maxwell has killed at least two women, but still, there are two more screaming he must be freed. Then he kills the judge in the middle of court, with a weapon that should have been in evidence of some sort. Bang Bang.

this song means alot to me | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/21/07

this ong means alot to me because i stabbed a person once...and i thought i was going crazy....but my teacher wont let me use this song for our asignment....wah!

Pataphysical | Reviewer: cheryl | 4/20/07

Great job! But, I think Joan studied "Pataphysical Science"