correction of the lyrics | Reviewer: Machi Poel | 6/17/13

The one singing Leave My Kitten Alone is A CAT and not a Dog, that's why in the lyrics second verse must read " ...this CAT is gonna get you..." instead of DOG...listen carefully U'll see I'm right...cheers all, Machi.

Brilliant! | Reviewer: Daniel J | 1/14/10

Fast paced, simple but catchy lyrics and some of the best Lennon vocals I have ever heard. Great fun to listen to! and @ Lauren: None of The Beatles actually wrote this song, it was written by Little Willie John, James McDougal and Titus Turner. Just in case you were criticizing them for it.

stupid | Reviewer: lauren | 10/23/07

this is the dumbest song i have ever heard of in my life... a 2 year old could write these lyrics... come on now!!!