So close and yet so far | Reviewer: Anthony | 7/5/13

I love this song more than I can describe. However I just wish it had a different ending and was a little longer. Maybe in it's time it was suited, but if the ending was better this probably could have been one of their best known songs. I still love it though, George was at such a different level, I can so identify with him and his life style and works helped shape me.

God Bless you George Harrison, you were one of a kind.

Suicide | Reviewer: cs | 1/4/13

Read the lyrics and it sounds like a happy song. Listen to the recording, though, and it's a very different story. Since I was a kid I assumed this was a song about a person who believes he can reunite with his beloved in spirit after death, and plans to commit suicide. Evidence? That circus drum roll at the end of the lyrics before the harrowing death-defying leap, the scream and dizzying acceleration, and that horrible thud at the end. Now he can "see you, be you." because in spirit we can be with whomever we please. Misguided, yes, but what the heck: it's art.

love love love | Reviewer: daniel | 10/30/12

actually george wrote this song about his relationship to god. but in my opinion it`s a wonderful love song, when you find yourself between the love of your past and the love of your future.

S-P | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/29/10

My boyfriend told me this song reminds him of me. I told him that it would be our song. That night we made ourselves an official couple. This song will always hold a special place in my heart because of him. I smile everytime I listen to it, and I always remember that special night.

great | Reviewer: josh | 8/27/08

it reminds me of some modern "alternative" music. among those songs it would fit well, as a model perhaps. i wouldn't consider it relaxing, more-so inspirational of melancholy, but i think that's just me. it is eerie. i knew it was part of my own experiences, even before i knew the words.
the instruments are perfect, unique.

Long, Long, Long | Reviewer: Jaimee McVey | 9/9/07

Completely haunting and beautiful. A soft vocal of Harrison's, it's a rather quiet song, and can easily relax you and replace harsher moods with a deep sense of mellow. Great if you're high.