Magical! Mistery Tour | Reviewer: Dalf | 5/27/10

This song. Oh man, this song.

It's just so damn happy! You just can't feel depressed after hearing it, it's magical. It's what I listen to when I'm feeling down.
This whole album was great. Probably it's the soundtrack you listen in heaven.

Magical Mystery Tour--simply awesome! | Reviewer: Dave | 8/31/07

As a fledgling musician at the age of 10, I loved listening to the Beatles, and when I was 13 they broke up. Therefore, when I was 16 or 17 and in a pop/rock band of my own, The Beatles really influenced me, along with many of the artists that flourished in the early 60s and early 70s. Their music, particularly "Magical Mystery Tour", really awakened in me a sense that we can embrace the day with vigor and spirit. This song--and indeed the entire album--just gives the listener such a powerful positive feeling about life and self. I would therefore encourage you to listen to it, and, if you like it, buy a copy for your own listening pleasure. There was, and is, something magical about The Beatles that survived their breakup in 1970 and continues to influence world musicians. I kept wondering, if they encouraged everyone's active creative song-writing participation (George Harrison and Ringo Starr), and focused on the strengths of the group, what amazing music could still be created and enjoyed today. Their breakup was and is a huge loss still being felt today. This album, "Magical Mystery Tour", to me is the closest any avid modern music listener will come to nirvana, heaven, what you will. You will come away from listening to the album with a huge smile on your face. So please listen and stand ready to enjoy. It was, and is, a lot of fun even now some 40 years later. :)