Fun to play on piano | Reviewer: John | 6/26/13

This is one of very few Beatles' tunes I have memorized to play on the piano, and what a pure joy to play. You can feel how much fun Paul had with this instrument. The same goes for Black Bird on guitar. When you delve into this era, there are many incredible creative works from other artists, such as Pink Floyd's (Roger Waters) 'Wish You Were Here', the tune, and it's a great song to play on guitar as well. Now, if I could just figure out how to sing better.

Martha my dear wife | Reviewer: Skansen34 | 8/15/12

This song of the Beatles, really fits to my wife, it is funny although we do speak spanish, when I refer to her or call to her,or even write to her I use to start with Martha, my dear....bla-bla...LONG LIVE PAUL!!!

A little ditty...a classic. | Reviewer: Jenna | 7/20/11

I like this type of song from the Beatles so much. It seems very intimate and close. I agree with one of the reviewers above...probably for Jane Asher. Love Paul's delivery, the arrangement, and the music. I get this lovely song stuck in my mind and sing it for days! Paul McCartney forever!

Any dog will do... | Reviewer: Mardi | 4/16/11

I love this song and the tone of Paul's voice. I sing it to my dogs and just change the name and the word "hand" to "paw". I don't think Paul would mind anyone changing his song to sing love songs to their dog. <3

Beautiful | Reviewer: Reagan | 12/7/10

Paul is SO TOTALLY AWESOME. So are all of the Beatles. I love this song. If only my name was as pretty as Martha and the boy that I like knew about this song.... anyway, LOVE THIS SONG & the BEATLES!!!

LOVE the beatles | Reviewer: Manu | 10/22/10

I really love the beatles and this song is one of a kind,I justa can't say it's my fave one because I love all of them songs.Hey,Martha,I'm so sorry for ya,this boy calls you Martha My Dear and stuff,but Martha was Paul's dog.

martha my dear forever | Reviewer: Paz | 2/12/10

this is a song wich i like to listen to first thing in the morning, it just make my day, and it's actually perfect as it is short, so you want to have some more, and want to listen to it again and never be bored, it just make me so happy :)

Martha My Dear | Reviewer: Martha | 7/1/08

I was feeling rather proud that someone, especially THE BEATLES, did a song with my name in it. Then I found out it was named for his sheep dog. Oh, well, it is still a beautiful song and a girl can always dream.


Inspiration | Reviewer: Todd | 9/19/07

Though Paul used the name of his dog, it is more likely that is actually singing about Jane Asher, with whom he had just broke up with prior to the recording of the white album(don't forget me). Many of his early love songs where written about or to her (you have always been my inspiration).

Inspiration Source | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/26/07

It is amazing where people find inspiration. In this case, Paul found it in his sheepdog, Martha.

great | Reviewer: emily | 7/26/07

the beatles are my fave band ever and theyve made me realise how much i love this kind of music that i wouldnt have bothered listening to if i hadnt gotten into them
em x

<3 this song | Reviewer: Martha | 6/2/07

this is the best beatles song ever and a boy i know always says to me "Martha my dear" when speaking to me

masterpiece | Reviewer: carlos | 4/19/07

beatles were the only ones that made masterpieces like this... literally

really awesome | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/8/07

Its short and classic, perfect, really really awesome, you know? yes, good tune and if you know a martha, perfect