A great song | Reviewer: Allan from Malaysia | 3/13/08

I had always heard this song before but never knew what it meant, then a few days ago i heard it for the first time and it touches my heart. A great song touches us by the heart but this touches me by the soul.

Tribute to my father | Reviewer: irishbookfairy | 3/11/08

I do love this song. I always have. My father used to take me to the park in the early 70's when I was a little girl and he was a major Beatle's fan and when this song would come on he would always sing it to me. His favorite saying all of my life was "let it be". He even had a bumper sticker on his truck that said it. My father was very much a peacenik. He could never understand why people would have so much rage and hold grudges. I do not believe my father ever actually "grew up". He died at 49 from a massive heart attack and I know that the light is shining on him and the music he loved is playing for him. His mother is there for him also and probably came for him just like in the song. I just wish more people everywhere would never grow up. Living in a land of grown up children is my idea of paradise.

Let it be... | Reviewer: Ihor | 12/28/07

Hi to all The Beatles fans! I'm from Ukraine. It's really Beautifull Song. The melody of dreams. The words of hope and belief... Eternal song... and Let it be.

One of the best songs ever | Reviewer: Mirtha | 11/30/07

A comment for Julia from Germany: although John Lennon was and will be great for ever, this song was written by Paul McCartney. The Beatles were going through tough times, and Paul dreamed with his mom Mary (who had passed away when he was a teenager) and she whispered words to him trying to calm him down. This inspired Paul to write this great song.

Amazing | Reviewer: Kamarah | 11/22/07

I love this song so much. my grade 7 and 8 music teacher was crazy for beatles and beach boys and elvis so for music history we learned their history and from then on i have loved the beatles so i am thanking my music teacher for introducing them to me :) p.s this is my favourite song!!

Let It Be.... | Reviewer: Emily | 11/11/07

This is absolutely an amazing song. I just discovered it the other day but I've been listening to it almost contantly since. It's so beautiful and simple and it just makes everything in the world okay...

Hey!!! | Reviewer: Julia Reisenauer | 10/22/07

I'm 13 and from Germany. My English isn't perfect, but your page is it!!! I love the Beatles and I love "Let it be"! John Lennon is great!!! Good luck and bye. I say hi to all the Beatles fans.
Love you. xxx

Let it be sung | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/12/07

Love the comments. This song will still be sung in 100 years time if only all those clever people leave this world of ours alone and let it be.

karim | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/4/07

hi! i'm from venezuela! I was looking this lyrics! I love this song! it's so beautiful =D well.. hi to everybody (K)! and sorry for my terrible english..! byee =P

Let it Be.. | Reviewer: A Depressed Boy | 9/5/07

Hi, this song really gets me trough the day..
It's so full of hope. Like all of their songs and also so full of love. It's the perfect substitute for the real thing...

Someone who's 17 from belgium.. You see young people can also enjoy real classics...

Hello everyone | Reviewer: Lucrecia | 7/6/07

Hello, i´m from Argentina, and i discover this website because i was looking lyrics of my favourite band. i really love them, all the songs. i´m a fan of them and i wish every day coud go to liverpool, to the Cavern Club and feel the beatle spirit. thanks for the lyrics. sorry for my terrible english.

Let it be... | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/5/07

Sometimes I want to argue and disagree with the world and all the dishonesty and when I listen to this song I suddenly become at peace with my thoughts and the beauty of this song just shines through my mind.

"Mother" Mary Comforts me | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/27/07

This song brings me "Amazing" peace....

My Mama (who passed away 5 years ago....and who happens to be named (Mary).....seems to come to me, speaking such amazingly peaceful words....Let it be)

wow | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/24/07

hey people,

i think that these are perfect lyrics, and a fantastic song!! Tell everyone about this website, to get lyrics, it rocks! and it has all the songs i like


Let it be | Reviewer: I was born on the same day as John Lennon! | 12/1/05

i love this song. i love the beatles. i'm inlove with John Lennon. -even though he's dead-, and i was born on the same day as him. this is one of my fave Beatles songs. the Beatles are the best. gotta love 'em