My Dad and The Beatles! | Reviewer: Dylan Toshi Ao | 11/6/10

My dad (R.I.P) was a great fan of the Beatles. I remember, I fell in love with the Beatles the first time I heard 'Hey Jude' on my dad's record player. Then I started collecting every beatles song I could find. I still do. According to me, 'Live at BBC' is the greatest Beatles album. Enjoy!

Beatles Live AtThe BBC | Reviewer: Raul Ortega | 3/12/07

This is a wonderful record. I have the original 3 LPs I bought at the Beatles 20 year anniversary in 1984. It is one of my prized possessions. I hope they release it on CD.It's a great collection. The records are great to listen to their real early hits, and intersting versions of some of their well known songs.