Who cares | Reviewer: Jack | 5/3/09

Why does it matter anyway about how it was written.

Great song, great flow, and obviously great people playing it.

And besides don't The Beatles represent a sort of "togetherness" with there music?

JULLIAN LENNON VS LSD | Reviewer: Pettyd | 4/29/09

This song was inspired by Julian Lennon, John son. When Julian was 5 he drew a picture of him and his friend Lucy and they were in a sky full of stars. John decided that the stars looked more like diamonds cause they were made out of silver glitter. The song was not wrote under the influence of LSD but when they came up for the idea of the video they were infact under the influence of drugs including LSD and I think its great that they were cause I love this video and I love the song. People should get over the fact that The Beatles experimented with drugs! Did they kill anyone? NO! They had a good time and came up with amazing music!!!

Not true | Reviewer: Beatles Lover | 4/27/09

the song is not about LSD. Everyone here knows the story. there is no denying that the picture is real. look it up. the song may have been inspired by drugs, but was bot about LSD. CO-IN-CI-DENSE.

Who Cares. | Reviewer: Daniel Lorenz | 4/27/09

Who cares whether this song is about lsd or acid, or about a picture that john's son drew one day at school. It does not matter that they did drugs. Everybody did. In fact the producers of said that The Beatles were ragging stoners when they where huge. We should not judge them because they did something everybody did at that time. All we should care about is that we where blessed with amazing band. That change the face of music forever! Sgt Pepper all the way!

Its not about drugs | Reviewer: Weber | 4/24/09

This song is actually about a picture that one of the Beatles daughters drew him. He thought that is was so special that he wrote a song after it. The name of her picture was Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds so it stuck and is one of the greatest songs ever.

dillusional people | Reviewer: lucy | 4/23/09

This song is about LSD and people just need to accept it. It was written in the 1960s when psychadelic rock was massive and hippies ruled the world. Who cares if your against it, accept the facts. Its a beautiful song. Get over it. And its nice to know that most of you believe the excuse of the lucy story

lsd? sigh | Reviewer: andrew | 4/22/09

lsd is a drug, and yes it makes you trip. whoopdeedoo
this song is not about lsd and listen to the lyrics some more and maybe you will find some meaning in the lyrics instead of lucy want crystals that come from the sky. come on, how dumb can you be, people say dont judge a book by the cover, dont judge a song by the name.
But i do agree with one point said, even though its obvious it wasnt meant for lsd it cannot be 100% said that it wasnt or was about lsd. none of us are lennon and therefore none of us actually know what he wanted.

You are all stupid | Reviewer: No one | 4/20/09

Read a book. This is about how one day Jullian Lennon brought a drawing about a "Lucy in the sky with diamonds" and John Lennon thought that it was a wonderful picture. He wrote a song about the drawing. John NEVER had a daughter and therefore NEVER had a daughter named Lucy. Cyntia Lennon was the mother of Jullian and maybe if you guys read a book once or twice maybe you would learn somehting. They got married because she was pregnant and he never had a child before that.

woww | Reviewer: Cady | 4/8/09

Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds came from a picture his son drew. He asked what the picture is and the son said "Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds" He decided to write a song about it and make a imaginary, Alice-in-Wonderland-ish world.
It is just a coincidence that it spells LSD. its not really like they did this on purpose. the song name is Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds, so some people shorten it to LSD. is it really a big deal? just enjoy the songg!!! jeez ppl. drugs werent eventhat big of a deal back then, so i guess John, Paul, George and Ringo really didnt care so much. so why should we?

To Sun Warrior | Reviewer: Eric | 3/29/09

"Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds" came from a drawing John's daughter made. They had a family friend named Lucy and his daughter drew a picture of her in the sky and called it "Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds." All the imagery in the song came from Chapter 6 of 'Alice in Wonderland,' the book John happened to have been reading to his daughter at the time.

okay... | Reviewer: michelle | 3/30/09

obviously, most of yall know nothing about the beatles. i am a 15 yearold female and i know more than yall. the song was inspired by john lennon's oldest son who, when was about 5 or 6, cam home from school and had a drawing. when asked what it was, he said "its my friend lucy, in the sky with diamonds. then john recalled some experiences of his, and together he and paul wrote this song.

look things up.

Lucy in The Sky with Diamonds (LSD) | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/30/09

Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds stands for "L.S.D."

Because of the weird images in the song, and the coincidence of the intials in the song title, it's widely believed that the song Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds is about the drug LSD.

In fact, the Beatles have maintained all these years that the song is not about drugs at all. The title was inspired by then four-year-old Julian Lennon. He brought home a picture he drew in nursery school, and told John it was his freind, Lucy, in the sky, with diamonds. John has said in interviews that the lyrics of the song were inspired by the 'Wool and Water' chapter in Lewis Carol's Through The Looking Glass, where Alice is taken down a river in a row boat by the Queen, who has suddenly changed into a sheep. Additional images came from things like the plastic ties they wore on The Goon Show, one of John's favorite programs.

The Proof:


Direct Link: http://i19.photobucket.com/albums/b186/xxlilbabiie99xx/lsd_sLucyintheskywithdiamonds.gif

Above is the actual picture, "Lucy In The Sky, With Diamonds" (99k), drawn by Julian Lennon in 1967.

Come on guys | Reviewer: Sun Warrior | 3/20/09

In my opinion, it is obvious that this song talks about LSD. forget that his daughter was called lucy, and even if you do not want to do it, then explain me this? what the hell is lucy in the sky with diamonds??? for me is LSD in two ways : the first one, the words lucy, sky and diamonds forms beautiful sigla called LSD. the second one: what happens if you try some LSD??? YOU reach the sky , then, lucy reach the sky with diamonds, the word diamond is a metaphor for crystals = LSD. This means : Lucy reach the sky wih LSD!!!

it's reasonable... isn't it?

Oh, by the way, I already tried LSD, and that kaleidoscope eyes are soooo beautiful... hihi


This songs real meaning. | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/18/09

To stop the arguing, i qoute.

"Lucy was a few years older than Julian Lennon when he enrolled at the private Heath House School, in Weybridge, Surrey. But because John Lennon and the other Beatles used to visit the Richardson family's antique and jewelry shop, she knew the little boy. So when he became homesick and unsettled she would be called out of class to sit with him while he drew pictures. One of these pictures was of Lucy.
Lucy's sister, Mary remembers 'One day John Lennon came into the shop and said, "Hello, Lucy in the sky with diamonds." We thought it was just John being John.' When a song with that name appeared on Sgt. Pepper, the Richardson family began to wonder. And when Lennon announced he had been inspired by his son's picture of a girl called Lucy, the pieces of the jigsaw puzzle came together.

Wow, ily. | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/12/09

Look man, who cares if this song is about LSD? LSD was a popular drug in the 1960's and has one of the lowest toxicity levels of any drug out there. Check this yourself, I personally guarantee that fact. Why do you think people have survived taking 400 hits of acid at once before? Sure, it'll make you trip for a week and you probably will awaken with a different perspective, but that is a consequence of a person's individual choice.

At any rate, the song is not entirely about the drug, if at all. No one can say with 100% certainty that it is or isn't. Taking into account what we do know about the 1960's, it was most likely a social statement. We need more groups like the Beatles today, as our government is slowly advancing into areas it should not. We need young people to stand up and fight, much like college students in the 60's. If we do not stand up for ourselves, we will be systematically induced into a socialist coma and be trapped by the ropes of tyranny not so different from the USSR. So instead of critiqing the song for it's subtle drug references, let's focus on how to carry the message of the Beatles to a genreation who needs it more than they did.

Long live the 60's


Cody McGill, Humboldt County, California

i love you.