so what! | Reviewer: lola jasmin | 4/27/12

yeh the song is about LSD but so what it an amazing song and people did do LSD get over it and the beatles was and still are the best band ever so what if they were on drugs or not!

Wake and smell the...LSD | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/24/12

Of course if you are a star and you do drugs you don't just scream on mass tv that the song is about LSD! Even at the ond of the 60s, there were still enough bozos to ban the song because it was suspected of being about LSD, even after Lenon smartly lied about it...the BBC did BAN IT! Outrageous. You make a cute lie and you smile and laugh behind the camera, with all your fans knowing the truth. Remember that in the 70s and 80s is when the puritains started the irresponsible (counterproductive) war on drugs. The Beatles were smart and had nothing to win by being prosecuted, hence the cute lie continued.

But 30 years laters, once this was all water under the bridge: in a 2004 interview, Paul McCartney said that the song is about LSD, stating, "A song like 'Got to Get You Into My Life,' that's directly about pot, although everyone missed it at the time." "Day Tripper," he says, "that's one about acid. 'Lucy in the Sky,' that's pretty obvious. There's others that make subtle hints about drugs, but, you know, it's easy to overestimate the influence of drugs on the Beatles' music."[4]
-Matus, Victorino (June 2004). "The Truth Behind "LSD"". The Weekly Standard.

If you think it is not about acid/LSD you are pretty naive.

High on LSD, marijuana, cocaine and meth all at the same time | Reviewer: Nick | 4/14/12

Now let's be honest, if you read the lyrics to this song and you don't find them weird, well then there is a problem. I mean seriously, they're talking about rocking horse people and tangerine trees. No one in their right mind would think that this was a good idea. Plus, this song was published in the 60's (correct me if I'm wrong) and those were the hippie days were everyone was on drugs. And let's face it, there's a huge chance that the Beatles abused of drugs, in fact I'm about 98% sure they did. So, they were high when they wrote the song. Period.

LSD | Reviewer: Kira | 4/12/12

Right, guys. I'm 14 and I know what this is about. After a lot of research I discovered that this song was inspired by a picture that Lennon's son Julian drew in nursery. He named it after a classmate Lucy O'Donnell. Shortly after the song was released the BBC found the first letter of each noun in the title spelled LSD. It was then banned. Paul and John denied writing the song about LSD and said it was just an inspiration of a dream-like drawing!

Isn't the song just wonderful | Reviewer: Redsgerrard | 4/7/12

This song is not related to LSD or anything and still who cares, just listen to the song lads n fall to ur dreamland... Long live the Beatles, long live John Lennon, Macca, George and Ringo

Idiots | Reviewer: Anon | 3/2/12

You are all just assuming that this song is about drugs. None of you know the truth, neither do I but I personally believe the word of the songwriters above the word of the press. John, Paul, George and Ringo stated many times in interviews and whatever that the song is not about lsd. What actually happened was Julian Lennon came up to John and showed him a picture that he had drawn, when John asked what it was, he said. 'its Lucy in the sky with diamonds.'. This is the meaning behind the song. If you google it you can actually find the picture that Julian drew.

princess.leigha13 | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/23/12

This is a great song! Its only rumours that they were on LSD and it most likely is just A COINCIDENCE that the title could spell out LSD. Despite that, this song was originally inspired by a kid's drawing so.... if they were on drugs.. who cares?? it just made the song better :P gives you that "cloud-nine" feel

I love the name they used!!! | Reviewer: Lucy | 1/22/12

wow i love the name they use in the song it is so creative and awesome!!! Everyone should be named Lucy! It rules!! That is my theme song AND ring tone! (just so we are clear, my name is lucy) lol

<3 | Reviewer: James | 1/16/12

Favourite song of all time. This song was actually about John lennons son drawing a picture of a girl that he liked in his class at school and he drew a picture of her in the sky with diamonds... She was quite obviously called Lucy... It does also mention drugs but sometimes you gotta look at these things in a positive way and not that they were all high at the time! <3

Drugs, Reality Check | Reviewer: Lucy | 12/31/11


Reality check people.
Almost every song on the radio or popular song has some mention of drugs. Who really cares if they were on drugs or not. This is a really great song so just enjoy it. Also, for those commenting that theyo get high and listen to this song, I get your point but honestly, you shouldn't say that stuff. Especially because there are 10 year-olds on here. Drugs are bad for you and obviously you are only listening to your friends because even one time of doing drugs can cause serious health conditions and even death. Its all risk factor and what level of risk you're willing to take. Back to the point, though. It doesn't matter if they were on drugs or not, it's an awesome song so stop hating and bragging about going on drugs because that's certainly not something to brag about.

Uhh, Idk about The Guys... | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/5/11

But I personally will be dropping Acid to morrow and Plan on listening to this ....MULTIPLE TIMES. Its a beautiful song with or without the Drug Correlation.


Lol only grade schoolers comment on this... | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/4/11

Ok none of you can say anything because your all like 7 years old lol drugs are bad wahhh Wahhabi my mommy says that people arent nice outside of my white suburban home... Anyone tried LSD for your info it's nin addictive and non habit forming sure u do like 10 hits youll mess yourself up but everything in moderation.. And ps people cared in the 70s it wasn't amsterdam there were rules so little kids who listen to rock and roll go listen to Justin bieber or Disney channel u don't know what your talking about

they weren't on drugs. | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/3/11

they weren't on drugs. john lennon wrote this song when he was inspired by a drawing his son julian brought home from school one day, he described it as 'lucy in the sky with diamonds'. the title having the acronym LSD is a coincidence.
even if they were on drugs.. so?

LSD | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/27/11

I understand everybody else's ideas, and heres my own, The Beatles, John Lennon especially loved messing with the tabloids heads, and heres a great example of him teasing them, I reckon yes this is about the hallucinogenic drug, but I believe its captured by Julians drawing :P

This is why.... | Reviewer: A Gramma from back then | 9/18/11

I love the song and honestly don't care about the drug correlation. Buut needing a humanities class recently, I took history of rock and roll and a specific question on a quiz was "What is the drug reference in the song". I don't think it is that people hate the song or want to ban it. It's interesting history, and yes lots of people did LSD back then, but NOT everybody! <3