Mary | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/24/10

If you ask me the song has a blatant double meaning. Of course it's REFERing to pot. MARYjuana is a sedative; a downer in other words. Those who smoke, vaporize, or eat it will more than likely expieience a sense of pacifism. Obviously to those whom are unfond of the Beatles' use of drug will probably draw more of an assosiation towards it's Biblical refrence, whether it was intentional or not. But the Beatles weren't Christian. They were secular, and LOVED grass. Infact the only wisp of Spirituality among the four was among George Harrison.

My Flower... | Reviewer: Jamar Washington | 3/3/10

...this song came on in my time of need just a moment ago. I feel like giving up and yet my heart burns for my princess(the love of my life)...even today is my birthday and its as if shes totally forgotten me despite the many things I do to celebrate her each and every week of my life. I felt like putting on a "show"....letting her know how over things are(because her actions make it this way but she refused to acknowledge that as if everythings fine)...BUT I know God has shown me many things in the future and Ive gone through too much to win her heart for it to just blow away like dust in the wind. Even still we have free will and Im not sure what Ill choose(because I know Ill never love anyone else like I loved vulnerable)...but this song came on and Im determined to keep my mouth shut and challenge her in this game of "chicken". Im going to just let it answer will come soon enough and in the mean time Ive erased her face that I not disgrace the girl who truly is my princess(since she hides her face its as if Ive done nothing at all).

Why it was written | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/30/09

I was watching a Beatles documentary when Paul ( I beleive ) was talking about the role drugs played in the bands song writing. Apperently Paul was having a dream during a high endused sleep. Durring this dream his mother (Mary) came to him and said "let it be". When he woke up he wrote the song.

saluting the masterpiece | Reviewer: bisnu aryal from nepal | 10/15/09

i dont know much aboout music but the words selection for this song is beyond any comaparison it is simply ineffable. everytime i listen to this song, i forget the mundane world i m caught in n transport myself to the world of ultimate blisss

words or wisdom | Reviewer: ct pena | 8/4/09

I grew up with the Beatles and remember this song as new. I've always loved it and could see that the meaning behind it was spiritual, either refering to the Virgin Mary or Paul's own mother. What I never understood was how some people felt that it refer to Marijuana. I heard the rumor that the Mary in the song, referred to that. I just always saw that has some people's attempt to discredit the Beatles and attack Paul. Which only serves to discredit those making the accusation. In the end it dosen't matter to me, whenever I hear the song or sing it myself, I refer to the Blessed Mother and understand that Paul was doing the same.

Influence | Reviewer: Vampire Girl | 7/30/09

The Beatles have always been an influence in my life, as a small child my parents used to and still do listen to The Beatles. 'Let It Be' was the first song I knew all the words to and will always hold a place in my heart. Its words of hope and redemption still ring clear in my mind. When I'm depressed its the first song I listen to, the is just something about the song that makes me want to repeat over and over and over again.

Powerful | Reviewer: alexzandria | 7/5/09

This song is such a powerful song. It gives me the chills everytime. I first heard the song on Across The Universe and fell in love with it right away. So much emotion is in this song its breathtaking

let it be | Reviewer: broken heart | 4/20/09

My long term partner just broke up with me. Now I listen to this song and sing along over and over again. It brings me to tears but heels me and gives me some hope that 'there will be an answer' and 'there will be no sorrow'.

It's encouraging me. | Reviewer: Htoo | 11/18/08

I have heard that song for the first time when I was 6 years old in the year 1990. I am now 24 and whenever I am down with the problems, I just remember that song and feel like Mother Mary is just beside me. It can wash away my feelings most of the time. What a great song it is.

Note to Mirtha | Reviewer: Gmog | 9/17/08

Your comment regarding Paul's inspiration for this is, indeed, the most common explanation given. However, I think it's worth noting that the words "let it be" were spoken by different "Mother Mary" in Luke 1:38.

I'm not a religous person myself, but those words are among the most thrilling in the new testament. Paul must have been aware of their ultimate source and meaning when he wrote this song.

I've always taken "Let It Be" to be a plea to let god's will "be" - let it happen - in our own lives. In a 60's hippie sort of way, this a very religous song.

Mirtha | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/17/08

Your comment regarding Paul's inspiration for this song is, indeed, the most common one given and is probably correct. However, I think it's worth noting that the words "let it be" were spoken by different "Mother Mary" in Luke 1:38.

I'm not a religous person myself. Nevertheless, I consider those words to be among the most thrilling in the new testament, and possibly in all of western literature. Paul must have been aware of their ultimate source and meaning when he wrote this song.

I've always taken "Let It Be" to be Paul's plea for people to let god's will "be" - let it happen in our own lives despite personal consequences.

hi | Reviewer: jella | 6/21/08

i love this song , "let it be" , i always say that, this song i sing alway to my boyfriend i love him , love you mathew but i miss you you are now in new your darling! i will wait for you, love this song , jella

New fan! | Reviewer: Margiemary | 4/1/08

I am only 13 but i am completly in love with thebeatles and all all of their wonderfull music such as, let it be, strawberry field forever, here comes the sun, and so so many more! definalty a top fan!

Wonderful | Reviewer: Smiley Boy | 3/20/08

I've heard of this song before and thought it was nice, but I never thought about the lyrics. Then I heard Brooke White sing it on American Idol and it was amazing. This song is so touching and so many people can relate to it. I love it and listen to it all the time.

amazing! | Reviewer: yudha | 3/19/08

this song is anything but boring... my sister introduced me to this song and i fell in love with it instantly.. it's on my most played playlist(349 times played) oh my god.. this song is brilliant... it brings me peace everytime i hear it.. it helped me through all the hard times my dad gave me.. and it helped me through almost all of my troubles... it's simply amazing... breath takin.. gracefull.. and on top of that.. it's very soothing