ur all idiots | Reviewer: unknown | 1/27/11

This is the best Beatles song created, and possibly one of the best songs ever, so y does it matter if they were on drugs just enjoy the song and stop ur pointless arguing its actually disrespectful to the Beatles that are deceased

this is how i think it | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/16/11

I believe in the whole picture and julien thing, but you know, maybe they were on lsd. either way it was a great song. also, i've heard that the lyrics were from alice in wonderland, or at least inspired.
also, the comment posted on 1/8/11 is totally ridiculous. obviously, they were high when they wrote that, and don't realize that it's illegal because of HEALTH REASONS! it kills your brain! if you take it, there's a chance that you get a 'bad trip' and if you take it, you can end up in a mental hospital, a hospital, or a morgue.
i in no way support LSD, but i do enjoy the beatles.

Duh | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/13/11

The story about John's son are correct as documented is a couple books. "LSD is good" you sound like an anti-drug ad with your rambling. I used many times in the 70's, experienced flashback for s couple years also. Very interesting drug, not safe to buy from street, very little real LSD makes it to the street.

good song, good drug, bad goverment | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/8/11

this is one of the best psychodelic song I've ever heard, after I am the waldrus. it makes me happy and leaves me relaxed. This song combined with within you without you leaves me so relaxed and happy that I feel much more relaxed than meditating. The song is really good and surely it was written in some acid trips and also inspired in the draw made by julian. The LSD should be legalized but its efect of opening the mind would mean the end for the goverment an open mine is a free mind

i believe | Reviewer: kyle | 1/6/11

it doesnt matter where he got the name from its about lsd iv taken it and some of the lyrics wouldnt make sense unless u have like "answer quite slowly" and flowers growing high. u dont listen/talk to people when u trip and vines and flowers actually grow and move alot its a beautiful thing

the real lucy | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/4/11

I love this song but you guys are soooo wrong. Lucy was John Lennons son Julians friend when they were little. He brought home a painting he made at school one day and showed it to his dad, saying it was"Lucy in the sky with diamonds". I believe that she died from cancer a few years ago but they stayed in touch.

Not LSD | Reviewer: Livan | 1/3/11

I can see that anyone knows why this son is called Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds, so i Will show you: When John Lennon's son (Julian) was in kinder garden, he made a picture of a girl in a sky with diamonds instead of clouds, and he told his father, John, that the girl was his classmate Lucy, so Lennon told McCartney to make a song about that.

LSD is good | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/2/11

your consious all the time and have no other angle to see yourself or the world at LSD provides that perspective also it is similar to the chemical messengers your brain and nerves use to send messages your just bombarding your system with them its actually pretty safe if you don't over do it later lamo's

seriously | Reviewer: catherine | 12/30/10

seriously, everyone. this is one of the beatles most famous songs and NO ONE is taking the time to appreciate it because you are all arguing over if the song was about LSD or not. so what if the song is written about LSD?? A lot of the Beatles songs were inspired by drugs, most of them not, but still! i mean, the Beatles are my favorite band but i really wouldn't care if ALL of their songs were inspired by drugs, because the music is still fabulous. it's a dumb drug and it's banned from the U.S. now so get over it!!

LSD correct | Reviewer: Bob | 12/22/10

In 1974 in Africa, scientist's found fossil remains of a 3 million year old walking ape, our earliest link to mankind. The song playing on their radio at the time was Lucy In The Sky, so they named this early female fossil lucy. Just bit of trivia there for ya.
And Yep, LSD was the songwriters drug of choice at the time of writing it, and was the subject for Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds.

Point | Reviewer: André | 12/15/10

The thing that makes me think that this song is not about drugs in any way is that the Beatles always were frank with their use of drugs. They admitted that daytripper was about drugs as well as some other songs.
Of course, the song might've been INSPIRED by their experiences with LSD, it is not necessarily about it.


actually..... | Reviewer: jl | 12/8/10

The song is actually about a picture his son had drawen of his friend Lucy...the picture had stars all around her. He thought it was sweet and Lucy in the sky with diamonds is what came of it. No LSD.....just as Hey Jude was not about Lennon and Yoko but about Lennons first son Julien....McCartney wrote it to comfort him after his parents divorce...changed the name of the song from Hey Jules to Hey Jude cuz it was easier to sing.

Lucy in the sky with diamonds | Reviewer: GeorgeKush | 12/2/10

Great song made by a great band. People tend to overlook things. Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds could be about LSD, and or Lucifer. Both imo. John Lennon was good at writing lyrics with double meaning.

I think | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/19/10

If its about his sons picture ots ok but it os a proven fact they did ALOT of druhs including LSD and either way you know they were on it when they wrote this song they were stoned out of their mind every time the wrote a song and the adjectives in the song reflect my statement

plz stop the arguing | Reviewer: bunny | 11/17/10

please just stop all this arguing! its just a song! sure its a really good song, but its still just a song. besides, dont we all have better things to do than argue over a song that was written over 40 years ago?!

peace, love & oreos