Rita Likes Women | Reviewer: Kathleen | 10/7/14

I always interpreted this song as Rita being gay. She looked like a military man, paid for dinner, and wouldn't give it up. What sane, heterosexual woman would not give it up for Paul McCartney?
And I don't think those were her sisters sitting on the sofa.

secret revelation of rita | Reviewer: rainman | 4/26/13

rita is the last girl who meet paul on the way, when they got car accident on year 1960's. paul died on accident and rita was the only survivor. the paul on beatles in year 1965 and the rest is false paul. better to listen on the album of rubber soul and revolver.

"Nearly Made It" | Reviewer: Raelyn O | 12/13/10

From what I understand, he nearly made it but there was a sister or two lingering around on the sofa who wouldn't let them be. I'm pretty sure he didn't nearly make it with a sister or two involved. But what a great song!

And, really quick - a meter maid is not technically slang for ANY police woman. Is is a woman who is assigned to write up the tickets for parking meters. Hence the name METER (Parking meters) MAID (woman).

Not a George Martin fave | Reviewer: Pine Peace | 9/13/10

Interestingly enough, in his book "Summer of Love" Beatles producer George Martin says he wasn't fond of Rita. Despite struggling with "Within You Without You" before warming to it and being a little bitter at not producing "She's Leaving Home" - Lovely Rita is the only song off Pepper he didn't really like.

Rita=police woman | Reviewer: Emily | 1/17/10

"meter maid" was a slang term for policewomen. Paul got a parking ticket outside of Abbey Road studios from a "meter maid," a woman named Meta. Paul accepted ot graciously instead if being angry about it. He used the name "rita" because "well, she looked like a Rita to me."

last line's clear imo | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/14/09

the last line likely refers to why he didn't 'make it', which as many guys can remember from high school when your date's younger sibling(s) would always linger not allowing for any privacy, and of course her parents had no problems with their interference. good times.

Nearly made it | Reviewer: Kitty | 8/3/09

Why couldn't it mean that they'd nearly made 'it' with a sister or two? They were the BEATLES, everyone knew their names, I wouldn't be surprised if they had had girls lined up outside their dressing rooms.

What does it mean by "I nearly made it..." | Reviewer: Beatle's Skunk | 7/28/09

Response to comment below:

Many believe this is another Paul Is Dead clue; that the song refers to Paul picking up a women named Rita on Nov 9 1966, and during the drive to his home she realised he was and threw herself onto him, cause him to crash. The line "I nearly made it" hints at it, but the following line does not match up to any meaning the first one could have.

Paul Is Live...

Great song | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/16/09

I've always loved this song, but was never quite sure if I understood him when he said, " Nearly made it...With a sister or two" he can't mean they nearly made IT with a sister or two nivolved, right? Please, someone tell me that has nothing to do with what he meant!

Lovely Rita | Reviewer: Jack Valliax | 2/19/08

I think any Beatles fan would agree with me when i say that The Beatles where full to the brim with talent, creating Sgt. Peppers, only for it to become one of the greatest rock 'n' roll albums ever. Lovely Rita is a brilliant song off of the album, and I think along with the other Beatles songs, the music will live on forever.