NEWSFLASH | Reviewer: Ania | 7/24/11

If anyone has bothered to notice Nixon is out of office, it is 2011, and I really can't believe people are still debating if someone was on drugs or not when they wrote the song.


why not? | Reviewer: another Beatles fan | 5/29/11

well. Now, I will keep going with my job. This song is actually the first beatles psychedelic public job and also a really interesting one. There actually 3 belives about this song:
It's based on trips.
It's based on Julian's draw.
And no real belive( doesn't care)
But I ask my self. Why not to belive in both? since both happened by the same time, isn't it the most logic answer? After all both belives have proves: the draw exists and they made drugs; Lennon loved his son and also took drugs.

aswer to the little kid | Reviewer: another Beatles fan | 5/29/11

kid you shouldnt talk like that, I'm 14 and I have posted on: across the universe, sexy sadie, I me mine, fool on the hill, prudence, hello goodbye, bulldog, I'm the walrus and now here and I have respect for the people which post here and I dont tell the people that they fuck themselves, I also know the beatles an their music better than any insolent 10 years kid also my posts are planted in a more psichological way based in each beatle personality n' time rather than completely focusing in lyrics.

Who the FUCK cares??! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/17/11

Who gives a damn fuck if they did it on LSD,like really,almost all god damn people did LSD back then!those of you who think it damn matters,you might damn well change your god damn minds,almost NOTHING god damn mattered back then!I`m ten and I know a whole god damn lot more than some of you older retards,all who think it god damn matters can just fuck theirselves!God damn some of you older idiots!PEACE,I`M OUT!!!!

grow up | Reviewer: You dont need to know | 5/11/11

it is a nice song so it doesnt really matter if its about drugs or not, and if it is what do you get for proving that a medal? my ppoint is that it is a song and if you like it thats great but if you hate it dont go hateing on it!

lsd | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/9/11

I think the song is great! I know doing drugs is bad but it is over and done with and they produced a great song. I think that is shouldn't be banned just because it is initiled lsd if that was the case then many songs would be banned for just mentioning drugs like lds. It is a great song because of them being so high while making that song. Give them a round of applause instead of hating.

it's not | Reviewer: groovy Edward 63 | 4/24/11

LSD what the ... well I am an artist (an artist is who express himself not a man who knows how to draw, i also know how to draw) but if there is some thing a bit annoying is that people try to say that your art is something that it isn't, it isn't julian's draw, it isn't LSD, and it isn't any other thing, what's up men its not that groovy that people come here to say "It's the draw", "It's the drug" also if it was, then each thing made a great high groovy psichedelic rocking song" so please shut up, PEACE!

The Song | Reviewer: JesusFreak4evr | 4/16/11

i think its an interestin song. i had nvr heard of it cause my dad and gramma had 2 hide they were showin me the beatles frm my mom until i read it n a comic. (The Runaways by Marvel Comics) its a rlly good song. i must admit

LSD or Mary-Jane | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/15/11

I think Lucy is about LSD, especialy because of the twinkling eyes. Yellow Submarine is about Marijuana because of the company enjoying sea green (probably not sea weeds).
But most of all, great songs! Just enjoy it (with any poison you prefer...)

*Sigh* | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/14/11

Geez. So the initials mean LSD. Who gives a shit? Granted, the song is a bit spacy, but it's still a good song. I see no need to ban a song, simply because the initials are the same as a drug.

I do adore the song either way, and find the music video very interesting. The inspiration from Alice in Wonderland adds to the fun of it.

People need help | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/11/11

As previous reviewers said "who cares", my point exactly. If you go and take drugs, I don't care, you go take acid and turn into a vegtable, I don't care, as long as you don't hurt someone else, go die for all I care, its your life. If the beatles ever tripped out making a song its "yellow submarine". None of the beatles died from acid, so whats the big deal if they took it. Also, acid is pretty tame compared to PCP and meth.

.. | Reviewer: . | 4/1/11

How come everyone cares so much whether or not its about LSD? its a good song. end of story. we weren't there, so we don't know if anyone was on anything when it was written. So everybody chill. its a good song, drugs or no drugs. picture or no picture. its a song.

Review | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/23/11

Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds = LSD
^^name of a watercolor Julian Lennon made when he was 4. John used the name for the song, and acid may have influenced the writing, but it is not a song about acid.

Amazing | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/21/11

This song was not written while they were on drugs your all fuckin retarded, granted they did do there own share of the goods back then but everyone did... your all uneducated, this song was written about a picture John Lennon's little boy drew. Stupid FUCKS

Mr.Lucy | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/10/11

whoever posted on 1/16/11 is an uneducated twat. lsd does not destroy your brain, and to die from lsd you have to take thousands of doses. And of course they were on acid, they openly admitted to taking the drug. There are more risks from people like you spreading incorrect information and stupid opinions than there are from taking lsd. read a little about the topic before you post so you don't sound like such a bloody idiot.