blah blah blah | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/19/10

this song is not about tripping...its a bout a picture johns son brought back from school a drawing of a girl he liked which he called lucy with kelidascope or dimond eyes you dont really have to think too much into it or call him the antichrist what are you a parinoid consperisist

Yes its a beutiful song talking about trippin | Reviewer: Matt | 6/12/10

Ok, this song is the absolute shit...,and yes it is defintley talking about trippin..if uve ever tripped on lsd or mushrooms u would completely understand the part Talkin about the flowers grow so incredibly high cause walls breathe and the grass and flowers grow high when ur trippin...but anyhow its a beutiful song talkin about trippin..thats all thank u

Smart Businessmen | Reviewer: Tiffany | 5/16/10

Some people here are suggesting that the song is all subliminal messaging like they are well known for. Here's something to ponder. Maybe the song is about his son's friend, thee painting or drawing he did of her, but they knew that wouldn't make the best seller they wrote. So being the skilled businessmen they were, they devised a plot to make some people understand it really was about that, but to stay true to their fans, they threw in things to make it seem about drugs. Who knows. I certainly don't know for sure what thee hidden meaning is, period.

As for the music video, how many music videos do you see out there that have absolutely nothing to do with the song? Tons. Who is to say that isn't true of this song? Maybe for their image the video is that way. Maybe it is about an acid trip. Maybe we could speculate for 50 more years and never agree or conclude this debate.

And the title being all secretly hidden message, hahaha. Maybe, but most off thee time in titles you don't capitalize those other words anyway. in the with...

Nobody is ever going to be able to ask him what he was really thinking about so why don't we all just sit back and enjoy some good classics by the beatles and forget about trying to find the hidden meanings. It's a good song. Believe what you like about what it's about.

who cares | Reviewer: ellie | 5/8/10

seriosly though, who gives a damb if they were high, or if it was inspiration from their sons picture, or even if its lucifur. i belive that we make our own personal meanings for songs, so who cares if you think its about LSD etc, everybodys entitled to their own opinions.

Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/17/10

Lucy in the sky with diamonds is a beautiful song, but it has nothing to do with Lucifer. John Lennon's son drew a picture of a girl named Lucy who he liked. The picture showed the girl in the sky with diamond shaped eyes. Lennon's son called the picture "Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds", hense the inspiration for the name and chorus. As far the verses go, the Beatles are talking about tripping on LSD.

Dont believe it? Do some research on the song.

Ashley | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/10/10

The song is about LSD they were on it when they wrote it. Listen to the lyrics it makes no sense to see kalidescope eyes unless theyre trippin. And the title. (L)ucy in the (S)ky with (D)iamonds. It says it in the title stupid.

WHO THE HELL REALLY CARES | Reviewer: tanya | 3/26/10

Who the hell even cares it's a beautiful song.......the important thing is how you feel when you hear it, everything else is irrelevant to people who have far more serious issues on their mind, if it allows them to escape for a tiny period of time, then, do you concur that the Beatles have done their job?

To the people concerned about the mental wellbeing of the population in their interpretation of the song.......please concentrate on something far more the enviroment.

PS Alice In Wonderland is fantastic! Who the hell cares even if he was tugging a puff, what would you have come up with? Would you have been able to entertain generations of children, slipping in the odd life lesson now and then, dudes you are so depressed you cannot see the bigger picture, children do not think OH MUH GOSH! HE'S ON DRUGS! I MUST GET ME SUMMOH THAT! is written for children NOT ADULTS TRYING TO JUSTIFY THEIR HABITS OR ADULTS TRYING TO JUSTIFY THEIR MORAL HIGHGROUND.

....and that is all i have to say about that. (oh wow look at me i plagiarized, "Forest Gump" in case the phrase escaped you).

I hope you all have a marvellous evening, and no, i am not on any drugs prescription or otherwise.

best regards

LUCI in the SKY with DIAMONDS | Reviewer: E | 3/21/10

i interpret this song entirely different than everyone else. I think the subliminal message here is what most powerful musicians convey in their songs: freemasonry. I drew the connection of "lucy in the sky" to lucifer (who anti-christ followers believe to be the fallen angel), the diamond refers to the masonic square and compasses which takes the form of a pyramid symbol (that's on our dollar bills). another hint is "kaleidoscope eyes" which is the eye inside the pyramid. it all connects and the chances of all these connections being "coincidences?" highly doubt it...

the last few days i've researched hidden messages in a lot of famous artists (especially popular hip hop/rap artists today like rihanna, jay z and beyonce) and even lady gaga. if you watch their music videos, pay attention to the symbol of a triangle (most blatantly in jay-z's record label, the symbol for rockafella records) to the covering of one eye, as lady gaga and rihanna always does, to holding your hands in the shape of a 6, for devils code as seen by lil' wayne, t-pain and other artists.

freemasonry: worship lucifer in exchange for money/power. it's what makes our world go 'round, sadly...

420 | Reviewer: a peaceful man | 3/21/10

whether its about LSD or not its still trippy so doesnt really matter i bet meybe even john lennon didnt write it with the immediate thought of LSD but than when heard about it went and took some and tripped out to it than changed his mind hahah not sayin i really believe that but whatever you believe you shouldnt try to force upon others no matter how much you think you are right and its a great song beatles are amazing you know the rest be friends love eachother something maybe john lennon himself would say?..

beatles song | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/17/10

dude are you guys retarded first of all the guy who wrote alice in wonderland was an opium addict and you could easily write a song on lsd yes he might be inspired by a photo but the title has lsd in it and makes alot of sense to me if its about lsd and in every one of the beatles music vidfeos for this song there are images based upon a trip whach this if you dont believe me

Lucy | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/14/10

Alright guys, just to clear up your confusion about the meaning of the song, i just watched an interview about this song, John Lennon says, "this is the truth, my son came home with a drawing and sat and showed this drawing of a strange woman flying around and i said 'what is it' and he said 'it's lucy in the sky with diamonds' and i thought that's beautiful i immediately wrote a song about it...." he goes on to say that so many people thought it was about LSD and he didn't even realize and then he looked at it and saw that those were abreviations in the title and that is not what he intended it for see it for yourself, believe what you want but that is what the WRITER OF THE SONG HIMSELF SAYS....

LSD | Reviewer: cybertripping | 2/15/10

Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds.
To my mind this song is very obviously about LSD.
An LSD addled minds stream of consciousness could very easily follow the path laid out in this song.

It might be that the Lewis Carol image of "...yourself in a boat on a river" is what get the thought train running but that does not necessarily mean that the song is ABOUT Alice in Wonderland.
In fact it is an often quoted fact that Lewis Carol was into drugs which makes the chance that someone who is writing a song about LSD adding a reference to Alice in Wonderland almost obligatory.

btw, if you had just written a song and your 8 year old son asked what Lucy in the Sky of Diamonds meant what would you tell him.......?
"Actually my boy, I noticed that the name you gave your picture works well with a reference to a hallucinogenic drug so I used your innocent drawing to write a song about drugs and threw in a Lewis Carol reference for good measure"? Probably not.... you'd say "it's about your wonderful drawing my boy." Well, at least I hope you would.
As a famous writer once said .... I just write the stuff, afterward I go back and look for the double meanings and possible extras and if the story needs a little tweak to get it there, why not?

Double-meanings are possible, you know... | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/15/10

Uh-huh. It's not about LSD. And The Stranglers' Golden Brown was not about heroin, right? Yes, a drawing of a diamond-eyed Lucy was part of the inspiration, but if you think the psychedelic-loving Beatles never realised that the lyrics appear to describe a trip, and the title contains the letters LSD, you're extremely naive and gullible. They took an innocently-sourced song and loaded it with drug imagery, so "heads" would get the drug references, while their squeaky-clean fans would be satisfied with the drawing explanation. Very clever, and as many people failed to understand this, it obviously worked.

to all that believe this song was inspired by marijuana | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/12/10

Marijuana does not make you trip.
This is not something to expect to invision while smoking marijuana.
the main chemical in Marijuana is THC which is similar to LSD in a lesser form.
In theory, LSD could cause you to trip
but you would have to smoke so much of it that writing a song would be nearly impossible.

LSD | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/12/10

Did no one put together the title?
Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds?
^^ hence the capitol letters?
it spells out LSD.
that was no accident.
The beatles are known for their great symbolism.
Most of the people writing reviews are right in their own sense.
Yes, he was inspired by a portrait.
But he was also inspired by the hallucinations from the drug LSD
This would explain the irrationality, as everything seen in a trip is very irrational.
Yes, he was inspired by Alice In Wonderland,
which is full of symbolism all its own.
But is also inspired by LSD.
It's a beautiful song, and I think you should take it how you want it to be.