A song not just for a generation | Reviewer: Alex Mowatt | 10/5/14

Whilst my wife was, as a young student, away from home and I missed her very much I would play Julia over and over. I didn't play it because of the lyrics so much but because I could replace Linda for Julia in the song and sing along to it.
Some how it just seemed to resonate with me at that level before I learned of the back story of John' s mother. I like many didn't see John as a long haired anti authoritarian but as an artist with an expressive way to reach others through his music and lyrics.

Julia(N) | Reviewer: Diamond | 11/5/13

I have been trying to name a little stray dog I am nursing back to health. He is so frightened he wont come near me. After his first bath (NOT a happy moment for him) I sat with him in my lap with the towel around him and started to hum this song to comfort him. He looked right up at me, a little surprised, and then leaned his head against my chest and relaxed in my arms. I named him Julian.

The Beatles are Amazing!!! | Reviewer: Julia | 3/17/13

My name is the song title!! That is so awesome!! I love this song because my parents sang it to me when I was a baby. Our family greatly respects the Beatles, so this song hits home.

Beautifully Heartbreaking | Reviewer: Cam | 2/14/13

I've only recently heard this song for the first time. I swear, when I did, it was like the world stopped turning just to hear John's tribute to his mother. My heart broke because I'd already heard the story behind it. :'( RIP John and Julia Lennon.

About my name | Reviewer: Miranda | 2/9/13

ma nane is Juilia (ecept spelt a lil diffrent) this song brooght TEAEARS to my EYES which is an amazing feeling. i dont think anytone withiut my name can trully apprciate this song...or the beetles inbgeneral. love God for allowing ythis song to be created xoxo lovevya jesus lol.

Julia | Reviewer: Lianna | 6/20/11

A haunting melody and lyric. Mourning and celebration. May we all express this kind of passion and thought about people, things and experiences in our lives - whatever our creativity or skill set is. We all have the ability to be this beautiful.

smile | Reviewer: julia | 3/4/11

i agree with the 1st person this also makes me smile alot...hehe. it makes me feel so good about myself!!!!(even though this is not about me) i still like it lol because it has my name in it! hehe love it:)and i love the beatles because they wrote it!!!!!

smile | Reviewer: julia | 3/4/11

i agree with the 1st person this also makes me smile alot...hehe. it makes me feel so good about myself!!!!(even though this is not aboutme) i still like it lol because it has my name in it! hehe love it:)

Warmth. | Reviewer: Julia | 2/25/11

Yes, I'm just another Julia. Listening to this just makes me smile so much. And it's pretty goofy, because I'll smile even in public, even just thinking about this song. It makes me appreciate life. If I'm ever having a bad day, listening to this really clears my mind. Thank you to The Beatles for unknowingly making my day, everyday.

A Mother's Love | Reviewer: CleoPhoenix | 2/21/11

This song is about his mother and the love he had for her. It hurt him dearly to lose her and if you have ever lost the woman that has brought you into this world and raised you with care...it hurts horribly and you tend to reminence (sp?sorry.) on the things about her, that made her so beautiful in your eyes.

A Song in Disguise | Reviewer: A. Klementyna | 7/2/10

The song, in my opinion, is a song written about how sex, drugs, and other vices have pulled him away from important relationships throughout his life, to that point. A song written for his mom (almost disguised as this), inspired by his current relationship with Julian at the time, because yet, another vice was pulling him away - Yoko Ono. I believe he was well aware of what his vices and impulsive nature were doing to his life - I believe the song was written much with the same intent/reasons "Happiness Is A Warm Gun" was.

nana Julia | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/27/10

My great great grandmother Julia just passed away at 94. My amazing cousin played this song at her services. It was so touching and not a dry seat in the house. I love this song and I will always love my Nana!! <3

Understanding of the deep hurting meaning behind this mental song | Reviewer: Aviv | 4/30/10

The feelings John felt to his dead mother, Julia, are expressed so emotionally through this song... Today I watched "Nowhere Boy", the movie speaking of John Lennon's late teenage, showing how miserable and hurt he was because of what he experienced at his early childhood, as his father and mother left him so he had to keep living with his aunt while horrible difficulties and memories were chasing him. When he recreated contacts with his mother, their relationship rolled toward a crisis point, but then excitingly united so that John finally felt he starts learning his family and his mother and begins having a much happier and optimistic sensation flowing through him. Then, like a lightning, about few months after his uncle dies, his mother is cruelly passed away in a traffic accident, and all hopes John had accumulated till then were vanished away. This point in the movie felt so tormenting to me, so from now on, every time I'll hear this song that John has written for his beloved mother, Julia, I'll feel like I'm in a funeral.
Farewell, dear John and Julia, your painful story deeply inspired my life...

So I sing a song of love | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/25/10

I am the proud father of a newborn baby girl. Yes I named her Julia because I love this song, I sing it to her often and will continue singing it to her until she says that I have a horrible voice. I was born on a tragic day, 12/08/1980. I have a strong love for The Beatles, and John Lennon. Thank you guys for making the best music ever.


The purity that comes through in this wonderful song is not found elsewhere in the Beatles library of music. John was such a spiritual person; if you think of him in rememberance he'll be there thanking you for saying "Hello". What a beautiful soul we have all been allowed to share. 1/4 of the most talented, naturally charismatic group ever. They gave us everything to remember them by, Thank God. They changed the world like very few have.

Dale in Sunny Florida