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Performed by The Beatles

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Who Gives A Care? | Reviewer: BeatlesLuver | 10/12/07

I love the Beatles. and who cares if this was about LSD? they were a great band and still are. they made a mark on the world and we show them that they’re awesome by gossiping about the reasons of their songs? just listen, enjoy, and relax. people make everything way to stressed with all of this conspiracy. and its really annoying.

no, your the stupid bitch. | Reviewer: cait | 10/12/07

of course this song has to fucking do with LSD you retards. yeah so, who cares of course the beatles are known for doing their decent amount of drugs. thats what got them out of the element. their little acid tripps got them away from the weird shitty music that was being developed before them. and john fucking lennon is the greatest musician. hes not a stupid communist you peice of shit. without him you wouldn't have all your fucking little bubble gum pop we know you like to listen to "stupid bitches". don't fucking dis someone you have no knowledge of. without him the rock and role era would have been nothing. rest in peace man.

Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds | Reviewer: LSD Train Hopper | 10/10/07

Woo, this song freaks me out everytime... I picture shit... Where rocking horse people eat marshmallow pies... Omg. Yeah, this song is amazing. The Beatles are amazing.

Beautiful ! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/8/07

I am 20 and have listened to the beatles since I was a child. To still be popular so many years later just shows that great music never dies .. this song is beautiful. I dont care about the hidden messages in the songs of the beatles, I just listen to their song and enjoy them and most importantly appreciate them !! and to Mya, please I beg you - go play in traffic !

Shut up and Listen. | Reviewer: Bungalow | 10/7/07

The Beatles Were probably one of the foremost important bands in history. Their Words, Beliefs, Sound, Actions, Addictions, everything. They were a marker for folk rock, and psychedellic rock, and anthems. If people would get off the fact that they DID do LSD i'm sure they'd appreciate their music.
And who really cares if they were on LSD, it didn't effect you in the least. Drop it. And realize that they're an amazing band, and this song envokes in creativity, and imagination.

Just appreciate it man.

MYA: | Reviewer: Me > MYA | 10/4/07

MYA under the title "stupid bitches" obviously shouldn't be given access to a computer, beatles music, and least of all the position of critiquing peoples intelligence. Furthermore, there are ways to combat the magnificent display of ignorance that he managed to pull off in two short lines; they're called books, try picking one up sometime.

This song, like most of The Beatles songs shows their unparalleled genius in pop music. Oh yea, the Beatles didn't ruin music, you did MYA. Yea...ponder that, with your deep tennis shoe sole.

Music!! | Reviewer: Tiffany | 10/3/07

Who cares about the drugs and if they were on them then good for them! All that matters is the music and its wonderufl. As long as they made good music who cares what they did in their personal lives!!! It was along time ago so just drop it!

Gewfie | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/3/07

I dont mean to make this a forum but the song is about LSD Lucy=L Sky=S Diamonds=D LSD...Dunno bout you other peeps, but to me it seems that the song is about LSD

For goodness sake! | Reviewer: Mintie | 9/30/07

This isn't a forum, so could everybody stop debating whether or not this is about LSD? (At which point I must point out that the Bealtes were exceptionally honest about when they were stoned or not, why lie about this one so fervently?)
Go somewhere else for that. This is not a forum, it's a site to review songs. Try it for a change. As for my review:

This really invokes a lot of childhood images and stuff, it's just an amazing song! I love the chorus, it really contrasts with the versus but I think it works really well :)

------ About the song Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds performed by The Beatles | Reviewer: Rick james bitch | 9/30/07

Ok listen to the beatles earlier albums then listen to this one and tell me there is no chance they are on LSD? Their music completely changed,not in a bad way. Lennon said that the song is about a picture his kid drew it very well couldve but it doesnt mean that they were'nt on the drug when they made the song.(L)ucy in the (S)ky with (D)iamonds look at th capital letters and wat does it spell? Pyscodelics open up ur mind and make u think about things u would never think of not on them..Everyone needs to tripp then listen to the song I promise it will make alot of sense!!

:) | Reviewer: n.n | 9/28/07

well... i dont know if it does have a hidden message...but you guys should try listening to it while on acid...same with strawberry fields forever... whoaaaa! what a trip

stupid bitches | Reviewer: mya | 9/27/07

are you stupid, this IS about lsd, which isn't bad p.s. and john lennon is a stupid communist. the beatles are wonderful but they were the down fall of music. can music save your sole?

pay attention!! | Reviewer: leah | 9/27/07

who the hell cares if they were on drugs?!?!

this song is amazing, and if they were on drugs - great - if not great - it doesnt matter! they still wrote the lyrics, they made the music - it came from their brains, it's their voices, and it's amazing.

so shut up and enjoy the music - quit analyzing everything - art isnt about being analytical!

i hate people | Reviewer: grrrrrrr | 9/27/07

dude, you forgot a syllable in the name for lsd, and it has nothing to do with syllables... why are people so set on proving that all great songs have some dark hidden meaning... its a great song, about a childs drawing. leave it alone

i love this song. | Reviewer: kristen | 9/26/07

this song i dont think is about drugs.
but what ever.
i love jhon lennon.
i miss the beatles.
i also am in love with this frikken song.

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