Lucy in the Sky with diamonds | Reviewer: Caroline | 11/7/10

This is an amazing song. Most people say its about lsd, but really its from a picture Julian Lennon drew for his dad, John. And if it is, why do you care? The Beatles managed to be great people even with drugs. Unlike today, the beatles were good people, not just good musicians. RIP John and George

All You Need Is Love

wtf xD | Reviewer: lauren | 11/4/10

guys your all making a big deal out of a petty thing so what if they was inspired by acid and shit - or his sons class mate woopy do if your complaining about the meaning of it why bleeding listen to it. they made great music and kept they're fans happy so whats your problem. nothing you change about it now is there whats done is done so deal with it. to think they brought this song out way before any of you was probably born if people was so bothered about them and they're songs theyd sort it out wouldnt they but then everythings changed hasnt it in them days no one cared at all cause half them didnt listen to the music, was either high as kites or they loved they're music. these days you cant sing a nursery rhyme without getting stupid remarks about it. paha i think its so stupid how people just go on about this stuff like for example axl rose hes got bad anger problems so what at least hes sorting it. i think you should all just shut the fuck up and deal with what we have okay.

Casting Stones | Reviewer: capoeira | 11/3/10

Has anyone ever considered the possibility that it could be a bout both? Besides, why are we casting stones? At some point, we've all done something wrong in our lives. Drugs are horrible, but they don't make you a bad person. I'd like to think that each person will be remembered fondly after they die for the good things they did and the good things they were, not disliked because of things that happened past. not that everyone is a good person, but it seems to me that John Lennon and Paul McCartney were/are.

A Real Girl | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/26/10

This song was on the radio a few weeks back. Paul McCartney was saying that this song was about a young girl who died from Lupus, and thats where the inspiration for the song, Lucy in the Sky, came from. This girl was in a class with John Lennons son, and he brought a picture back he had drawn of her with diamonds one day.

Talent | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/23/10

Honestly I don't think it matters either way because we will never know the truth. But lets not forget the fact they The Beatles were/are extremely talented artists. Let's not get so wrapped up in the unknown that we forget to enjoy the amazing talent that these young men had, and how what they did changed the music scene for ever.

Wake up people! | Reviewer: Mark Hems | 10/8/10

There really is little to debate here. Wether the idea for the song was inspired by Lennon's son or not is irelevent. They were a peychedlic rock band who used psychedelic drugs and were writing during the height of the psychedelic counter culture which formed a large percentage of their fan base who they would obviously set out to please. And psychedelics wern't the only drugs to inspire Lennon lyrics.
Shall we start debating the meaning behind "What's the new Mary Jane" or Lennon's later solo track "Cold Turkey" And let's not forget "I am the walrus"

simple | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/9/10

lol calm down everyone, this song's just about an acid trip. That doesnt mean its a bad song, lyrics dont always have to speak on huge world issues or the human condition. This song is a very beautiful description of an acid trip. its masterfully done.

LSD | Reviewer: Quigz | 10/8/10

guys plain and simple its about tripping. they werent trying to gain popularity from their fans becuz they didnt have to try they were the fuckin beatles so to think lennon was trying to hide the simplicity of the song by telling his fans its about lsd is rediculous. He would never admit to the press that this song was influenced by lsd at all because it would probably ruin his credibility with many people. and if you read the lyrics it goes way farther than his childs drawing. "look for the girl with the sun in her eyes", "kaleidoscope eyes", and the cartoony surreal imagery, "sombody calls you, you answer quite SLOWLY", "climb in the back with your head in the clouds" these are all indications of being really high on lsd. its not a big deal i dont understand why some people cant grasp how influential the lsd trips were on lennon and the rest of the beatles. all of you non believers when acid is presented i suggest to give it a try, its a really enlightening experience.

ambiguous lyrics | Reviewer: Phrank | 10/2/10

Lennon and McCartney were master craftsmen at songwriting. Whenever they could, they threw ambiguous lyrics into the pot...they loved the fact that everyone who analyzed their lyrics would have their own individual interpretations.
It is what it is. Another interesting song.
...a song deep in meaning...and like Carral's words, open to interpretation til the end of time.

That's why we can listen to songs like I Am The Walrus and see new meanings as we age.
But if you think Lennon needed drugs to write wild lyrics you need to read Lennon In His Own Write.

LSD | Reviewer: ezwip | 9/8/10

You're living your life oblivious to another reality. Suddenly you are awakened. You shake it off and get back to the dollar. This time you're awakened. You begin to see your politicians as bs artists. The sheep are all around you smiling. Piles of lies you can't overcome. The media is there to help you don't fight it. You're back with the rest of the sheep, but awakened. Awakened to the fact that everybody else knows this and you can't do a damn thing about it. Cheers.

The meaning behind the words | Reviewer: Max | 8/31/10

As a songwriter who has never taken acid I must say it still seems equally plausible either way. I've never seen the picture, but I have read a quote from Lennon that the "imagery is from Alice in the boat" which seems perfectly plausible. But then again Carrol was on acid at the time of Alice so I suppose that makes it both an acid song and a song about a picture using something we like to call metaphors.
My bassist wrote a song called Methadone (Methadrone?), and no, funnily enough, it's not about the drug at all. It's one of them fancy poetic language techniques.
Has no-body heard of a little thing known as 'Poetic Liscense'??

interpreted | Reviewer: Daytripper1 | 8/19/10

Newspaper taxis appear on the shore,
Waiting to take you away.
Climb in the back with your head in the clouds,
And you're gone.

I could be very wrong, but everyone's entitled to their own opinion. This opinion is coming from someone who occasionally likes to feast on though. When I read this verse though the first interpretation I'd make are that the newspaper taxis would be hits of acid on blotter paper. Once they take the acid (the newspaper taxi), they are merely waiting to be taken away on their trip. The last 2 lines are pretty much the same thing as the first 2, nothing new.

I can say that a few of the common things does to me is make the clouds in the sky appear to move around quick and the sky to be a different color than it actually is (marmalade skies). Often times the kaleidoscope geometric pasterns that appear to me end up taking shape over peoples faces and I have many times seen people with kaleidoscope eyes. I suppose these are the only two I can actually relate to, but the mood and imagery used in the lyrics is very fake, surreal, and cartoony kind of. Thats exactly what does to your perception of the real world. If you have ever tripped, you know that there is no denying that this song was written about one or several experiences induced by .

I know its true that this song was inspired by the picture John's son drew of a named Lucy and thats where John got the idea for the name of the song. But thats just about where it ends, took over the meaning of the song... hell yeah.

The real meaning | Reviewer: Becca | 7/26/10

I saw in an interview with John Lennon that he had no idea about the LSD part. we don't know if he's telling the truth though but primarily this song is about a drawing of a classmate of John's son named Lucy.

My interpretation is... | Reviewer: Paul Adam Sledgehammerm'n | 7/13/10

OK, while the title really wasn't inspired by LSD, some of the lyrics were. The song does talk about LSD trips, but the title is a mere coincidence: a drawing Julian made was titled like this, and that inspired John. Whether the songs was written on LSD or if it's about LSD is mere speculation. I believe it was, but anyone can say otherwise without any of the two statements being facts.

yes its about tripping | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/25/10

this is a quote from mccartney :
“ "Lucy in the Sky", that's pretty obvious. There's others that make subtle hints about drugs, but, you know, it's easy to overestimate the influence of drugs on the Beatles' music. Just about everyone was doing drugs in one form or another and we were no different, but the writing was too important for us to mess it up by getting off our heads all the time."