Bald Adonis = Douche | Reviewer: sgsince89 | 2/11/10

@ Bald Adonis.
Anybody who has experience LSD, KNOWS this song is describing an LSD trip.

"A girl with kaleidoscope eyes"
"Cellophane Flowers"
"plasticine porters with looking glass ties"

The Beatles were VERY well known for their drug experimentation... Named after a drawing... How fucking naive are you :\

2-12-10 | Reviewer: doesn't matter | 2/12/10

This is one of the greates beatles songs i ever heard, but the thing that inspired the beatles to write lucy in the sky with diamonds is LSD...not about Julian Lennon's drawing of Lucy O'Donnell flying in the sky with diamond eyes...its about LSD...just look at the title Lucy.....Sky....Diamonds L,is for lucy, S, is for sky, D is for diamonds put that all together and what does that spell close i win u loose, in ur face.

Great Song! | Reviewer: Mario | 2/4/10

Regardless of what inspired this song, it's awesome. The Beatles forever!! We'll never really know the meaning, but I think it was based of the drug LSD. Many people just say it's about a drawing because they seen it on the Rockband: Beatles game, but I doubt I said though, regardless of how it became, it's a good song!

lucy o'donnell vodden in the sky with diamonds | Reviewer: bald adonis | 1/30/10

Are you nuts? I'm talking to the people claiming that this song is about lsd. It's about Julian Lennon's drawing of Lucy O'Donnell flying in the sky with diamond eyes and saying "This is 'Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds'."If you aren't convinced yet, then what about Juilan Lennon's song "Lucy" released last year? It was about Lucy O'Donnell Vodden's death and a sequel to Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds.

hey now!! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/29/10

well read the verse
Newspaper taxis appear on the shore,
Waiting to take you away.
Climb in the back with your head in the clouds,
And you're gone.
this song as well as many other were about governemnt. they were from a socialist country noy yo say other things didnt inspire the band. lsd def did.

i love the beatles | Reviewer: Lidia | 1/20/10

i love the beatles no matter what people think about them and in fact i went to my friends house and she had the beatles rock band and i sang lucy in the sky with diamonds and got 100% sure enough yeah people thought that they were talking about lsd but who cares its my and its awsome but if you people look at what i typed and you hate the if i ever meet you ill punch you in the face and i like all these songs,lucy in the sky with diamonds which i am listening to right now,across the universe,all my loving,happiness is a warm gun,band on the run,strawberry fields forever,all you need is love,let it be,hey jude,with a little help from my friends,i am the walrus,ive just seen a face,revolution,i want you (shes so heavy),if i fell,i want to hold your hand,dear prudence,come together,oh darling,something,help,penny lane,paperback writer,yesterday and a lot others and all the people out there who have seen across the universe im a huge fan!

No drugs | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/18/10

People may think the song was from alice in wonder land or LSD or weed or acid or some other drug but lennon wrote this song because his son made a painting of a girl and John built around the idea of that painting of the girl with eyes like kaliedascopes. i think u can google image the painting but either way stop fighting, the beatles are a melo happy band.

the truth | Reviewer: Willem | 1/16/10

But the actual truth is that the beatles were inspired by Lewis Carroll to write this song. You know, the one who wrote the Alice in wonderland stories. The song begins with 'picture yourself on a boat in a river'. Lewis Carroll invetend the Alice in wonderland stories while he was on a boat in a river. No need to fight. This is supposed to be a happy occasion, lets not bicker and and argue about who killed who.

peace | Reviewer: Katelyn | 1/13/10

Look people you are fighting about the Beatles how stupid is that? The music is what counts who cares what its really about???? Drugs or girl who cares?Take it as u want 2! lol Beatles are about peace man so u all need 2 chill and get along

not drugs | Reviewer: suihiaqh | 1/9/10

Aparantly it's not about drugs. it's about a picture one of their kids drew. or they drew when they were little. something like that. The kid was asked. whats that picture of? and they responded. "It's lucy in the sky with diamonds"

Pauls the MAN! | Reviewer: WTF?! | 12/30/09

i have no fucking clue why people are saying that paul has an enormous ego and they dont beieve him. paul did more for the beatles than the other 3 put together. he wrote most of the songs and got george to join, and its bullshit that so many people think john did everything. and to tell you the truth, i think he should have a large ego! hes paul fucking mccartney! hes incredible!

Information uknown | Reviewer: Dopstad | 12/15/09

Let me just start off by saying this is probably one of the greatest music videos i have ever seen. With this beeing said, if it's about a girl name lucy or the drug LSD, it doesn't change the song. People can think whatever they want because beatles have lead clues to what they could be talking about, but the clues can also be thought as different subjects that makes it hard to state what they really wanted with this song. Even if they stated verios of things we can never know for certain that their telling the thruth. This i don't mind, because to me this song is what i see, feel and hear.

Calm down, guys! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/13/09

Look, be the song about drugs or not, why don't we just accept the music and not go into it if we can't agree? The Beatles spent a lot of their time telling people that the song isn't about LSD, so I've got to say, I'm gonna take it from them and say it's not. I mean sure, Lennon did later say it could have been inspired by LSD, but hey, the mans dead so I'm just gonna listen to the music and let it take me far away and just fall the fuck in love wit the music.

Thank you Lucy | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/12/09

Lucy is right. It's a mixture of both. Because he smoked weed he saw the painting his son made, and wrote a song about it. It reminded him most likely of a trip he had and decide to write about that specific experience. He most likely knew people could easily relate to it.

A Bit of Beatles History | Reviewer: Mike | 11/24/09

A few flabbergasting things I've read on the first page alone.

1) Lennon's inspiration for the song came from the picture his son drew. His lyrical inspiration might have been from LSD, as he was using it at the time the band put Sgt Pepper's together. But Lennon has never made bones about his drug use before. He was arrested in the 60's before the release of Pepper for possession. He also freely admitted to using a variety of other drugs including heroin, which he claimed only to have snorted. He even wrote a song about kicking the habit- hence Cold Turkey. Another reason I doubt he really gave a shit about what others thought about his hobbies.

2) As for Ringo's drug use being a contributing factor to the band breaking up. Ringo left the band during the White Album sessions and was asked to return by each but the situation deteriorated mainly because of McCartney's enormous ego and desperation to keep the band as one unit and Lennon/Harrison's mixture of boredom and frustration with McCartney and the entire Beatles idea. This is most evident on the White Album and Let it Be, as the styles of music (one needn't look further than contrasting McCartney's output of love ballads and pop standards and period confections like I Will, Blackbird, Let it Be, Two of Us, The Long and Winding Road, Honey Pie etc with Lennon's Yer Blues, Across the Universe, Bungalow Bill, Dig a Pony and other such dark material.

3) Seeing as how Lennon is Lucy's sole author, I think McCartney's comments on it are solely commentary and should be treated as such.