Not What You Might Think | Reviewer: Lola Woodman | 4/13/14

This song is not about psychedelic drugs. It's an interpretation of a school drawing presented to John by one of his sons. That John could glean all that magical imagery from a kid's artwork only serves to further illustrate the scope and depth of his genius.

Drugs and Lucy | Reviewer: Pat | 4/13/14

For all you druggies out there, I hate to ruin your drugged filled vision of this song, but Lucy in the Sky was written about a painting that John Lennon's son Julian painted. It is childlike innocence that you see filling this song not drugged induced utopia!

the destroyers destroyer | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/12/14

This song is about Satan and his Angels flying around in UFOs..Lucy = Lucifer and diamonds = stars. What else shines li a diamond in the sky...well there's the moon...but the song state diamonds..that's plural. There's only one moon. Satan and his Nephilim family are in the sky watching with kalliedoacscope eyes

please dont bad mouth the greatest group ever | Reviewer: Robert Miller | 1/15/14

Beatles music believe me will be here forever keep coming back they were bad mouth because they were greatest group they will ever be they were from north England not America or Lonbon BBC dont make me laugh out touch ,drugs look Paul an Ringo now not bad eh all All YOU NEED IS LOVE

A note to Nickolas! | Reviewer: Pamela without diamonds | 8/15/13

Something is a little off in your optimism. Your Dad lived to be ALMOST 65??? When people today live active healthy lives in to their eighties and nineties we would actually say that your Dad died YOUNG!

If you don't believe me, wait a few years and see how you feel then.

I'm up at the top of our scale and I can tell you I have a hell of a lot of living to do before I shuffle off this mortal coil. (And luckily for me - I have never taken or needed a single drug to make me appreciate the wonders of our world. A single dew drop holds a rainbow ... a splash of petrol on the road is gloriously iridescent ... )

By the way, I'm not suggesting that LSD was the cause of your father's death. I've no idea if that could be a cause or not. But suggesting that someone who died before their 65th birthday was proof of LSD not being harmful is a spurious argument.

Obvious | Reviewer: Nickolas | 7/16/13

For anyone that has disputes about what the name means, I am what is considered a "heavy" acid user, and Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds is easily the most well known nickname of LSD-25, as the lyrical content describes(along with Yellow Submarine which the band members stated they did the entire album on acid, and Day Tripper.) And about the one response that stated LSD may cause you to be "a little off in later years" my dad used LSD for nearly 30 years and he lived to be almost 65 and never lost anything upstairs. LSD has been proven to be non-toxic relative to dose, and not known to be addictive or cause brain damage.


I Hope You Believe Me... | Reviewer: Storm | 6/4/13

This song sounds a lot like an LSD high, but it's not... it's probably Satanism (Lucy = Lucifer = the Morning Star); and if you want more evidence and the newer addition listen to Rihanna's Diamonds. Very similar, aren't they?
I'm not sure if the Band Members kid actually DID draw a picture of a girl named Lucy flying in diamonds but I know this might not be true.

For more information on the song see: AprilAndWayneShow on YouTube. Than go to their video - "Rihanna Diamonds Exposed".
~Thank you for Reading! the Lord bless you! :)

its about lsd | Reviewer: joseph | 3/11/13

in the last line in the 3rd verse, he says "the girl with kaleidoscope eyes"

on lSD, you see kaleidoscope images on every solid surface, i know because i have done LSD. So yes, this song is most likely about LSD

Went into a dream...of the 60s | Reviewer: Pantopon Rose | 2/10/13

To reviewer Nick: who says EVERYONE in the 60s was on drugs? I wasn't. I was a straight-arrow Catholic school kid with no experience of sex, drugs, or alcohol and was the world's biggest Beatles fan! All us kids had all their records and knew all their songs by heart. We also put flowers in our hair for a joke and paraded around the playground holding hands and singing Scott Mackenzie's "San Francisco." Meanwhile our older brothers were shooting up, and "shooting up" in Vietnam. Yes, we were innocent. Yes, by 1970 most of us were using drugs.... "Lucy" has a dreamy, trance-like sound that signaled the new directions rock music was going in. Does it matter if the original inspiration came from LSD? Not really, though most listeners at the time probably assumed that it did.

Lucy and Julian | Reviewer: K | 2/1/13

Julian Lennon drew a picture at school of his classmate Lucy, flying in the sky with Diamonds. John Lennon picked his son up from school and saw the picture and wrote a song titled after the picture. Even Julian says this is true. I am not saying it couldn't be a song about LSD, but all I am saying is that if it is, that connotation must have come afterwards, when The Beatles were writing the song.

ha | Reviewer: rian | 12/25/12

Actually this song is not about "lsd" at all and Lucy in the sky with diamonds doesn't stand for lsd at all. It was the title of a picture that one of the band members kid made in school the picture was of a girl flying in a sky made up of diamonds!

WHO CARES!!!! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/3/12

who cares if its about LSD cant yuh just shut up and hear this incredable music without stupid coments the beatles were the BOMB even if they were on drugs! always the best THE BEATLES<3

It's obvious. Stop ignoring it to comfort yourself. | Reviewer: Name | 9/13/12

"Day Tripper," he says, "that's one about acid. 'Lucy in the Sky,' that's pretty obvious. There's others that make subtle hints about drugs, but, you know, it's easy to overestimate the influence of drugs on the Beatles' music."[4]
-Matus, Victorino (June 2004). "The Truth Behind "LSD"". The Weekly Standard.

It's about acid. To even think that it's not is just plain naive.
McCartney said it himself.

The Beatles most definitely dropped acid.

It's important not to group all illicit drugs together though; they're all different.

LSD has no physically addictive traits. It has the potential for psychoactive addiction (habit; body doesn't need it, but you do it because you have an emotional or routine attachment), but even that is extremely rare due to the tolerance and length of LSD. If you drop two tabs one day, then two tabs the next, the strength of your trip will be "halved"; you would need to drop four tabs to achieve the same trip you did the day before, and even then, it still wouldn't be the same. Also, a lot of people state that, while they enjoyed their trip, they wouldn't do it again for a while.

In terms of long term AND short term physical health effects, there has literally been none proven or suspected. Long term mental health effects is debatable; a lot of heavy (I emphasize heavy) acid users end up a little off in later life, but no actual mental "damage" (per se) inflicted. People suffering of are going to suffer from schizophrenia later in their life should stay away from acid though, because while it won't GIVE them schizophrenia, it will make it worse/speed up the process of getting it. LSD has actually shown some pretty positive results as a medicinal substance though; it's shown promise as a treatment for alcoholism.

LSD isn't crack or meth; it's completely different on every level. Non-addictive and it won't damage you physically or (unless you're schizo) mentally. It is most definitely better for you than alcohol.

Evidence from - sorry I can't be anymore precise than that; I'm at school.

Oh, please! | Reviewer: Mark | 5/30/12

Interpret this song anyway you choose, but it was NOT intended to be a drug song by Lennon. He denied it at the time and continued to deny it throughout the rest of his life. Since he so freely admitted to writing other songs related to LSD, why would he feel obligated to deny it for so many years? It was obviously a song with tremendous imagery, and if you want to believe John was tripping when he wrote it or was describing a prior trip, go for it.

LSD | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/29/12

Puritans? Seriously, things aren't that simple. There's a huge drug industry in the world that gets more profit if the drugs are illegal. Make them legal would lower the prices, also because this market would be opened to every industry that whorks under the law. That's it.