It's A Joke! | Reviewer: Henderson | 7/9/09

I figured this out after finally taking LSD, which is absolutely nothing like all of the things we have been told about it.

The song is mocking the mainstream perception of LSD and its effects.

My trip had some visuals, but by far the most powerful part was the slow shedding of my ego and the various layers of my "self" until I was nothing but pure perception, unmediated by a socially constructed personality. It was the most beautiful day of my life, and made me love the universe again.

And then, reality slowly re-assembled itself. The next day, I listened to this song, and realized it's a wonderful joke that all of the listeners who have tripped can laugh at.

get over it | Reviewer: kasey | 6/24/09

Why is it such a big deal if the song was about LSD?? rappers straight up say they are getting wrecked in their songs. hell theres a song with the guy listing off all these pills they're poppin.songs about dealing least john lennon found a creative and subtle way of describing an amazing trip. I want to see marmalaid skies and people eating marshmellow pies ha. its pure genious. I absolutly love it.

To me, it is. | Reviewer: michaela | 6/19/09

If you look at the lyrics of this song, it is things you would think of while you are on a trip (acid/drug of that sort). Did his child come up with all the other lyrics, where all the other words were not in this so called picture?

I think not.

To me, I think that John Lennon used the picture as an excuse, or even TOLD his child to draw a picture as an excuse, to show people later on.

His child would not sit there and tell his father that he was going to draw "rocking horse people eating marshmallow pies" and "newspaper taxis appearing on the shore waiting to take you away" and having people "climb in the back with your(their) head in the clouds" BUT he just didn't have enough time during art class.

To me, it's all too circumstantial for me, but maybe i'm just overreacting.

If you want, take a look at the lyrics, there are many more "coincidences".

That's just my view, since there is quite a bit of evidence proving that there is more to the story than just his child drawing a picture of a classmate, who is in the sky with diamonds. AND how there are lyrics to the song that do not pertain to the picture drawn, or anything sensible.

LSD?? | Reviewer: Sara | 6/18/09

Im not completly excluding the theory that the song was written bc of LSD, but i think, given that he probably got his inspiration from a picture his son drew, he might have just been being creative.

Either way, amazing song.

think about it | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/12/09

I love this song, and in my opinion the origin doesn't really matter. I would also like to say that he got the idea from the picture. That doesn't mean the rest wasn't because of LSD. Also, most of the music that is incredibly popular today has to do with drinking and doing stupid things... what would you say is the difference?

Story in yahoo news!! | Reviewer: Barby | 6/12/09

I just read an article in yahoo news that confirms The inspiration for the song was indeed the drawing from his son "Lucy in the sky with diamonds. And the rest is history from that era.Wonderful song have always loved it and the imagination it inspires.

I luvee it | Reviewer: Katherine | 6/13/09

okayy. well i really dont think it matters, if your an acid head and like to think its about LCD rock on(: if your anti drug and think its about a picture than good for you and...if your both like me and think the song is AMAZINGGGG and luv everybit of it wether it be about a picture or drugs both topis are LOVELY so I will and forever love the Beatles!(drugs arent rly tht bad for you..look how they came out:)

Everyone's right! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/12/09

Chances are that this song started as a innocent song about Julian's drawing but John and Paul couldn't help but notice the name contained "LSD" and then got very playful from there. That's part of the genius of the song: seemless duality of meaning. The lyrics work perfect from both points of view.

Pantsu | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/10/09

C'mon dudes, if the song really isn't about LSD _at_all_, tell me what's the point with all that acid stuff anyway? Even though name of that song really is a coincidense, video and lyrics definitely aren't.

Whatever, this song still reminds me of my first trip with acid. Luv it. <3

Lennon's Daughter | Reviewer: Justathought | 6/10/09

I read an article on AOL today that spoke of Lennon's daughter and her childhood friend Lucy of whom the song was about. It was his daughter who drew the picture of Lucy from school, and she's now sick, so they have reconnected. Something good in the news for a change, except for the fact that she's sick. Maybe not drug-related, just a cool song?

John Lennon | Reviewer: Lauren | 5/20/09

John Lennon said he got inspiration for the song when his son, Jullien (a.k.a Jude. Hey Jude...) came home after nursery, producing a picture of a girl he fancied. John said, whats that> Jude said, "It's Lucy, in the sky, with diamonds."

Who can say if it's true or not.

Beatlesss(: | Reviewer: Kalisha(: | 5/16/09

The Beatles are great. And some of the lyrics make it pretty obvious that it's about LSD ("Kaleidoscope eyes", "Somebody calls you, you answer quite slowly"), but who cares? It's a song. And at that, a great song. Lucy in the skyyyyy with diamondddssss.

Food For Thought... | Reviewer: James | 5/13/09

I don't know the origins of this song any more than the rest of you, but there is one thing I find interesting about the title. (L)ucy in the (S)ky with (D)iamonds? Things that make you go Hmmmm. Fantastic song, though....and isn't that what's important?

Great song, oh and by the way. | Reviewer: Morgan | 5/11/09

Really catchy song. Love the Beatles! Sure you can all agree with me.
OH and the by the way. I love how everyone ACTS like they know the story and then tells a HUNDRED different stories. Who really cares though? LSD? Pretty picture? Either way. Great song. Enjoy it. And besides, whether you're the biggest fan of the Beatles, and even if you are, you don't know everything and all the reasons of why the Beatles wrote their song. So don't even try. You can't compare.

who cares? | Reviewer: manu | 5/7/09

why do you guys care if this song is about a drug or a picture? people are always trying to find a meaning to everything instead of just enjoying the experience... this song is awesome! the music, the lyrics, its a trip to a wonderful land just by itself! love it!