Reviews for Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds Lyrics

Performed by The Beatles

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hah | Reviewer: Brent | 12/5/07

haha the song is infact about LSD and is the point of the song. it is quire transparent by the lyrics. If you are denying this than you have no respect for the beatles. It is a good song. but is about lsd.

fuckin amazing | Reviewer: jenn | 12/6/07

I love this song and I will till the day I die people who have never tripped before dont understand it and never will you put down lsd but its not that bad there are worse drugs out there the goverment wants you to belive its bad so that you dont try it cause can you belive a world that has tripped before?? It would so different I dont belive in all that bullshit that they feed in your head man like white rabbit FEED YOUR HEAD!!!!!!!!! Cause you open your eyes and see the sky and the grass the stars the clouds and everything around you is in its pure beauty and will forever stay in your mind and just think how much money the goverment would loose if drugs where leagal all I have to say bout bible thumper there is that he hasnt been able to see the real life hes still stuck in his box and will be for the rest of his life and thats sad because hes just another slave to the world man I took lsd and it took me out of my box in into the real world of things Ive never been the same since and never want to be thank god for the beatles and thank god for lsd wish every trip could stay so I wouldnt have to go back to the real land cause acid land is so much better lol :p keep the peace and keep on lovin people cause its all we got left in this world

Dumb | Reviewer: Indigo | 12/5/07

Look, it's a good song. I'm religious, and I think it's a good song. Stop being all "this song glorifies drug use". NOBODY CARES. And it would be REALLY nice if people could actually use ACTUAL WORDS.

beatles fan for sure. | Reviewer: liz | 12/6/07

ok if ya dont like the song... then dont listen 2 it..if you dont want 2 read the lyrics then dont read them! simple as that we dont need novels on how drugs r bad and its a stupid song b/c it was LSD based...we allll knoooooo the facts...get over it.there buissness is there buisness.the song rocks the beatles rock.who caresss.get a life u haters = ) PEACEEEE<3 SMOKE POT, DO DRUGS, DO WHATEVER YOUR LITTLE HEART DESIRES AS LONG AS YOU'RE SMILING =D.HA.ROCK ON BEATLES!

Theres a lecturre for everything | Reviewer: Jason | 12/3/07

okay okay... Drugs are bad Bull shit... alright Anyone Beliven god hear ... it says in the bible God will take me WHEN HE WANTS ME NOT WHEN I CHOOSE TO END MY LIFE BY DOING SOME DRUG he will take me when he feels is right if i over dose on Coke thats when he wants me to die he needs me in heaven if i have a heart attack thats when he wants me to die... soo Some of you people will say " What if i walk in front of a car and die is that my time to die -_-... Well NO STUPID IDIOT god will punish you by turning you into a vegtible orr Killing you ? either way yourr still gonna die no matter what you doo... If you smoke you smoke if you do crack you do crack if you run? you rrun.... When a runner dies he will run to heaven when a smoker dies he will wheel chair is way on up there, it depends on what you want to do with your life aswell like if you wanna be a doctorr and you want to do crack sure go ahead do it just dont abuse the drug .. .my Father is the biggest pot head i know hes sucsessfull with a buesness 2 kids a loveing whife and a good home? soo Dont Say DRUGS WILL RUIN YOUR LIFE BLAH BLAH BLAH ITS STUPID... IF YOU THINK ITS STUPID AND WRONG THEN DONT SAY SHIT YOUR NOT DOING IT ARE YOU? NO I DONT THINK SO>>> SOO SHUT THE FUCK UP AND LEAVE THE PEOPLE WHO WANT TO SMOKE CRACK LSD OR WHAT EVER FUCK I HATE YOU PEOPLE AND THIS SONG WAS DONE IN THE 70s orr late 70's or what ever NO ONE NEW WHAT DRUGS WERE LIKE BACK THEN ... .god

pshhh | Reviewer: alyssa | 12/3/07

you guys are amazingly ignorant and missing the point of the entire song. i havent done any drugs ever and i dont need to realize that this song is an LSD trip to enjoy it. its a good fuckin song and the beatles made way more money than im sure you people did and you are fucking dumb if all you can focus on is the fact its about LSD there is more than that open your stupid fucking eyes. i hate ignorant people.

I Love Lucy | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/3/07

I believe the song is a tribute to LSD. The Beatles denying a relation to the song with an acid trip and giving an alternate explanation wouldn't be the first time they have come up with bogus stories to shut up the straight-edge. The effects of LSD are so amazing that you would only understand a connection between this song and a trip by opening your eyes a little and dropping acid for yourself. The health risks associated with LSD are minimal and even minuscule when compared with those of alcohol. You can read more information on the risks and effects of LSD on wikipedia,, and a number of government-related sites. With that said, I recommend Lucy to all of you and further recommend you listen to this song during your trip.

Damn it | Reviewer: Joey | 12/2/07

I don't care what inspired them, if it was a trip, a book, or a bloody nightmare...
I like the song, lyrics and all, it's lovely, as all their music was. I don't think it should be 'banned' from lyric sites because of the inspirational source, but I don't think that should be the main focus either.

who cares | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/1/07

i think it is super funny how all you people are ocmmenting how it is stupid to do drugs well i agree it is but wat the hell is ur comment gonna do about it the song has been written already nothin u can do bout it now

WTF!? | Reviewer: Nataly | 11/30/07

All of you are wack and the beatles rock and their awesome i love then to DEATH! I dont give a crap what they did like totally it was the 60's ok everybody just get over it its a song its not something people should be debating about ok and PEACE! To you all xoxo p.s. Lay of the drugs!

SHUT UP!!!!!! | Reviewer: Cass | 11/28/07

its absolutely stupid... even if if was inspired by LSD why should it matter? and if being addicted to drugs makes you "hardcore" then you are all idiots & dumb asses. For one thing do you realise the health risks? Anyway, there is no reason to obsess over the song this much! And why put it on a lyrics site? Shoudlnt this be about the song? not whether people use LSD & whether it helps them onstage or not!
If you people really bother to obsess this much then there is something seriously wrong with you! learn to let go. I agree with julius' comment and also the comment titled this is stupid. The song was great and thats all that matters!
not that the beatles may or may not have used drugs to create it.
If you care this much about stupid issues like this you really need to grow up & learn to get over it.

meaningS | Reviewer: ashley | 11/27/07

the song was written about mulitple things about HIS (lennons) picture that he showed his father when he was little and he called it lucy in the sky with diamonds he seemed to have an affection for a girl named lucy in his class (coincidently spelling out LSD) other parts were from the book alice in wonderland and then others about an acid trip they denied it for years but there was an interview where paul mcartney came out and said it was about a picture lenon drew when he was little alice in wonderland and it was obvious that it had to deal with an acid trip

there people jesus crist and who cares if its about drugs or what ever i think its pretty bluntly stated in the song which parts are about acid

... | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/23/07

a lot of musicians do LSD. if it's written about or influenced by the drug it's a damn good song. if not, it's still a damn good song. i cant believe ppl even argue about it. take it how you want.

this is stupid. | Reviewer: cassidy | 11/24/07

whys everyone arguing about if the beatles were on drugs while writing this song?
everyone knows the beatles did drugs, it was the 60's! why do you care anyways? what is all this arguing going to do? its not going to solve anything. half of this band is dead anyways. this issnt a big deal.
it's a good song, accept that. it doesnt matter what they were doing or how they wrote it.
i agree with the comment that 'julis' left.
this is pathetic.
the beatles wanted peace and love..
so WHY are you fighting about song lyrics,
instead, you should just not speak your mind as much, and help the beatles dream come true

Stop it! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/25/07

Trust me....its a description of an acid trips
all the members of the beatles admitted to it heavily influencing their music. Christ even Epstein was on it! Stop trying to come up with conspiracy theories or "deeper meanings". Its an acid trip.
End of.

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